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  • Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero

    This device is portable means it is easy to carry anywhere according to your personal requirements. Snuza Baby Monitor is perfect choice according to demand of today, it doesn’t have any limitation like other monitors Snuza is very innovative baby monitor offering unsurpassed technology for the purpose of monitoring babies, it has fine tune precision monitoring system with mobility and ergonomics. This baby monitor is ideal for home, traveling or visiting your friend home. The Snuza Monitor has an exclusive vibration option can be activated to rouse baby’s movement that is not sensed for 15 seconds, in case, movement is not found within 5 seconds, a hearing alarm is automatically activated so it provides utmost safety to your baby and you don’t have any risk as well.

    Snuza Portable, Video/Audio Baby Monitor
    Snuza Portable, Video/Audio Baby Monitor
  • Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Showerhead, Chrome Finish

    Culligan WSH-C125Great thing about Culligan WSH-C125 is it comes with 5 years of warranty and it is a patented filter to reduce 99 percent of chlorine, sulfur odors and scale. While installing Culligan WSH-C125 you don’t have to anything technically, you don’t need even any tools, it is easy to install and it comes with five spray settings with massage, most importantly the product is NSF certified. It has the best price that is just $24.99 on Amazon.com, if you buy this product from other website then you have to pay $34.99 but with Amazon you are saving $10.00, this is really a good saving on purchase of this affordable water filter from Culligan. Read more…