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  • Eagle Aspen EASDTV2BUHF Directv Approved 2-Bay UHF Outdoor Antenna

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    Eagle Aspen UHF Outdoor antenna is made for viewing UHF channels but you can view other channels from DTV which are not VHF channels.

    This Eagle Aspen UHF antenna is easy to assemble and connect to your TV, it has good capacity of receiving long range signals, but you need to position the antenna in the right direction to catch signals from that direction. After you set-up, auto-search the channels and start enjoying your favorite movies, spot and other entertainment channels. Most importantly, every channel will show channel strength on the screen so that you can know the channel strength is good or not, if you are get low channel strength score, you need to rotate the antenna in the right direction to get the best quality pictures in your TV. Normally, it performs 99% score when it comes to clarity of picture, if there is lower score, there must be bad weather or it can be hilly area, or large-dense building surrounding that’s why the antenna is not able to catch all the channels, as antenna needs clear space to give the best performance.

    Eagle Aspen EASDTV2BUHFAntennaYou can get excellent picture quality with this directional antenna, better than using any subscription based cable where you have to pay on monthly basis, here you don’t have to pay any monthly payment, and you are viewing lots of favourite channels in free.

    The antenna is made for outdoor use but due to small size of this antenna, you can use indoors and watch TV with quality picture, if you need to rotate the antenna, you don’t have to climb on the roof to fix it, you can adjust in the room as well. You won’t have any signal reception related problems even if you are living in long island or mountainous areas.

  • Lava HD-2605 UHF/VHF HDTV Antenna with Remote Control

    Lava HD-2605 UHF-VHF HDTV Antenna with Remote ControlLava HD-2605 has some great features that you can’t find other similar HDTV antenna, one of the features is “remote rotatable option,” YES, and using your remote control you can rotate the antenna in your preferred direction to receive good signals which deliver high quality of TV viewing experience. Other thing is it works evenly in any band, whether you are watching channels from UHF, VHF or other digital channels, the performance will be good for all the channels with high quality sound. However, if you live in hilly areas where there are lots of mountains, or you live in any dense society where there are lots of adjacent building, then you may not receive the proper signal, to get rid of this, you need to fix your antenna at upper side if possible, or rotate the antenna in different direction with the help of remote-control to get the high quality picture in your digital TV.

    The Lava company that manufactured this HD 2604 HDTV, UHF, VHF antenna claims that it receive perfect signals from a long distance of 25 miles, so this antenna covers long area when it comes to receiving signals from long distance areas. Most of the part of this antenna is made of plastic means; it doesn’t have any problem from rain or other liquid related elements. Low signals can be experienced in bad weather such as rain, snow, and wind-storms. In case, you need support, Lava has its official website where all the information is listed there, you can find a long list of products offered by lava company, installation guides for each product, contact details to call the customer support executive and FAQ which will solve most of your questions on the website if you refer to the FAQ as well. Read more…

  • GE 24769 Outdoor Antenna for Digital HDTV Futura

    GE 24769 outdoor/indoor HDTV antenna provides catches clear digital reception to offer you an excellent TV viewing experience. Futura HDTV antenna has built-in amplifier which helps a lot in giving you noise-free sound and high quality pictures that you wished for. If you install GE 24769 antenna on the roof then the performance will be better than installing on other places. You will enjoy best quality of video and best quality of audio without any doubt.
    GE antenna is manufactured in sleek and slim design which beautifies the place wherever it is installed.

    On the purchase of GE 24769 outdoor antenna, you also get UL listed AC adapter and weather resistant housing.
    The antenna has one-year of limited warranty with 90-day returnable option, in case you get any problem within 90 days, you can return this antenna to the merchant and get a new one or your money will be refunded according to what you want.

    The antenna has good capacity of receiving signals (FM, UHF, VHF) from multi-directions. When antenna is installed, it is connected to your HDTV; you just need to channels in digital and analog mod to entertain yourself.

