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  • Prodeco V3 Phantom X2 8 Speed Folding Electric Bicycle, Matte Black, 26-Inch/One Size

    ProdecoProdeco V3 Phantom X2 Folding Electric Bicycle measures 26 inches and overall dimensions are 71 x 39 x 11 inches; it weighs 57 pounds. X2 Electric Bicycle has capability to run 20 miles per hour which is really good speed even in affordable price. Overall distance 30 miles can be achieved in one charge of battery means per battery charge, it can runs up to 30 miles. Prodeco doesn’t have paddle assist option, if you want to run this bicycle on paddle then you have to stop the motor, if you want to run on motor then you don’t have to use paddle. According to your preference, you can use it in any modes, motor or without motor, if you are using it without motor then of course, you are using paddle so it will work for exercise and losing weight as well. I will say it is an advanced and very affordable folding bike to ride on and enjoy while riding and it can be used for multi-purposes; exercise, going to school, going to gym or grocery store and many other purposes as well. The motor which is used with this bike can provide up to 720 watts at peak which is really good capacity of motor compared to other normal and similar bikes. It has lithium ion battery which gives range of 38 miles per charge. It can also run on dirt and gravel paths as it has 26-inch tires and 32-m rims for rolling fast on pavement.
    All the works from manufacturing to designing have been done in the USA. You get two-year of component warranty attached to this folding and electric bike. The product has received 4.4 customer reviews out of 5 stars on Amazon.com. Read more…

  • Electric Bikes Reviews – Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 vs Jetson Electric Bike

    Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 Electric Scooter

    Currie Technologies eZipThe Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 Electric Scooter is on top in Electric Bikes Reviews. The bike is very comfortable and suitable according to your scooter riding needs, you can use it for the purpose of going to office, school, college or visiting your friends home. The Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 is an echo-friendly scooter, which saves electricity, and it has gotten high ranking in the Electric Bikes Reviews by users on Amazon. The electric bike runs on 450-watt DC earth magnetic motor, and it has manual selection throttle, which can be used with the help of PAS-pedal. You can enjoy the highest speed of up to 15 MPH while overall range is from 15 MPH to 22 MPH depending on the rider’s weight and road condition. Currie Technologies eZip E750 Electric Scooter is very comfortable for any individual as it comes with 240 pounds of capacity. After 500 miles, you can remove the kit and ride the bike without a motor for almost 130 miles with no problems. This bike can also be a regular-mountain bike as it provides comfortable ride without any difficulties for those uneven areas. Read more…

    Jetson Eco-Friendly Electric Bike, 41-Inch

    JetsonJetson Eco-Friendly Electric Bike measures 41-inch, and it has lithium-ion battery to provide the high performance. This echo-friendly electric bike comes at an affordable price. The bike will help you enjoy a lot as you can make lots of fun such as going to grocery store, school, college, visiting your friends home and going anywhere to enjoy with your friends. On an average, this Electric Bike gives you 20 miles per hour average speed. Also, the Jetson Eco-Friendly Electric Bike fulfills your day-to-day walking needs as you don’t have to walk on-foot and you don’t have to waste your energy as well. If your friends see you riding on such stylish electric bike, they will also like to buy a similar bike, as it looks very modern, affordable instead of providing the best performance without any risk. The battery of this bike can be charged with any electric power cord in your home. What you need to do is to remove the battery from your bike and charge it for at least 4 hours at 110V, after one charge, you can enjoy up to 40 miles which is really huge. The Jetson Eco-Friendly Electric Bike has a multi-functional dashboard and handlebars to adjust everything you need while riding, and you can increase or decrease speed according to your preference while enjoying the ride. The bike is much more batter and safer than Vespa, as you don’t need even a government license to ride on Jetson Eco-Friencly Bike.
    Now you can easily go to grocery store, gem, bitch without any difficulties and delays, anyone can ride on this bike, and I’m sure all family members will love this Jetson Bike. With the purchase of this bike, you get an instructional manual to learn about attaching pedals, inflating tires, adjusting brakes and oiling the chains etc. Read more…