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  • Spot it! Disney Frozen – Alphabet

    Family entertainment

    This award-winning game encompassing visual perception provides entertainment for the entire family. It features characters from the movie with iconic symbols of Disney Frozen. Players must match the one unique symbol or letter between two cards. With the five different challenging ways, the game provides unlimited fun for the entire family for many hours. In addition to the entertainment, players are able to develop fine motor skills while developing visual perception, focus, and language skills. The game can be played between two and eight players who are over three years old. The entire kit includes fifty-five cards with illustrated rules in a durable and very adorable travel-size tin.

    Product description

    Spot it! Disney Frozen - AlphabetThe winner of two Academy Awards, the movie frozen from Disney has been successful in captivating imaginations around the globe. This game takes you on a journey with Elsa and Anna to match the images and letters from the enchanting cast of the movie. The familiar and loved characters from this film along with various objects encourage the young kids to acquire learning while the huge fans of the movie are taken on a wintry world journey. Every two cards have only one unique matching alphabet or image. Be the first one to capture this and you will want to play the game and never “Let It Go.”


    The dimension of this family entertainment game is 5.3 X 5.3 X 2.2 inches with an approximate weight of five and half ounces. Learning is made fun with this enchanting game displaying the enchanting objects and characters from the world renowned movie Frozen. The players are able to escape to the magical world of Arendelle with this amazing game. The beautifully illustrated cards display all your favorite elements and characters from the magical film created by Disney.

    Make learning fun

    This amazing game is appropriate for every fan of Frozen. The Spot it for Frozen game is enjoyed not only by children but can provide a fun and entertaining way for the parents too. The game comprises fifty-five cards with different letters and pictures with eight images or letters on each card. There is however, only one unique match for every card, which makes it challenging. Players must pick any two cards and there is a common letter or image between them and the objective is to spot this before the other competitors find the match. Every player who correctly finds the match gets to keep the two cards. The winner is the person with the maximum number of cards in the end.

    Different options

    In addition to matching the unique image on two cards, the game can be played as tower. In this option every player receives one card facing down. The first player to spot the match between his or her card and the center card places the card on the center one to make a tower. The winner is the player with the maximum cards. Read more…


  • UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera RTF Mode 2 with 2GB SD CARD included

    Product features

    Quadcopter with CameraThe six axes GYRO available with posture control is an integrated design that guarantees the accurate positioning of the aircraft. The four channel function offers stability during operational flying with an easy operational capability. The high capacity battery and very strong power motors allow the helicopter to be flown for longer durations while enhancing the operational efficiency. The modular design allows users to install and repairs in case any trouble or damage. The remote distance is up to thirty millimeter.

    Product Description

    The dimensions of this helicopter are 16.1 X 2.4 X 16.1 inches with shipping weight of about three pounds. The R/C quadcopter is provided with a small camera, 2.4 Ghz to provide four channels remoter controlled transmitter with a LCD display offering posture control for the smooth flying of the aircraft. The battery is 3.7V 500mAh. The toy requires two hours for completely charging the phone and provides total flying time of between six and nine minutes. You can control the airplane distance to up to thirty meters with four AA batteries for enhanced control.

    Technical Details

    The product requires four AA batteries to operate the controller. The Quadcopter is certified by several agencies, which include ASTM, RTTE, 6P, FCC, EN71, LED, EMC, EN62115, ROHS, and FCC. The functions include up, down, forward, backward, left, right, and leftward and rightward flying. In addition, you get suspension, photographing, three hundred sixty degree flips, and video recording capabilities. The features include rightward camera along with a camera transmitter combining LCD display, and 2.4G 4CH RC 6 Axis Gyro UFO that enables leftward flying. The full package includes 1GB Micro SD card, transmitter, U818A RC Quadcopter with camera, and a battery. This copter is appropriate for children aged fourteen years and above.

    Great flying quad

    The product is an amazing flying quad and does well in light wind but still can be enjoyed if the wind picks up a little. The little copter is very sturdy and can be flown with easy and even falling down through tree branches does not cause any scratching. The remote is of a very good quality providing a comfortable hold in the hand and comes with digital trim settings and readout showing throttle setting. The inversion button allows you to flip the quad and use the buttons to make flips in any direction of your choice.

    Sturdy and durable quad

    This quad is appropriate for first-time users and provides excellent value because of the in-built camera. In addition, you can a few spares for additional convenience with an excellent remote and LCD screen that provides a cool and enjoyable experience as you explore different places with the quad. It comes with two modes with a faster mode where you are able to fly it in the open in strong winds. Although, the plastic may feel flimsy, users can be assured of no damage because the easy bending capabilities are provided to improve the absorbing ability in an impact. Read more…