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  • BACtrack Select S70 Breathalyzer Review and Price

    BACtrack Select S70 Breathalyzer is very accurate breathalyzer at very affordable cost, it can record six mouthpieces at one time and you are able to read detailed result in LCD screen. The breathalyzer is compact and lightweight, you can drink and test your breath to know it is safe to drive or not. If you are going to buy BACtrack Select S70 Breathalyzer then Amazon is the best place to buy it, if you are buying from Amazon, you will get some discounts and free shipping too, make sure you are reading customer reviews on Amazon shopping website on the same page where product is posted, you can find some positive as well as negative reviews, you are required to read the reviews to understand this product is suitable to your specific requirements or not.

    This device can be used for testing multiple users as it doesn’t touch your lips, you just need to through your mouthpiece to record the breath and you will get the result.

  • BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer, Portable Keyring Breath Alcohol Detector

    BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer is helpful for testing breath for the purpose of knowing it has alcohol or not, if it has alcohol then it is in requirement amount or it has exceeded the limit imposed by the law depending on the low of any particular country. So this is a good breathalyzer to test BAC (blood alcohol content).  This alcohol detector is very small breathalyzer so that it can be put in a pocket, you can carry it anywhere you go, that’s why it is known as pocket breathalyzer. It is built in advanced technology that is helpful for checking alcohol presence in breath very easily and quickly.

    This device can be used for testing multiple users as it doesn’t touch your lips, you just need to through your mouthpiece to record the breath and you will get the result.

  • BestDealUSA LCD Display Semiconductor Alcohol Sensor Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer

    The BestDealUSA LCD Display Semiconductor Alcohol Sensor Breath Alcohol Breathalyzer has good ratings on Amazon shopping website. It is available to buy at an affordable price. The main features are digital display, alert, lightweight and many others . The BestDealUSA LCD Breathalyzer has an advanced semi-conductor oxide alcohol sensor that delivers fast response, and it comes with auto power-off feature after one minute. It has a detection range of 0.00-0.19% BAC while warm-up time is just 10 seconds, blowing time 5 seconds and it can be operated in environmental temperature of 10~40. Power supply: 2x 1.5v with AAA batteries (in this product battery is not included). The pack contains 1 alcohol breathalyzer and 4 attachments; shipping weight is of 4 ounces.

    Personally this device is very good, it has been a bit of a party favorite wherever I go, and it comes with an advanced feature of alarming you have crossed the limit of drinking alcohol.


  • SVAT AL100 Breathalyzer Personal Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Detector Analyzer

    Have you ever thought if you are too intoxicated, how you will drive? How much alcohol consumption in your body is too much? It is really very hard to know. Well you have the solution that is a breathalyzer, it can test the blood alcohol content in your body and tell you are in a limit or not. You can carry this device in your pocket, and you can go anywhere you want to go to check your blood alcohol content when needed. The device displays result in a LCD screen which can easily be read to know it is safe or not. The device uses an advanced semi-conductor gas sensor technology. The SVAT AL100 Breathalyzer is very easy to use, read and reuse. You are just required to press the button, just wait for few seconds for the beep, and blow into the device and within few seconds the screen will show accurate result in % format.

    The complete test will require less than 10 seconds so it is really fast enough. If you are going to drive then please test the breath first with SVAT AL100 Breathalyzer Personal Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Detector Analyzer. I will say it is a good device for you or for your family. The device is also a must-have device for those parents who want to enforce a 0 tolerance policy with their children. SVAT breathalyzer comes in a compact design.
    This product has a special offer if you buy through Shop Tronics, you will get one year of manufacture direct warranty.


