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  • Office Star 4-Foot Resin Multipurpose Table, Light Grey

    Office Star Products 4 ft. Rectangle Multi Purpose Folding Table - White
    Measures 48 inches long by 24 inches wide and Height may vary from 29.12 inches to 29.25 inches; weighs 23 pounds; holds 300 pounds

    Office Star 4-Foot Resin Multipurpose Table is an economical and user friendly table for offices, classrooms, events and lot more other purposes.  The 4 feet table comes with powerful features like heavy-duty white top crafted of waterproof, stain proof, scratch and impact resistant blow mold resin, dark gray color frame with arched side support and many more.

    Old flimsy fold-up card type tables are a thing of the past with new molded plastics. Blow molded top is very rigid. It has steel legs-with-arch, which are supportive for folding flush into the top with steel clips to secure them. It is of < 2” thick and can be stored under a couch. I purchased this table for sewing machine as there is limited space in my one bedroom apt. Read more…

  • Activision Skylanders Giants Single Character Pack Core Series 2 Hex

    Well, Hex was my the most first non-start Skylander and she is the one I can not assist but I really love and coddle and play the most. The person is one bad ass sorceress!


    Hex’s speed appears to have really improved from the time of last game. She is still not exactly a speed demon but does move considerably quicker.

    Primary Attack

    I would like to ask you what would be an undead sorceress be if she can not conjure up some phantom orbs? And I would say that it is the main attack of Hex, firing off phantom orbs from her palms. It is not like most primary attacks that actually you see which may be upgraded to be fired off at  fast speed, they could be used fast one by one right off the bat also at a very lower level they deal a decent amount of damage with fundamental upgrade.

    Activision Skylanders Giants Single Character Pack Core Series 2 Hex