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  • Summer Dual View Digital Color Video Monitor Review

    Summer DualSummer Dual View Digital Color Video Monitor helps you monitor 2 children at the same time remotely. The LCD screen size is of 3.5 inches which is enough for viewing your baby clearly; also this resolution-rich color LCD is designed in an innovative split-screen technology lets parents see two baby rooms by scanning between rooms. You can easily make your baby cool with your own voice with the help of its 2-way audio and viewing your baby in digital monitor at the same time. Its LED lights with the composition of sounds are very helpful for indicating noise level of baby’s nursery. The two built-in cameras also feature automatic B&W night vision if there is darkness in the room. Moreover, you can add 4 more additional cameras to the unit to monitor 4 children at the same time. Summer Dual View Digital Color Video Monitor has also a rechargeable battery, a built-in belt clip, a stand and 600-foot distance coverage. Most importantly, the Dual View baby monitor uses digital technology for all your private and secure connection with the babies.
    Main features are 2.4 GHz wireless digital and split-screen technology, 3.5 inches LED screen size, 2 cameras with pan-scan-zoom options, 2 ways audio communication, sound based Led lights, auto night vision in black and white color, low battery + out-of-range indicators, capability to add 2 additional cameras (sold separately) and a long distance coverage of up to 600 feet. Read more…