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  • Acroprint timeQplus Software – Single Location Time and Attendance Software Time Clock

    Acroprint timeQplus Software – Single Location Time and Attendance Software Time Clock is perfect for small or medium-size businesses. Up to 50 employees can be monitored when it comes to clocking in-out time of employees. Language option allows you to set languages in English, Spanish or French. You are able to download most payroll applications on the click of a mouse button.

    The product has one year of manufacturing warranty and 30 days of free support in case you need help you will be assisted any-time within 30 days. The software has upgrades that can be expended to accommodate up to 250 employees according to the system capacity.


    • Easy to use time and attendance software
    • Integrated with any payroll software
    • Extended reporting functions
    • Multi-departmental tracking system
    • Free 30 days support
  • World Mktg Of America/Import GSD3033 Gas Stove, Vent-free, Black, LP or Natural Gas

    You will love GSD3033 Gas Stove when you purchase it, it can be very helpful to a big room size, 18×25, as GSD3033 not only provides lots of cozy heat but it heats the rest of the room as well. The logs are built in modern technology which looks stylish. You can use just the stove without attachment as well, no problem. Most importantly the sides and backside parts stay cool all the time, they are not going to be heated due to main heating system. You won’t get any problem while installing this GSD3033 Gas Stove, anyone can install without having any plumbing experience. This is very flexible when it comes to fitting and adjusting, it can fit in a small room as well, height, width and depth are sized considerably so that it can fit according to your specific requirements. This GSD3033 will work for your furnace as well and you don’t have to use any electric source as it runs on gas, a great electric saving equipment which provides heat, maintain humidity in cold weather, in your house according to your requirements.


    • World No. GSD3033 25K
    • Black gas vent-free stove
    • Dimensions; 13.2 x 32.2 x 25.2 inches
    • Weighs 59 pounds
  • Symbiotics Colostrum Plus W/bio-lipid

    Symbiotics Colostrum Plus offers additional help when your health is facing problems arising from your environment or due to physical stress. Arabinogalactan appreciates the development of helpful intestinal microflora and rouses non-specific immune activity. It is helpful for the immune system by rising production of immune stimulating agents. Lactoferrin – robs microbes of iron they require to increase, enhances oxygenation of tissues and rouses white-blood-cell movement. Olive Leaf Extract is an antifungal and powerful antioxidant to save the physical body from open radical damage. Symbiotics Colostrum Plus W/bio-lipid does not contain hormones, rBSTs, pesticides or antibiotics.


    • Strong immune factors
    • Stimulates immune movement
    • Helpful for maintaining an Un-inflamed GI tract
    • Make easy iron transformation and absorption
    • Protect from invading organisms.
    • Magic: the Gathering – Symbiotic Wurm – Commander
  • Haier HNSE04BB 4.0 Cubic Feet Refrigerator/Freezer, Black

    Haier HNSE04BB 4.0 Cubic FeetHaier HNSE04BB refrigerator looks very stylish because of black color and glossy design; it has good capacity of 4 Cu. Ft with compact look. HNSE04BB comes with half freezer and 3 full width glass shelves; one shell is of full width and 2 are of half width door shelves for many storage options. About six can easily be stored in Haier HNSE04BB where you are going to enjoy your preferred beer, milk and other beverage items as it holds two-liter of tall bottles on the door shelves. When we talk about overall size of this HNSE04BB refrigerator then on an average it is of mid-sized which fulfills all your freezing requirements, it can be put in office, bar, hotels, homes and can be used for multi-purposes according to your specific requirements. Now you are going to enjoy sleek, black finish refrigerator which is produced in space-saving technology with a great excellence of reputed Haier Company serving us for years having big popularity of its brand name. Dimensions: 18 7/8 widths by 20 7/8 diameters by 33 3/8 heights.
    Haier HNSE04BB refrigerator has an adjustable power knob to switch off power if you are not using this refrigerator for anything at the moment so that you can save more energy. Most importantly the refrigerator comes with the competitive price compared to other similar freezers. Read more…

