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  • How to Make Money for your Salon & Day Spa with Personal Contact Advertising

    How to Make Money for your Salon Day Spa with Personal Contact AdvertisingNow you are going to access a new way to defeat your competitors in the Salon & Spa business with the help of “How to Make Money for Your Salon & Day Spa”. This is a complete tutorial guide that will teach you each and everything about setting up your salon business and earning profit from your business instantly. You should know that now it is very hard-time to market your salon or Spa business as there is too much competition, most of the people are trying to use homemade remedies instead of going to salon but if you provide effective service, they will surely come to your salon without any doubts.
    The author tell that she has gained practical experience from setting up Salon and earning profit from the business but at the beginning, she was totally new and she learned after lots of research, searching information on internet and reading countless eBooks based on business development. She also tells that if you are not careful to marketing advice, you will easily throw away thousands of dollars in and you won’t get positive result as well. The thing is everyone says that I’m an expert but in reality, they are not an expert, for being an expert, it takes lots of time, research and much more. The guide, Personal Contact Advertising, is designed by Safbrina Hayer, she is an author of this eBook and she tells the reason why you should believe her. You have to believe her because she has helped thousands of new clients and business over the years throughout the world. And she was easily earning around $14,000 to $28,000 by just representing a salon and spa. Read more…

  • 1001 Beauty Tips – Natural Beauty Tips for Face

    1001 Beauty Tips1001 Beauty Tips lets you gain your attractive body. Yes, the guide is going to give you 1001 homemade skincare secrets that you never knew about. This is not about only face-care but it is about all your outer parts of body such as hands, legs, hair, daily diet routine, body care and much more. 1001 Beauty Tips is defiantly going to give improvement and enhancement to your mind, spirit and body. You should be aware of the fact that the natural beauty is not only the outer look, as it is a fully harmony from inner-side that can only be felt by others from the way you present yourself.
    1001 Beauty Tips is an advanced guide full of natural beauty secrets along with natural beauty remedies to beautify from head to toe permanently. The program will definitely show you the path of success in all your skin-care stuffs. Moreover, you are going to create homemade products yourself that are very expensive when you are going to buy from any retail shop. And you are not going to spend much here, in just few dollars, your all skin problems will get removed forever. Read more…

  • QuickBooks Premier with Enhanced Payroll 2014 [Download] Review

    QuickBooks Premier with Enhanced Payroll 2014 reviewQuickBooks Premier with Enhanced Payroll 2014 can organize the business accounting matters in one place for the purpose of finishing many tasks at one time. The software doesn’t take much time in installation and you don’t have to learn it. No problem, if you don’t have accounting experience, you can easily import the data from a spreadsheet, it is also very easy to create invoices and manage expenses. The QuickBooks Premier also provides sufficient report for tax matters. Also, it has step-by-step instructional manual that teaches you invoice creation, expenses recording and many other tasks. The company also provides 60-day money-back guarantee too so you don’t have any fear of losing anything.


    • No accounting experience needed
    • Fast data import from a spreadsheet
    • Complete tutorials for creating invoices, recording expenses etc.
    • Use sample files according to your business type

    Now you are able to organize everything in one place saving time on day-to-day accounting tasks. You can perform many tasks such as vender management, bill tracking and payment, invoice creation and customization, reliable tax record for filling tax, online banking transactions download directly from QuickBooks3, inventory management and time tracking.

    Also, you can easily track how your business is performing and you can get financial as well as tax and sales reports quickly. You are able to get financial information that you need to improve your business according to industry demand; you can manage income and receivables with the help of new income tracker. Also, you can get real time view of your business movements in a clear image and you can easily see purchase history and payment status. Read more…