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  • Mosquito Magnet Liberty Replacement Net Model MM3000NET Review

    You can use MM3000Net to replace mosquito magnet liberty net, it is also compatible with independence mosquito magnet net but it is not compatible with New Liberty Plus 3100MM, you just need to empty the net at every 3 weeks to get the best performance, of course, you should wash it too at every one month or 3 weeks so that it will be clean all the time. It will be good if you replace the net each year/each season so that you won’t have any problem from the performance of your mosquito magnet. Yes, you can reuse this MM3000NET after cleaning it.


    • Compatible with Mosquito Magnet Liberty trap
    • Recommended to clean every 3 weeks
    • Replace net every year
    • Along with right bas for disposal purposes
    • Three nets are included in this item