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  • Peachtree Pro Accounting 2010


    • Extended payroll management
    • Basic accounting
    • MS word integration
    • QuickBooks conversion
    • Billing and payments automation
    • Budget comparison

    Peachtree Pro Accounting 2010 performs great tasks which can be used to solve complex accounting problems, consequently it helps in improving output of any company with standard accounting features, these accounting features are very helpful for automating many time consuming tasks such as invoice preparation, checks preparation, tracking employee payroll and many other related tasks.

    You are able to verify customer payments and you can create budgets, inventory and ‘company expenses’. Moreover, it has hundreds of reports and financial statements that help in accounting related works.

  • NewMark – Prenatal Synbiotic Nutrients 90 tabs

    Prenatal Synbiotic is prepared for mainly mothers and babies, the product is cultured and organic and it provides utmost safety to pregnant women. NewMark Prenatal Synbiotic has herbal blend, whole foods and No. 1 herbs with active probiotics to help a healthy pregnancy. It has a blend of organic broccoli, kale and other natural cruciferous sprouts to help healthy estrogen metabolism and breast health too. This is easy to take, digest and it can be taken anytime in a day or night, even in empty stomach as well. Prenatal Synbiotic is rich in whole-food vitamins and minerals to support a healthy pregnancy and baby.


    • Contains 90 tablets
    • 3 tablets serving size
    • 30 servings/container
    • Free from gluten
  • 7 Years Younger The Anti-Aging Breakthrough Diet

    7 Years Younger The Anti-Aging Breakthrough Diet helps you lose 20 pounds and more in just 7 days. No doubt of the taste, it will be very tasteful to eat and ideal to follow long-term weight loss plan with several anti-aging benefits, this is an excellent weight loss plan for all (men, women). The plan is prepared with the combination of many foods which scientifically allowed and it has several anti-aging benefits. You just need to follow the diet routine and you will have good cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. Additionally, the plan is useful to your skin too, as you look more anger than before if you started following this plan.