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  • Celestron AstroMaster Accessory Kit Telescope

    Today’s telescope really helps to locate planets and stars in an excellent manner. Many people are fascinated to see the stars and the moon and dream of going to space, but for most people, the closest they will get to their dream is by looking the telescope. There are many different types and size of telescope. The best telescope you can find is Celestron Telescope. This telescope has been there since the 1950s. Celestron know for the quality telescope, it makes. It is not only for beginners, it is also good enough for even professional astronomers. You can find Celestron telescope that will fit your budget and also it will allow you to see the night sky. This Celestron telescope is inexpensive, but gives the great quality of viewing the night sky filled with stars and moon and also the planet. It is also perfect for the novice astronomer. It has a special quality that is, it can be used day as well as night time so it has a different potential use. It is available for all skill levels and in a variety of price ranges, but all Celestron telescopes are high quality and that will give you years and years of fun and learning. To enhance the functionality and pressure of using Celestron telescope CelestronAstromaster Accessory Kit Telescope is used.

    Overview of Celestron Astromer Accessory Kit Telescope 

    Celestron AstroMaster Accessory KitThe Celestron Astromer Accessory Kit Telescopeis filled with the most popular accessories to make your observing nights a pleasure. These accessories give as the great viewing of the night. You will find the extra power eyepieces, a Barlow lens, the most used filters and even a cleaning cloth. The Celestron Astromer Accessory Kit was designed with Astromaster users in mind, but works with any telescope that utilizes a 1.25” focuser. This kit is more useful because we can save money from this kit. Purchasing the kit for the whole will reduce the amount of money. As an individual it might cost heavy, so save money by purchasing these items as a package. An individual storage container and a compartmentalized foam lined hard case allow Celestron Astromer Accessory Kit Telescope to keep convenient, safe and tidy.

    Celestron Astromer Accessory Kit Telescope includes 15 mm Kellner eyepiece and 6 mm Plossl eyepiece, 2 * power lens with T-treads, #80A blue planetary filter, #25 red planetary filter, moon filter, microfiber cloth, plastic carrying case with foam. These are the most popular accessories to make you observe the sky closely. It will give the great view of the night. The general features of Celestron Astromer Accessory Kit Telescope are fully and highly coated eyepieces, power lens is available will double the magnification that helps to attach the camera to your telescope, planetary filters enhance details on various planets like Jupiter, Saturn, moon filter will allow detailed views of the moon especially during the brighter phase.  Read more…

  • Pelican 1200 Case with Foam for Camera (Black)

    Taking care of any your equipment is really much important one.  Everyone will show much interest to protect his/her holdings from several elements such as water, dust, corrosion, dust, etc.  The Pelican 1200 Case (Black) provides such an opportunity to protect your equipment from these elements.  They are unbreakable, dust proof and chemical resistant.  This product is safe and liked by more customers because of its corrosion-proof, airtight and watertight specification.

    Construction and features:

    Pelican 1200 CaseThe 1200 case foam is a pre-cut which will allow you to customize the interior parts.  Just track the item you want to keep in the case and pluck the foam out by hand.  It does not require any tool.  You just need 15 minutes to customize.  This product is made up of Ultra-High Impact structural copolymer which will make the case extremely stronger and durable. The exterior part is now being highly designed with solid wall design.  Then the interior is with Polyethylene foam. It has Three-piece foam seat interior along with a 0.25’’ (6.4 mm) neoprene 0-ring.  This will provide you greater protection with easy-open double throw latches that helps to seal the case perfectly.  The interior dimension is 9.25 X 7.12 X 4.12 inches. It’s most liked feature is automatic pressure equalization value. This will allow you to give quick equalization after changes in atmospheric pressure.  This will allow the person to use two hands on oversized handle to tackle the heavy loads. The three- piece foam set of Pelican 1200 Case (Black) consists of one upper section foam that is convoluted, one blank bottom foam section and also one N pluck foam section.  This will maintain the temperature rating normally.

