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  • Symbiotic Planet: A New Look At Evolution

    From invent of the life to the classification and phylogeny of living organisms, from a discussion of GaiaAthe belief that Earth operates like a living being A to a discussion of the underlying reasons for sex, iconoclastic biologist Margulis solves many big problems in biology in this small and informal tract. The book partially consists of autobiography and biological primer, MargulisAthe scientist most responsible for the theory that animal and plant cells originally arose by combining with simple bacteria, advances the idea that a large part of organic evolution can be explained by symbiosis which is all about living together in physical contact of organisms of different species. Instead of convincing readers of this book, she talks about her attention on basic biological concepts; on the other hand, Margulis conveys a sense of the wondrous and intricate origins of life. Many problems she faced in her life, she has dealt with more clearly and comprehensively in her other works.

  • Symbiotics Colostrum

    You can notice that your immune protection system gets depleted as you get older, with the help of Symbiotics Colostrum, you can fight with Colostrum High IG. Symbiotics Colostrum helps recover the long range of immune factors consisting of IgA, IgD, IgE, and IgM, also IgG for double movement in the bloodstream and also in the GI tract. Symbiotics Colostrum is very helpful for maintain a robust intestinal lining and it is very beneficial for healthy intestinal flora. The growth factors promote stamina and help normal re-growth of tissue and lean muscle. Symbiotics Colostrum provides at least 40% level of IgG Immunoglobulins in its Colostrum High IG for those who want additional help from the specialized Colostrum element. If you calculate it, you can find it is 20x the level in normal human Colostrum.


    • 40% IgG Immunoglobulin content
    • Additional antibodies for GI tract support
    • Gives a long range of immune factors
    • Helpful for maintain a robust intestinal lining
  • Photo Books Reviews

    Sassy Look Photo Book

    Sassy Look Photo BookSassy look photo book has 7 4×6 and 1 wallet-size photo; these are very helpful to the baby for developing vision and visual sense. The book contains photos in bold patters and rich hues with high contrast color which helps create interaction between the parent and the child. Here main thing is creativity that can be gotten with the help of this Sassy Look Photo Book without any difficulties and it is easy to follow and learn.
    If you wanted this photo album for your children then this is really good step, your child can play with and they will not destroy it, as the book is made keeping this thing in mind. The book has black and white patterns underneath where you insert photos; your baby will love to look at them. The handle of this photo book is not going to harm your baby as it is built with rubber pattern, if your baby chew it then there is no effect on the handle as well as your babies.

    Pioneer 200 Pocket Fabric Frame Cover Photo Albums, Deep Black

    Pioneer 200Pioneer 200 Pocket Fabric Frame Cover Photo Albums have front design of fabric sewn cover which looks good and stylish, this photo book holds 200 4/6” photos, two photos per page, it is free from lignin and PVC. Most importantly you get blank area on picture side to write anything about the pictures. For me this album is visually very appealing with rich looking cloth cover, also it is very strong (heavy duty book binding), all the pages are thick so that there will not be any problem related to tearing of the paper if you use any marker or ball pane over the paper.

    Baby’s My First Photo Album of Family & Friends

    Babys My First Photo AlbumBaby’s My First Photo Album of Family & Friends comes with open-handed look which holds 15 x 4×6 photos; you are able to insert your baby’s first album with all the families and people who love the baby. It is seen that baby loves seeing photos of their family and belongings. Pages are made of high quality material which fulfils the purpose; you won’t get any problems like tearing or breaking the pages. The photos can be inserted from an opening closest to the inside binding on each page which is very safe under the plastic cover and they won’t have any attachment from outer activities, they can be seen and felt by babies or whoever see those photos. The album and pages look attractive and they are very easy to customize, it is made of plastic but it is very sturdy. It will be good if you print out the photos on paper with less toxicity if baby has habit of chewing these kinds of stuffs. Also, it has transparent looks which works for the purpose of a mirror at the end which is really great.