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  • Minecraft Diamond Steve Action Figure

    Three figure collectible series

    Since its launch, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. The Minecraft Collectible Figure Series will allow you to explore this world in a way you have never experienced before. You will now be able to collect your favorite characters from the amazing Mine craft World. All the figures included in this pack resemble the appearance of the game’s signature look. There are three figures, which include the Wolf, Snow Golem, and Enderman. Now start collecting your favorites and create your own personal Mine craft World.

    Product Description

    Minecraft Diamond Steve Action FigureThis series allows you to dig within the Mine craft World as never before. Every pack comprises three assorted figures enabling you to bring the game to life within the palm of your hand. There are different sets you can choose from allowing you to commence your collection that includes your most favorite characters. All the figures feature the signature appearance as seen in the game and the same styling. So now you can commence exploring the Mine craft World with this miniature figures and craft the most perfect collection.

    Product Details

    The dimensions of this pack are 6.5 X 5.5 X 1.5 inches with a total weight of one point six pounds. The recommended ages for this collectible set is from the age of six up to fifteen years. You can choose from the series that includes Cow, Spider, and Steve. The second alternative is to choose the set comprising Golem, Witch, and Iron Steve. A third option is to choose the set containing Enderman, Wolf, and Golem. A final option available is the Creeper, Pig, and Skeleton. All the figures are exceptionally cute although the limbs or other parts do not move.

    Unlimited fun and entertainment

    For the entire population of Minecraft game lovers, this collectible set is a must-have. The little figures are approximately two inches tall and allow you to create your own customized Mine craft World in the small of your hands. Several fans use these amazing figures to make their own stop-motion videos and bring alive their favorite characters from one of the most popular games around the world. The figures have several pros like amazing accessories and cool looking features that are signature to the characters featured in the actual game.

    Expand your imagination

    Many parents are concerned about the obsession of their kids with the game and having this Mine craft collectible set may just take it further. However, as most parents who have brought these amazing sets agree that the game is able to spur the imagination and creativity of their children. Moreover, the kids play the game together helping them to gain the meaning and benefits of cooperation. The materials used to make these figures from the Minecraft World are of an excellent quality, which means you can rest assured about their quality. Read more…



    Product Description

    The GoPro Hero4 is provided with an in-built touch display to enable better framing of the shots. The camera has very easy and adjustable settings and plays back all your videos and photographs. With an improved camera control and new dedicated button users are able to access the camera settings without any difficulties. The simplified menu provides very simple navigating settings incomparable to most other similar products. Users are able to capture powerful 12MP pictures faster at a speed of up to 30FPS. With the in-built Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to the GoPro App and Smart Remote is simplified.

    Durable product

    GoPro HERO4 SILVERThe camera is made with superior materials that make it very durable and waterproof up to a depth of forty meters. The product is mountable as well as wearable to enable immersive self-capturing pictures while you enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. The camera is compatible with over sixty different kinds of mounts and accessories to enable wider variety perspective and activities. With the App and GoPro software users can control the device from remote locations and view and share pictures or videos made using the GoPro App.

    Additional features

    With Protune you can now capture high quality pictures and videos and manually control color, exposure, ISO limits, and much more. The Night Photo Lapse enables customization exposure settings to up to thirty seconds for single and time lapse photographs. The camera automatically adjusts frame rates for enhanced low light performance. The new technically advanced audio system captures high fidelity and clean sounds with almost 2X the dynamic range. The ultra-wide angle glass lens is able to engage immersive footage and the three FOV settings (ultra-wide, narrow, and medium) allow users to capture a broad range of different perspectives. The HiLight Tag helps mark key moments while you record for easy play back, sharing, and editing. With QuikCapture you can power on and record with the camera using only a single press of the button. You can now capture the widest wide angle view with the SuperView feature.

    Technical Details

    The camera weighs about two pounds with dimensions of 4 X 4.1 X 9.7 inches. The high-end camera from GoPro is made using a new innovative design combining an integrated LCD screen for improved and easy usability. Users only need to view, tap, and swipe the screen to control the functionalities, play back their pictures and videos, and adjust camera settings. The Hero4 Silver is powerful and high quality camera offering convenient touch display with 1080p60 and 720p120 videos and 12MP photographs.

    Built-in display

    This allows you to preview the photographs and videos to enable you to capture the most perfect frame. Users can play back their videos and pictures immediately enabling them to relive their memories instantly. Navigating through the menus and making any adjustment to the camera settings is very easy and quick; all it needs is to tap and swipe the screen. Read more…


  • Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

    Very amazing machine. I bought this bike a few days ago and I found it very durable. The most amazing thing about this bike is that I can reduce several pounds while watching TV or reading my favorite magazines. Isn’t it amazing? Everyone loves to do this. Also this machine is designed in such a way that a person weighing 275 pounds can reduce his weight. So, I am very happy that I can easily reduce the weight of my fat brother easily. The machine has only 40 pound flywheel which sounds pretty cool as every person can easily workout on this machine.

    Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling BikeI am working out on this machine from few days and I found that it’s quite and smooth chain mechanism is helping me a lot. I find working out easier. It also has the option to adjust resistance so that I can control my performance by my own hands. Now the best thing about this machine is that it has an adjustable seat so that a person of any size can fit on this bike and can work out as much as he can. Few things which I like about this wonderful machine are that I don’t have to plan a schedule for working out. I just use this machine whenever I get time. This saves me for getting up early in the morning.

    For using this bike you don’t need an instructor as the bike itself comes with a user manual which will teach you how to operate it and I am happy that by buying this bike I have invested the money in the right machine. Small kids in my family love to use this machine as it can be handled very easily. I am sure that by doing regular exercise on this bike I am going to reduce lots of extra pounds. I found this bike so amazing that I have ordered it for my friend. I am sure that she will love to have a wonderful machine like this in her house as with the help of this machine she will definitely reduce her weight.

    The most wonderful thing is that I received my order in perfect time. Also, it was in my budget so I don’t have to think much for buying this machine. I would recommend this machine for the people who seriously want to reduce their weight. As there is no use in wasting money in medicines, treatments. Just buy this bike and feel the difference in your weight. I am sure that the smoothness of this machine will surely surprise you when you will see yourself slim. Read more…