    The pelican 1200 case has the total depth of 4.11” (10.4 cm). The weight of the case does not vary large one with foam and without fame.  The weight with foam is 2.87 lbs (1.3 kg) and weight without foam is 2.65 lbs (1.2 kg).  The foam properties include the Lid layer and base layer.  The Pelican 1200 Case (Black) has Base layer 1 with 0.56”(1.4 cm) Pad, Lid Layer 2 with 1.38” (3.5 cm) convolute and Base layer 3 with 2.19”(5.6 cm) Diced.  The total master pack weight is 25 lbs (11.34 kg), which is a easy weight to carry the case with its single oversized handle.  This will provide you with the lifetime guarantee of excellence.

    These Pelican cases are available in variable sizes and more attractive colors such silver, Tan, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Desert Tan.  People get more attracted to the black color.  The Pelican cases are also available in sizes such as 1400 Case with and without foam, pelican- 1500 case with foam and without foam.  Several online shopping sites offer this excellent and handy product at a more affordable price.  Read more…

  • Pelican 1400 Case with Foam for Camera (Black)

    The pelican 1400 case with foam is now being used to took over the equipment which needs protection from the certain elements. It is a hard case which is watertight, dust proof, corrosion proof, unbreakable, airtight and chemical resistant. The product is made up of the ultra high structure of Copolymer which is really much strong and also highly durable. It contains 0.25 inch neoprene o ring which can be opened easily and sealed perfectly. There is a valve for equalizing the automatic pressure after the changes in an atmospheric pressure. The folded, mold handle is used to carry the valve. The case includes three piece foam interior.

    Construction and specification:

    Pelican 1400 CaseThe construction of the case is stainless steel. The design of the wall is solid and it also contains the foam interior. The three piece foam includes an upper section, foam section and bottom section. The upper section is a one egg crate. The foam section is for a one pick and pluck and bottom section is a 1.0 inch blank. The double throw latches contains the padlock protectors. The temperature rating of the case is really very less. The handle is comfortable which is rubber molded. The certifications of the case are IP67, ATA 300 and STANAG 4280.

    The specification of the pelican 1400 case with foam includes the water proofing which is sealed with O-ring and watertight up to 30 inches. The case can float in the salt water with the weight of 9.1 kg. The exterior dimension of the case is 13.37 x 11.62 x 6.0 inch. The interior dimension is 11.81 x 8.87 x 5.18 inch. The lid depth and the bottom depth of the case is 3.0 cm and 10.2 cm respectively.  The interior fitting is high density with pick and pluck foam.

    The equipments are protected from the shock and the elements. Carrying the case is easy because the handle is molded. The weight of the case is 2.0 kg. The nameplate for the case can be engraved which includes the additional cost. The pick and pluck foam is a pre cut, which allows the user to customize the interior. The tool is not required to take the items from the case. The user has to pluck the foam by hand itself to take items. The case can be customized within 15 minutes. The case is guaranteed forever. It is tested to air transport association, military standard and ingress protection.

    The case is available in various colors such are desert tan, orange, black, silver, OD green and yellow. It provides great protection for the stored equipments. The case is strong and light weight. The product is made in the USA. The case provides the protection for radios and cameras. The case is safe and secure. The canoeists and the kayakers like pelican cases for placing the cameras which can be accessed easily. Read more…

  • Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

    Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam MattressBest Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress provides good sleeping surface, it acts according to your body temperature, and you don’t have to do anything manually as it works automatically. It distributes weights evenly 100% without any difficulties and the product is very helpful for eliminating pressure points and reducing back or shoulder pain. The beauty is that it comes with 15 year of warranty; you have 15 years in your hand in case you get any problem with the mattress. Due to its 15 years of warranty feature, the product is very popular on almost all the shopping website along with lots of positive reviews from the users. When we talk about prices then price is not much for this kind of Mattress which is 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress. 8 inch is the perfect size and small size which fits easily in your bed and it is easy to carry or move anywhere without any difficulties. If you are going to buy this mattress, please read customer reviews on the Amazon product page too, so that you have complete overview of the product and you will get aware from the viewpoint of users who are already using it. I have been using this product from last 5 years, as of now I haven’t got any problem and I’m very happy with its comfort and softness quality work which provide comfort sleep in night without any disturbance. Read more…