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  • LinenSpa® Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector – Eliminates Dust Mites -15 Year Warranty

    LinenSpa mattress protector is good for eliminating dust mites which live in your unsafe mattress. As dust mites survive in dead skin cells so it is really very difficult to get rid of these kinds of things. Now you have LinenSpa mattress protector which is really very helpful for protecting from dust mites, it saves you from bacteria and you can enjoy sleeping in night. The protector comes at really very affordable prices which can be bought from any online store.


    • 100% waterproof
    • Perfect for replacing all kinds of liquids
    • Non-allergenic, made of 100% cotton terry surface
    • Completely elasticized fitted sheet style
    • It can fit in all the mattress
    • Comes with lucrative design for sleeping cool
    • 15 years of warranty from manufacturer
  • Sleep Master 13-Inch Deluxe Euro Box Top Pocketed Spring Mattress

    Sleep Master Spring Mattress is made of high density 0.5-inch foam with coil layer of 7.5-inch providing best quality of relaxation. The mattress is made under Sleep Green technology which is known as best quality product creator in the world. The product is approved from CertiPUR-US and it has passed other tests too for manufacturing the best quality products in the market. Sleep Master 13-Inch Deluxe Euro Box Top Pocketed Spring Mattress is an stylish mattress that offers relaxed and rejuvenated sleep during night. This is prepared in iCoil system consisting of many individuals coils which is very helpful for reducing distraction from movement of your partner.

    5-years warranty
    Approved from CertiPUR-US
    Vacuum sealed while shipping
    iCoil system for reducing motion transfer
    3-inch soft foam
    Helpful for comfort sleep
    Constructed under Sleep Green technology

  • Landscape Design Software Reviews: Total 3D Home Designer Pro 2014 vs Punch

    Home Designer Pro 2014
    Home Designer Pro 2014The Home Designer Pro 2014 comes with great features for all your home designing needs. The software can easily be divided in many parts such as Home Designer Professional, House Design, Remodeling, Kitchens and Baths, Interior Design, Landscape and Deck, Automated and Manual building Tools and User Resources. Before you install the Home Designer Pro 2014 on your computer, please make sure that you are using Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, because these Windows platforms are compatible with the software. Also, you computer should have at least 2.4 GHz processor, 6 GB of disk space, 2 GB or memory, 256 MB of dedicated video memory compatible with OpenGL 2.1 or higher, and high-speed internet for registration, video access and content downloads.
    You can use its automated and manual building tools to speed your home designing works. When you create a 2D drawing, the software will automatically produce a 3D model. Its automatic and manual roof tools can be used to create hip, gable, gullwing, shed, or manually-designed custom roofs. Use its manual framing tools for fully-editable framing including joists, rafters, trusses, posts and beams. In the user resources, you can download bonus library content, free online training videos, access to free training webinars and free technical support. Read more…

    Total 3D Landscape & Deck Deluxe

    Total 3D Landscape & Deck DeluxeThe Total 3D Landscape & Deck Deluxe is very simple to use, you can easily import your digital photos, you can access to 100s of sample landscape plans, 4,600 item plant encyclopedias and color codes floor plan. Using Total 3D Landscape & Deck Deluxe, you can easily use its professional quality features. You can quickly access to its advanced tools to create an enchanting water garden, lively tropical garden or to create a relaxing reading spot. The software is unique in itself separating from other landscape design software; the software is developed for you to use its advanced but simple tools for all your home designing needs. To use this software, you don’t have to be a professional or an experienced user, the software is very simple to use, and any new user can easily start using the software for all their home designing needs and practice. You can easily access to its pre-designed objects to help your designing works, these pre-designs include border, shade, corner, water, cactus, family, fern, fountain, island, native grass, privacy, herb, perennial, container, tropical, butterfly and wood works. Read more…

    Punch! Landscape, Deck and Patio Designer v17.5

    Punch! LandscapeThe Punch! Landscape, Deck and Patio Designer v17.5 has great tutorial features solving your all the doubts and questions, you can access to its 100s of home designing exercises, articles and videos to enhance your home designing knowledge and to use the software perfectly. Using its RoomView tool, you can get quick 3D view in even smaller rooms such as sun-room or pool-house. You can experiments changing the materials that cause changes on floors, walls, fixtures and cabinets and others. The Punch! Landscape, Deck and Patio Designer v17.5 has QuickStart 3D view to preview your house layouts when you drag or drop rooms together to create a beautiful floor plan. You are able to see inside the plan, and you can adjust the rooms before automatically building the walls and roof. You can use its QuickPalette feature for using the color schemes. You can use its Room Addition feature to add rooms with a click of a mouse; you can easily change the outlook of the room, door and window, their styles, sizes and many others. This is the great home design software for all your outdoor and indoor living area designing needs. Read more…