  • BACtrack Breathalyzer (Polished Black) Review and Price

    The BACtrack Breathalyzer is made in the USA; this breathalyzer is the newest and original tool that combines a sleek, user-friendly design, built in BluFire Alcohol Sensing Technology. This device is very helpful in terms of providing accurate and reliable test results that comes at very reasonable cost. As this breathalyzer works without touching your lips so you can share it with others including your family and friends. So this device can be shared in the society or in the group wherever you need to share it, anyone can use this device for the purpose of testing Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). You can test whenever you want, you want to test again, restart and test is easy as 1, 2, 3. In addition to speeding up the test process, it also saves lots of money because mouthpieces are not needed in order. The BACTRACK’s BluFire Sensor Technology gives 100% accuracy with the help of steadying airflow inside the device which requires a deep lung air sample for every test, the result can easily be gotten in just three-second, in increasing order from 0.00 to 0.40% BAC. This tool is good for both personal as well as professional usage, and it is really easy and fast method to test Blood Alcohol Content. If I talk about main features of this breathalyzer then it is a battery-operated breathalyzer that provides fast BAC measurements built in BlueFire Sensor Technology, helpful for providing accurate readings. It is portable with lightweight design that fits in purse or glove compartment.

    The BACTRACK breathalyzer has round light rings providing an easy-to-see visual target and gives a notification to the user to start or stop blowing, this is different from other breathalyzers, your mouthpiece is not inserted, touched or replaced which gives room for sharing this device, and anyone can use this device as well. It has inner dual flow tube that steadies a user’s breath that is helpful for providing accurate and consistent test results without the use of a mouthpiece.

  • BACtrack Element Professional Digital Breathalyzer with Fuel Cell Technology Review 2014

    The BACtrack Element Professional is a digital breathalyzer based on Fuel Cell Technology – a new breath tester. It works fast to check presence of alcohol in breath to give BAC estimate. You have to press the power button to start this breathalyzer, you need to blow through one of the included mouthpieces to get the results. The device is based on professional Xtend fuel cell sensor technology that works consistently to give you an accurate results at both low and high BAC levels.  It has a spring-activated pump to make sure a proper breath sample is taken or not. As the breath tester has AAA batteries, and it is of smaller and lighter than any other breathalyzers, very easy to carry in a pocket to use on a regular basis according to your requirements. Apart from Xtend fuel cell technology, the BACtrack Element has temperature compensation software to perform in both cold as well as hot environments, the result is shown in an easy to read format of 4-digit, from 0.000 to 0.4000% BAC. It is allowed by FDA510 (k) to be used for personal requirements.


  • Mini Key Chain Personal Breathalyzer

    Mini Key Chain is an FDA approved Personal Breathalyzer, it keeps you informed about your blood alcohol level  to make sure you are safe and responsible to the society, it is of very small size to fit in your pocket or purse. Mini Key Chain has a timer that is helpful for tracking your parking meter, it has a great LED flashlight for those dark parking garages, alleys and Sanitary. You just need to blow into the top sensor up to 3 seconds and test results are displayed in colorful LED screen. This 3-inch device needs 2 AAA batteries. According to users’ reviews, accuracy of this device is a little suspicious, I have used the breathalyzer before drinking beer and I got a 0.05% BAC, if you drink just one glass of wine, you receive a 0.08% BAC but it is not inaccurate. Another user is saying that personally I will spend the extra $20 and I will get AlcoHawk Slim Digital Breathalyzer with probably better accuracy.

    According to Amazon shopping website, it is a reference tool only, it can’t be used for a legal purpose, it has green, yellow and red lights that indicate level of alcohol detected. This mini breath tester has a traffic light readout style system that makes reading very easy. While testing if you get a green indicator light then it is OK, you can drive car in this status, if you get yellow indicator then you should wait for a while before you go home, if you get red indicator then you should not drive car, you should take help of your friend in this situation, so this is really a good tool to check if you have had too much drink or not.

  • Alcohawk Slim Digital Breathalyzer Reviews 2014

    Alcohawk Slim is a perfect digital breathalyzer to measure blood alcohol concentration. It can be operated with one-button system, comes with electronic airflow sensor that gives you deep lung sample for testing, and it displays measurement of BAC (blood alcohol concentration)  within a range of 0.000 to 0.400% BAC with +/-0.01% at 0.02% BAC sensor accuracy. It has also semiconductor sensor with 2-digit display for accuracy, if you are going to buy a pocket breathalyzer, the Alcohawk Slim is the perfect personal device for you.  You just need to blow into the folding mouthpiece for an accurate BAC display in few seconds; it doesn’t take even 5 seconds to give the final result. This device has also removable mouthpiece covers that is helpful for testing multiple individuals in a sanitary fashion. It has sleek design making the device very compact and easy to carry for personal use.