    Warning: it won’t perform well if you use joint-cable to connect from your TV to the antenna.

    Very stylish and unique design
    Can be placed in low visibility areas
    Digital HDTV signals from FM, VHF, UHF
    Clear signal reception
    Built in sleek and slim design
    Can be installed anywhere on the roof, windows
    Adjustable mounting box is included for maximum flexibility
    One-year of limited warranty

  • RCA ANT1650F/ANT1650R Flat Digital Amplified Indoor TV Antenna

    RCA ANT1650FThe RCA ANT1650F flat amplified indoor TV antenna can improve the decoration of your room as it looks very stylish to the visitors who are visiting your home. The ANT1650R flat-antenna gives you the excellent reception with the help of its amplifier that preserve signal quality. Also, you won’t have any problem when it comes to noise or other noise related problems. The antenna has a unique and good looking stand for the purpose of placing anywhere in your living-room you want. The RCA indoor HDTV antenna captures more precise directional reception than analog signals to deliver the best performance as it is specially designed for digital TV signals. If you are able to fix this RCA antenna in the right direction, you can enjoy the best quality picture without any interruptions. You don’t have to adjust the antenna manually as it automatically finds the best channels to give you the best quality picture & sound. Read more…

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    Built in patented design particularly for 360º digital TV reception
    No adjustment required
    1080 resolution
    Local HD and DTV reception
    Amplifier for enhancing reception
    Purify signals with ELN circuitry
    Slim black color antenna
    Separate amplifier and 6-inch coaxial cable

  • Chromo High Performance Paper Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna – Extra long (15′) Coaxial Cable

    Chromo High Performance Paper Thin Indoor HDTV AntennaChromo High Performance Paper Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna can easily be installed anywhere you want without any problem, this is really very powerful HDTV antenna which receives clear signals from all the directions. The antenna delivers great signal quality to view picture clearly and you will get an excellent TV viewing experience if you have installed Chrome HDTV antenna in your home or office. Chromo paper thin antenna includes two suction cups to install the antenna on wall as it has double sided tape to stick to the wall, or any surface, after you install this powerful HDTV antenna, just connect to the TV and scan channels, you will realize some additional channels you haven’t expected for, even with high quality picture when you watch TV in your home or office. As of now, this high performance antenna didn’t receive any complaints from the users, as it is the best rated antenna at affordable prices as of now. You also get 6 feet cable for the purpose of connecting from TV in room to the distance of the antenna where it is fixed. You will realize that it is delivering great HD reception with crystal clear picture quality that you ever whished for. This antenna is very thin like a paper thickness, which makes it easy to install anywhere, place anywhere or install in your preferred location without any problem. Read more…


    • No monthly payment is required for watching TV as it receives free broadcast HDTV signals
    • Excellent long range frequency is covered with best performance
    • XL long coaxial cable of 15-inch
    • Already fitted, no assembly required
    • Simple procedure to watch TV, connects, scan and watch HDTV in minutes

  • Supreme Amplified Outdoor Remote Controlled HDTV UHF VHF Antenna FM Radio Review

    Supreme Amplified Outdoor Remote Controlled HDTV UHF VHF Antenna FM Radio 360 Degree Motorized Rotation Kit with 75ft RG6 and clips Works UP TO 2 TV’s- PREMIUM FLAGSHIP MODEL!

    This supreme Amplified HDTV and FM radio antenna can fulfill all your TV viewing and listening to FM radio needs. You don’t have to pay any monthly subscription fees if you buy this antenna as it receives good signal from all over the worlds in free. You can watch your personalized channels such as ABC, CBS, PBS, and other local or international channels. No problem if you are living in remote areas, or wild area, it catches signals from anywhere, very easy to set up and very easy to operate. According to many customer reviews, they can happily watch around 30 channels in free with clear signal, free from any kind of noises.


