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  • Mosquito Magnet Propane Tank Cover MMTNKCVR

    MMTNKCVR Mosquito Magnet Propane Tank Cover is very helpful to save “mosquito magnet tank” from outer dirt, rain water, ice etc. and it reduces corrosion on the tank. MMTNKCVR cover is made of climate resistant nylon, main purpose is to cover mosquito magnet tank for the purpose of giving long life to the tank and the tank will look new forever. Most importantly, it is a branded product, matches the color of your garden. Very reasonable price, no problem in delivery to your home; it is shipped promptly. The mosquito magnet cover is a little large but it fulfills your needs.


    • Mosquito magnet tank cover
    • Save the tank from outer dirt, rain-water, and snow
    • Prepared of weather-resistant nylon
    • Made for using with the mosquito magnet