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  • Dishwasher Reviews – SPT Countertop vs Bosch SHP65T55UC

    SPT Countertop Dishwasher, White

    SPT Countertop DishwasherMain purpose of writing this dishwasher reviews is to help you find the best quality product at a reasonable price. The SPT countertop Dishwasher comes in the a standard size to fit with any standard countertops. The product is certified from Energy Star, and it is an inexpensive dishwasher. The dishwasher is designed in a space-saving way so that you can easily install in your small. Its sleek silver design looks stylish in a kitchen, and it is perfect for any contemporary kitchens. The SPT Dishwasher comes with six wash cycles to choose your preferred cycle to effectively clean your dishes. The dishwasher is made of durable stainless steel to provide long durability. It weighs just 48.5 pounds, and it comes in the dimensions of 21.6 by 19.7 by 17.2 inches. You get one year of limited warranty on the parts and labor, and the product is made in China. The dishwasher has gotten good customer reviews on Amazon.com by its users as it is a space-saving and durable dishwasher at very affordable price to buy from Amazon. Read more…

    Bosch SHP65T55UC 500 24″ Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher – Energy Star

    Bosch SHP65T55UC 500 24The Bosch SHP65T55U 500  is a dishwasher you need to install in your kitchen for all your dish-washing needs. The Bosch dishwasher comes in a 24-inch stainless steel outer cabinet. It can be a space-saving dishwasher for your tinny kitchen as well. The dishwasher is very quiet, you won’t hear any kind of noisy sound from it. The Energy-Star dishwasher has also a red light indicator. When it finishes cleaning dishes then it outcomes as spotless dishes, which are shiny enough and it works for your purpose.
    The Bosch SHP65T55UC 500 24″ Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher comes with a rack to keep kitchen accessories such as knives and other small items, which is really a great feature in this dishwasher. The Bosch SHP65T55UC comes with a 16 place setting capacity, 5 wash cycles, a 3rd rack, InfoLight, and the AquaStop Leak Protector. Read more…


  • Pelican 1200 Case with Foam for Camera Review

    Pelican 1200The Pelican 1200 Case with Foam for Camera comes with a sturdy siding structure design. The camera case is stronger and lighter than other similar camera case in the same price range. In the handles, stainless steel pins are used to construct it to provide the most solidity to the case. Its dual-throw latches are very easy to handle and to open, and overall case is very convenient to carry anywhere you go. Most importantly, Pelican 1200 Case with Foam for Camera is a water-proof and pressurized case providing you 100% security to your camera and your camera accessories. The Pelican 1200 Case with Foam for Camera is ideal for camera and its accessories such as chargers, LCD adapter, filters and many others. You will not have any kind of troubles when it comes to customizing the foam padding to fit your Canon EOS camera or other brands cameras as well. Not only you can keep camera and its accessories, but also you can use this case for keeping gun and other security-sensitive items such as gun, any electronic items, LCD, torch, keys, mobile phones, tablet, laptops and many others. Read more…

  • Dragon Software Reviews – NaturallySpeaking Home 12

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 12.0, English

    Dragon Software Reviews NaturallySpeakingThe main purpose of writing Dragon Software Reviews is to help you find the best dragon software at an affordable price. The Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home lets you convert voices into texts with 100% accuracy. Now as you speak, the software will automatically type it without any typing mistakes and errors. You can easily capture what you speak into an editable document for further use. The software comes with a great speed capacity, 3x more efficient than typing manually. Now you can use your preferred apps to dictate documents, send emails, search Google, or use with social networking websites to interact with your family and friends. For launching apps, you just need to speak simple voice commands, then select menu items, press keys, save files, and it is very easy to switch from one window to another. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home lets you work on your personal computer at home or in office, and it can be very enjoyable moment for you as well.
    Using its “Smart Format Rules”, you are able to personalize the software to see the texts in your own preferred ways in terms of abbreviations, digits, special characters, symbols and many others. You are able to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home with the most popular email programs such as Gmail and Hotmail with full capabilities and controls for your most frequent actions.
    Its powerful tutorial let you learn all the features of this software very easily so that you won’t have any problem in using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 12.0, English. Following its tutorial programs, you can easily learn and practice good dictation, correction, and you can develop good editing habits to speed your proficiency with Dragon Home Software. This recent version 12 comes with 20% more improved capabilities compared to its previous version 11. Read more…

    Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headset

    Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer HeadsetThe Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headset is an ideal solution to all your gaming and telephony requirements. The Koss CS100 comes with a noise-cancellation microphone, which delivers the best performance even in a noisy environment. The CS100 Headset can also be used with the voice recognition software. With the great frequency capability, the Koss CS100 Computer Headset performs the best work at a very affordable price. The foam ear-cover is very soft and comfortable to attaché with your ear, and you won’t find any kind of annoying things with this headset. Overall, Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headset provides a comfortable user experience; the headphone also comes with an eight-foot cord providing you the flexibility to connect with the devices, which are placed 8 feet away from your sitting place. In this affordable price, you get a microphone too, which performs the great work. The microphone is an multi-directional, if there is anything noisy activities near your computer, say your computer fan, the microphone will also record the noise coming from your computer-fan in its back-environment sound, so please make sure there is no noisy things around you, to make sure you are recording any speeches in a clear sound as per Dragon Software Reviews by users. Read more…

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 12

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 12The Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 12 comes with up to 20% improvement compared to its previous version Dragon 11. The software is very helpful to deliver 100% accuracy without any doubts. If your computer runs on multi-processors with 4GB of RAM, the Dragon 12 will automatically find the suitable match V speech model for the user at the time of creating a user profile do deliver the best performance. The Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 12 delivers the best performance by providing you an easy way of correction and editing works. Using this software, you will have more control over your command preferences, so that you can work faster than before. The Dragon speech recognition software can automatically your preferred formats, and it saves in its record so that you can use the same format next time, you use this software, saving you lots of time in the format selection. Also, Dragon 12 comes with a natural text-speech feature, which is very helpful to read editable text with speed, and it lets you volume control for an easy proofing and multi-tasking. Read more..