    It is a great breathalyzer for those who are looking for a portable breath tester with professional quality that has professional design and look, it meets DOT/NHTSA model requirements. The unit has rounded corners with blue back-lit LCD display, it has very less weight to carry anywhere you go.  The unit is built on Sensor Recognition Technology to perform many types of examinations!

  • BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer Professional Edition Reviews with Prices and Complaints

    BACtrack Select S80 is a good breathalyzer to know BAC quickly, it can be needed in legal matters, medical, professional life, personal life wherever fuel cell accuracy is needed. It displays 4-digit test results useful to pickup trace amounts of alcohol, i.e., 0.002% BAC. This can also be used in 0-tolerance situation where the problem is due to very less amount of alcohol. Its xtend fuel cell technology expends the range of accuracy all the way from 0.000 to 0.400. You may not be aware that BACtrack Select S80 displays a linear response to measured alcohol content, it can give better result over S80’s Xtend technology that is needed. It has extended sensor age when you compare it to standard semiconductor-based breathalyzers so it doesn’t need much service or maintenance works. Overall, the technology that works with this device extends the usable battery life to perform up to 1500 tests/a set of AAA batteries. The Xtend sensor technology is not like other breathalyzers’ technology that can be upgraded. You are advised not to buy a novelty breathalyzer which doesn’t give reliable results. This device is examined by DOT/NHTSA, and it meets their specifications for blood alcohol content measurement.

    Main features of BACtrack Select S80 are Crisp 4-digit LCD screen provides easy and accurate results in extended accuracy format, it has one-button-run system, you just need to press the power button and it will start working for the purpose, mouthpieces are individually wrapped to provide utmost security, it gives advanced linear accuracy with good battery life, it has user-adjustable warning levels for continuous temperature checking and you get internal pump system for breath capture.


  • Top BACtrack Select S30 Breathalyzer Reviews 2014

    The BACtrack Select S30 Breathalyzer comes in the entry level model series of S50, 570 and B70. It is made in semiconductor sensor technology (very advanced technology). This portable device is made in the size of 1” thick and 4” tall, you need to attach a mouth-piece and blow for 5 seconds to get an estimate of your Blood Alcohol Content. You can easily put it in your purse, pocket. This device is operated with the help of 2 AAA batteries that perform ~ 300 tests. It has gotten good customer ratings, you can read reviews on Amazon shopping website to get the actual reviews of this product. According to DUI Arrest Help, BACtrack Select S30 Breathalyzer is an accurate breathalyzer as this device is tested by DUI. 4 volunteers took 4 bottles of beer and after thirty-minute, they were tested using BACtrack Select S30 Breathalyzer and it was found that the result was accurate according to DUI Arrest Help stander.

    Give a look at features of BACtrack Select S30 Breathalyzer: weighs 1.87 ounces that makes it very small in size and can fit in a pocket of your jacket, glove box in your vehicle or in a purse; has two removable and disposable mouthpieces to give accurate result at the time of conducting many tests. BACtrack Select S30 Breathalyzer is made in advanced semiconductor technique to produce reliable result of +/-0.01 %BAC @ 0.02 %BAC and detection range from 0.00-0.40%. This can be run by one-hand, which has warm-up time of 10-20 seconds with response time of 5 seconds. You should know the cost of penalties from DUI, it is really too high, in this case you need a BACtrack Select S30 Breathalyzer so that you won’t get any penalty as this breathalyzer pays for itself, this small and affordable device will give you relief from penalty imposed by DUI. You can buy it from anywhere but I will suggest buying it from Amazon. It has sleek and potable design with the size of 4” tall and <1” thick, it has advanced features such as test-counter and low breath flow detection warning, built in MicroCheck sensor technology, BACtrack Select S30 Breathalyzer has 2 AAA batteries, mouthpiece adapter, 2 mouthpieces instruction manual, 1 year of warranty with FDA 510(k) clearance.

    Select S30 Breathalyzer is designed to increase personal safety whenever or wherever you need it, it has wide test range that maintains low-flow error detection, and it is recommended by Food and Drug Administration for personal use.


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