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  • Iwatani Corporation of America 35FW Portable Butane Stove Burner

    35FW Portable Butane Stove BurnerThe Iwatani 35FW produces 15,000 BTU heat per hour, and it comes with brass burner, heat panel which are really great for the ultimate performance of 35FW portable butane stove burner. It has self-safety features, which protect you from any miss-happenings. You also get a plastic carrying case for transportation purposes, and this product is certified by CSA. I like the magnetic locking system of this gas burner, which you may not find with other brands in this affordable price.

    The Iwatani Corporation of America 35FW Portable Butane Stove Burner has an aluminium body with stainless steel parts, the pot grate is of porcelain steel, which gets red-hot. The knob and feet are made of thick plastic. Iwatani burner has the plastic case, which protects in transportation. The burner is of a high capacity providing even flame for even heating and even boiling of foods, or anything is being cooked will be cooked evenly. The product is made in Japan, so it is not a Chinese product, here quality and productivity are main things which you get, you won’t get any problem by using this stove burner. Read more…


    • 15,000 BTU stove
    • Magnetic Lock
    • Plastic carrying case
    • Built in Windbreaker
    • Self safety stop
  • Sleep Master Platform Metal Bed Frame/Mattress Foundation

    This Mattress Foundation of metal bed frame is designed in a way so that you don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to use any tools. It has patented design with 12 contact points for easy and comfort fitting, it is very simple to attach to your head-board or foot-board. So it is portable, requires no set-up knowledge, if you have any question, you can directly ask your questions and your questions will get solved as you will be provided with 24×7 phone and chat support in case you have to ask anything.


    • Provides support up to 2400 lbs
    • Frame for even distribution of weigh across the surface
    • Frame stands 14 inches
    • No tool required
    • Quick assemble
    • Replaces bed frame and box spring
    • No problem in moving and storage
  • NewMark Women’s Synbiotic Nutrients 60 Tablets

    NewMark Women’s Synbiotic Nutrients contains 60 tablets and it is a great supplement for women and for their dietry needs. Synbiotic tablets are made with whole-food vitamins, minerals and natural elements using different kinds of herbs to provide good health to the women. You can buy this product from Amazon directly at very affordable price. NewMark Women’s Synbiotic has gotten good reviews from the previous customers who have taken benefit of this tablet. A great supplement to take on daily basis with your regular meals and it will help a lot to improve your health, good for pregnant women, or women with little kids.


    • Shipping weight is just 1.5 pounds.
    • Contains 60 tablets
    • Great dietary supplements for women
    • Whole-food vitamins, minerals and herbs