    • Installation kit
    • Reception range up to 125 miles
    • Flagship model antenna for TV & FM
    • Gain 20db to 28db
    • Channels VHF1-12, UHF21-69
    • Compatible to 360 degree rotation
    • Infrared remote controller
    • Waterproof with firm construction
  • Audiovox TVPRAMP1R Out Antenna PreAmp reviews 2014

    TVPRAMP1R antenna pre-amplifier offers improved performance of outdoor antennas which are receiving weak signals. The TVPRAMP1R PreAmp expands range of the signals to deliver you best quality HDTV, DTV viewing experience.


    • Capture signals from long distance areas
    • Improve performance in weaker signal areas
    • Get signals without any disturbance for noises
    • Preamplifier for better TV viewing quality
    • Can be used separately with UHF/VHF amplification
    • Works for FM channels too
    • You can switch to FM mode to listen to FM radio
    • Get high quality of signal from FM frequencies
    • Both, separate or combined modes for UHF/VHF analog
    • VHF: 16DB
    • UHF: 22DB
    • On an average: 60DV on intermediation
    • One-year limited warranty

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  • RCA ANT1450BM Refurbished Multi-Directional Digital Flat Amplified HDTV Antenna-Black

    This flat amplified HDTV antenna is built in attractive black color with good looking design, good signal reception capacity to receive signals from all around the world for which you don’t have to pay any money if you have installed RCA ANT1450BM multi-directional digital HDTV antenna. More importantly it is a very effective parental control; parents can allow or disallow channels to be views by their children. With this amplified HDTV antenna, you receive clear signals because it is built in ELN (extremely low noise) circuit, very effective for receiving signals from any analog such as UHF, VHF and others. More importantly, this HDTV amplifier antenna has one year of limited warranty, in case you get any problem with your antenna you can get it replaced where you don’t have to make any additional payment.

  • HD Clear Vision Indoor HDTV TV Antenna – Free Over The Air Digital TV

    hd clear vision indoor hdtv antennaThe Clear Vision Indoor HDTV antenna delivers HD signals without spending any money. YES, it is free to use, and you don’t have to buy any subscription for watching HDTV in your home. Now enjoy watching sports, movies, shows, news and others. The Clear Vision Antenna catches signals directly from air broadcast. You can easily watch almost all the popular channels from any networks, (local or foreign TV channels) directly from air broadcast without paying any dollar to cable or satellite operators. You can fix this HD Clear Vision Indoor HDTV Antenna anywhere you feel suitable as the indoor antenna can be attached to any window, wall, doors etc. You just need to connect cable on the back portion of your HDTV to receive digital signals to watch your favorite channels for free. Read more…

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    Important Features:

    • Easy to install
    • No technical knowledge required
    • Get free digital and HD signals from any networks
    • Multi-directional, can attract signals from any directions
    • No monthly payment
  • Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amplified Razor Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna

    Winegard FL5500AAmplified HDTV Indoor antenna is designed with two colors: white and black, you can set this antenna anywhere you want, you can set up on the upper part of your windows, you can just put this antenna on your TV cabinet, and you can attach it with the wall behind your TV. The antenna can be positioned in either way, front-side or back-side, both sides work for the same purpose but they have two colors, white and black, you can match color according to color of your room wall. FL5500A FlatWave Amplified HDTV Indoor Antenna has attractive design with attractive colors which is helpful to advance beauty of your room. If any side matches color of your living room, you can position the antenna in that way so that you will feel good when it comes to color matching.

    This thin HDTV indoor antenna can be positioned in different ways such as backside of your TV, can be fixed to the wall, just put in flat position on TV cabinet or you can use other positions according to your preference and matching requirements of your room or home design. Personally, I like this HDTV indoor antenna which looks very attractive with excellent digital signals that fulfill my TV viewing needs. Read more…


    • Latest technology indoor antenna
    • Especially noiseless amplifier
    • Amplifier built in clear circuit technology
    • 1.0 DB typical noise figure
    • Double-band amplified HDTV reception by 50 miles
    • 18 feet advanced coax
    • USB power supply with Led indicator
    • Produced by Winegard, made in the USA
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