  • SPT 2.5 cu.ft Compact Refrigerator Stainless Door with Black Sides Review

    SPT 2.5 cu.ft Compact RefrigeratorSPT compact refrigerator has very nice look because of stainless door and black color sides, it comes with flush back feature in compact design which is perfect for college, work place and can easily be placed under any desk or anywhere you want, the refrigerator has reversible doors for versatility and it has capability of holding even tall bottle. SPT has large capacity of 2.5 Cu. Ft. with separate ice maker chamber and adjustable thermostat which does all the works automatically, you just need to plug it and it will keep serving with cold, drinkable beverage and means at preferred temperature. You are able to enjoy benefit of its large storage capacity where you can store leftover; fruits, vegetables, snacks, or snacks making materials, I will say it has all the things that you are looking for from a mini-fridge. You can easily put under your desk and it can’t be seen by others, SPT compact refrigerator is noise-free so you don’t have to be worried of annoying noises and it has the greatest cooling capability at the best price. Read more…

  • Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center – Stainless Steel Review

    Danby DBC120BLS BeverageDanby DBC120BLS Beverage Center is made of pure stainless steel which looks good and has long durability, the refrigerator works for the purpose, you can easily store lots of beverage and take out one by one according to your drinking needs, it is good for serving a group of guests visiting your house. This beverage center weighs 68.9 pounds and it comes with the capacity of 3.3 cubic feet, installation type is free standing. This refrigerator has black color which looks very stylish and can advance décor or your room as well, you can easily run this beverage center at 120V using automatic defrosting option where you don’t have to anything manually, the temperature is adjusted automatically. The beverage fridge has 3 shelves, counter depth of 19.7 inches which is good for presenting cold-drink to your friends and a group of people visiting your home. It has 120 can large storage capacities and it comes with glass door which provides transparency for viewing items in the fridge. Read more…

  • SPT Energy Star 3.2 cu.ft. Double Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel Review

    SPT EnergySPT Energy Star Refrigerator has double door and it has capacity of 3.2 Cu. Ft., it comes with stainless steel body which looks good in your home, office, kitchen, bedroom anywhere you have placed it. You don’t have to install this refrigerator, you just need to put anywhere you want and plug and start getting benefit of this small compact refrigerator which comes at affordable price. SPT refrigerator has transparent storage drawer which is good for storing anything from vegetables, fruits to drinking items very easily and very flexibly. The fridge is designed with Flush-back option which is very good for saving space in the fridge, it has also reversible door having slide-out wire shelf for storage purposes.
    SPT weighs 65 pounds with stainless steel body (outer and inner), comes with one-year of limited warranty for part and labor, this is an ideal refrigerator for storing beers, sodas, vegetables, fruits and other lunch items. This is also good for saving energy and it is noise-free too. Read more…

  • Danby DAR195BL 1.8 cu.ft. All Refrigerator – Black

    Danby DAR195BLDanby DAR195BL has capacity of 1.8 cu.ft, outer design is with black color which looks good in your kitchen, bedroom, and office, or anywhere you place Danby DAR195BL. I will say it is a perfect refrigerator for storing any kinds of food, drink, eggs, vegetable, fruits, and other eating items according to what you prefer to eat.

    If you have a long list of eating items to place in this refrigerator then you won’t have any problem as everything can be adjusted to fit into the refrigerator as it has many shelves on top and bottom. 2-liter bottle of anything (water, juice, milk, wine) can be placed very easily. On top 2 shelves have 11 inches of depths for each shelf; however, bottom shelf is a little short of 6.5 inches deep. You won’t get any problem related to noise, you will only hear noise when on – off cycle happens.

    Some highlights are cold, energy star (economical to run), good looking unobtrusive black finish, resourceful interior space, compressor cooling. Personally I have been using this refrigerator for 2 years and I didn’t get any problem so I will recommend this refrigerators if you need to buy one. Read more…