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  • Solar Panel Starter Kit 100W Monocrystalline: 100W Solar Panel UL 1703 Listed+2 20′ solar cables+PWM 30A Charge Controller+ Uniquely Designed Z Bracket Mounts

    Solar Panel Starter Kit 100WSolar Panel Starter Kit 100W Monocrystalline is very powerful solution to saving electricity and it is really good unit for those houses which are in remote area where electricity is the main problem. Now you have 100W Solar panel UL 1703 which is perfect for all your charging needs and you can use it for bulb, fan, TV etc. The kit includes PWM 30A charge controller, Z bracket mounts, 220” solar cables so that you don’t have to any other accessories to set up this unit. This is really ideal solution for charging a 12V battery which comes with wiring diagram too. If you are new to solar panel set up, it will not be much complicated to you as it is easy to install, you can also refer to the manual provided with this product.
    Now you are able to enjoy all your entertainment devices, charging battery, switching your fridge on and other required device for the use of day to day activities at really very affordable price. REad more…

  • Pinzon Basics Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad

    Pinzon Basics Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad feels like a featherbed but it is basically made of synthetic fibre stuffing. As Pinzon Basics Microplush Mattress Pad is made of synthetic fibre, it is good for allergic persons but it may attract dust like other mattress pad does. When it comes to comfort then of course, it is very comfortable and will appreciate this mattress, but when it comes to cleaning the mattress pad, it may be a little problematic as machine-wash is not allowed with these kinds of mattress pads as machine-wash may damage the mattress pad.

    According to users of Pinzon Basics mattress pad, it feels cushy and the microplush fabric cover very soft compared to human skin. But some users say that it creates a rigid wrinkle that can be felt through bed linens. About temperature, some users this doesn’t get hot at all while others complain that it is warm as well, so it is good in winter but it may not be much helpful in summer.

  • Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

    Main thing about Best Price Mattress 10-inch is it adjust temperature according to your body temperature. This mattress is good for weight distribution around the surface as it is very helpful to relieve pressure from the body resulting in sleep comfortably. So what I will say that the main feature of this mattress is PRESSURE RELIEF SYSTEM. You can feel yourself when you use this mattress which comes in the reasonable prices. It provides utmost safety to your shoulders and hips as these two parts of the body which creates weight problem on the mattress. You have many sizes to choose from such as Twin size of 39 x 75 x 10, full size of 54 x 75 x 10, and queen size of 60 x 80 x 10.


    • Comfort poly jacquard cover
    • 3-inch memory foam
    • 2-inch super soft pressure relief foam
    • 5-inch high density base foam
    • Give feeling of floating on a cloud
    • No pressure points
    • Deeper Sleep
    • Pressure relief system
    • 10-year of warranty