    Home & Landscape Design Professional with NexGen Technology v3

    Home & Landscape DesignThe Home & Landscape Design Professional with NexGen Technology v3 is compatible with Windows platforms, and it is very easy-to-use software. You don’t have to be an experienced person to run this software and to design your outdoor and indoor living areas. It has too many pre-made templates that will help a lot in your home designing works, these templates are made by professionals so they meet the modern home design demands. Using its QuickStart feature, you can quickly design a house in just one minute by selecting editable home templates floor plan trace, or you can search images to add landscaping to an existing home, or you can easily change the color scheme of an existing room. On a mouse click, you can apply paint, carpet and other materials to a surface, a room or your entire house using its SmartWand technology. However, its Design Defaults feature is very helpful to save lots of time, because the default designs are really too modern designs and you will love using them to give a beautiful look to your future house. Most importantly, the software runs very fast consequently saving you lots of time so that you can divert the time on other home design projects. The software is very reasonably priced to buy from Amazon or other shopping places as well. Read more…

  • Medical Billing Software Reviews: Advanced CMS 1500 Software vs Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

    Medical Billing Software 02/12 Version. Advanced CMS 1500 Software. Print & Submit Hcfa / CMS Claims

    Medical Billing Software ReviewsThis medical billing software 02/12 version is highly developed CMS-1500 software, which is compatible with Windows platforms as per Medical Billing Software Reviews by users. This software is ideal for those who want to use for their family medical billing purposes, or this medical billing software can be used by those who are a medical practitioner. You don’t have to spend too much money to upgrade your system as this software comes at very affordable price, and it can easily be used for all your medical billing purposes. Using Advanced CMS-1500 software, you can easily fill, print and submit electronic claims; it is very easy to use. You get free support and other tutorials to help you start working on your medical billing related tasks very quickly. The software has simple interface, in which what you see is what you get input format. The software allows too many helpful printing options, you can print on plain paper, or you can print on pre-printed CMS-1500 forms. The Medical Billing Software 02/12 Version Advanced CMS 1500 Software provides you a very simple interface to see preprinted red CMS-1500 forms; these forms can be accessed by multiple users for the same price. The software has also auto-fill options to fill the common fields for the quick work. Read more…

    Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software and Practice Management Software Suite, E-PracticeSoft Professional, Patient Scheduling, Medical Billing All in One, Windows PCs Only

    Electronic Medical RecordThis Electronic Medical Record Software can also be used as a Practice Management Software Suite. The software comes with easy interfaces with a great grouping EMR software and Practice Management software to be used in medical offices in one program. The software offers multiple users administration and users password protection. The software is very secure in terms of privacy and security related matters. Using its powerful multi-document support feature, you can finish any medical billing related task very quickly. According to Medical Billing Software Reviews, the software has pre-programmed features such as patent appointment scheduler, events, day-sheets, provider appointment and many others. When it comes to drugs management, you can easily use its powerful features related to drugs managements, these powerful drugs management features are Drug Groups, Drug Names, Quantities, Dosage, Administration, and Frequencies. Also, the software offers you each checks on drug to drug and drug to allergy. Additionally, the software comes at very affordable price to buy from Amazon directly. Read more…

    The Basics Of Medical Billing

    The Basics Of Medical BillingThe Basics Of Medical Billing guides you in understanding the basics things of medical billing. The books is written by a mother/daughter team who have been in medical billing business since 1994. The book was revised in June 2010, and after the revision the book contains too many medical billing fasts that you need to understand if you want to make a career in medical billing field. The book has all the information that you need to learn; the book contains very helpful information about primary, secondary and tertiary claims, participation with insurance carriers, indemnity, hmos, ppos, eops, Medicare, Medicaid and much more. Read more…

  • Withings Smart Baby Monitor, White Review

    Withings Smart Baby MonitorThe Withings Smart Baby Monitor can provide the best monitoring accessibility to parents to monitor their infants from any corner of your house using their iPhone or iPad. The Smart Baby Monitor has a high capacity camera of 3 MP for viewing clear and pictures of the baby’s room. Using pan-tilt-zoom feature of this baby monitor, you can easily select the room with a touch of the screen. Now you are going to talk to your baby virtually along with seeing your baby in your iPhone or iPad. It has a great notification system that notifies you when your baby is in any difficulties or he is not in a normal position. Now you don’t have any problem if you are far away from your baby, you can monitor your baby from your friend’s home or from any traveling place. The latest technology of the Withings Smart Baby Monitor lets you connect with your baby even you are far away. Read more…

    Main features:

    • Monitor your baby from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
    • Night vision video capability
    • Advanced PTZ technology for trouble-free navigation
    • Auto notification of movements and temperature changes
    • Talk with, play lullabies for your baby
    • Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Bluetooth connectivity
    • A lithium-ion battery
    • One year warranty