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  • UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera RTF Mode 2 with 2GB SD CARD included

    Product features

    Quadcopter with CameraThe six axes GYRO available with posture control is an integrated design that guarantees the accurate positioning of the aircraft. The four channel function offers stability during operational flying with an easy operational capability. The high capacity battery and very strong power motors allow the helicopter to be flown for longer durations while enhancing the operational efficiency. The modular design allows users to install and repairs in case any trouble or damage. The remote distance is up to thirty millimeter.

    Product Description

    The dimensions of this helicopter are 16.1 X 2.4 X 16.1 inches with shipping weight of about three pounds. The R/C quadcopter is provided with a small camera, 2.4 Ghz to provide four channels remoter controlled transmitter with a LCD display offering posture control for the smooth flying of the aircraft. The battery is 3.7V 500mAh. The toy requires two hours for completely charging the phone and provides total flying time of between six and nine minutes. You can control the airplane distance to up to thirty meters with four AA batteries for enhanced control.

    Technical Details

    The product requires four AA batteries to operate the controller. The Quadcopter is certified by several agencies, which include ASTM, RTTE, 6P, FCC, EN71, LED, EMC, EN62115, ROHS, and FCC. The functions include up, down, forward, backward, left, right, and leftward and rightward flying. In addition, you get suspension, photographing, three hundred sixty degree flips, and video recording capabilities. The features include rightward camera along with a camera transmitter combining LCD display, and 2.4G 4CH RC 6 Axis Gyro UFO that enables leftward flying. The full package includes 1GB Micro SD card, transmitter, U818A RC Quadcopter with camera, and a battery. This copter is appropriate for children aged fourteen years and above.

    Great flying quad

    The product is an amazing flying quad and does well in light wind but still can be enjoyed if the wind picks up a little. The little copter is very sturdy and can be flown with easy and even falling down through tree branches does not cause any scratching. The remote is of a very good quality providing a comfortable hold in the hand and comes with digital trim settings and readout showing throttle setting. The inversion button allows you to flip the quad and use the buttons to make flips in any direction of your choice.

    Sturdy and durable quad

    This quad is appropriate for first-time users and provides excellent value because of the in-built camera. In addition, you can a few spares for additional convenience with an excellent remote and LCD screen that provides a cool and enjoyable experience as you explore different places with the quad. It comes with two modes with a faster mode where you are able to fly it in the open in strong winds. Although, the plastic may feel flimsy, users can be assured of no damage because the easy bending capabilities are provided to improve the absorbing ability in an impact. Read more…

  • Password Journal 8 by Girl Tech

    The Girl Tech Journal

    Password Journal 8An appropriate journal for all those girls who like to keep one, the Girl Tech Password Journal provides an excellent option. Available in pink the entire package contains one invisible ink pen, one password journal case, and one notebook. The journal can be opened only after you say your password aloud ensuring you get complete privacy and can keep your secrets away from nosy friends or relatives. You can also use the journal in your MP3 player and listen to all your favorite music tracks. The journal has a secret compartment that can be used to protect your personal belongings and important things. The invisible ink that you use to make your entries is visible only under a special glow light.

    Product Description

    Available in your favorite pink color, the journal will not open unless you say your password aloud making your voice an important key for unlocking the journal. Your music being a must, you can easily plug in this journal to your MP3 player and listen to all your favorite songs. Keep your stuff safe and secured inside the secret compartment provided to safeguard your things. Even when someone is able to open the journal using your password, the words written in the invisible ink are protected because these are visible only under a specialized glow light.

    Good gift

    Recommended for girls aged six years and above, this password protected journal makes an excellent gifting option. Its dimensions are 12 X 10 X 2 inches and weight is about two pounds. The girls will love this special journal knowing it responds only to their voice command and the ink protects the words even if someone is able to open the journal. Some people are concerned about the password protection because it needs to be rightly repeated each time you want to get this open. There is no need for any concern because once you read the instructions, setting the password and using it to access the journal is very simple.

    Superior quality

    The journal is not made using cheap materials, which ensures it is not flimsy or easily damaged. The voice recognition is excellent and will recognize only the person who sets the password using her voice. The invisible ink is also a great idea because it will show up only when held under the special glow light provided with the entire package. The compartment is amazing way to keep personal things away from siblings or pesky relatives. Most girls who have used this product are amazed with its quality and functionality.

    Modern and technically advanced

    Every girl who receives this password protected journal is going to ecstatic. The product enables her to keep her personal writings hidden from others while also giving a secret apartment to store her important things. The journal opens only when she says the password and the words written using the invisible ink can only be read under the special glow light provided with the journal. Read more…

  • Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (Black)

    Product Description

    Foscam FI8910W PanThe Foscam FI8910W Pan and Tilt IP network camera is provided with two way audio and night vision for enhanced usability. The IR cut filter is amazing for true color video and images capture. The IR lights can be easily turned off manually using the software. The advanced camera provides an enhanced audio quality ensuring there is no noise while you speak into the device. The WPA2 Encryption supported, light frequency 50 or 60 Hz or outdoor IEEE 802.11b/g/n provides improved performance. The device has an added audio input jack that can be used with an external microphone.

    Product Details

    The new camera dimensions are 3.9 X 2.3 X 1.5 inches with an approximate weight of ten ounces. The image sensor is one-fifth inch color CMOS sensor. The resolution available with the camera is 640 X 480 pixels (300k pixels). The IR Lens is 2.8 millimeter, F:2.4 and the mini illumination 0.5Lux with lens type glass.

    Quick simple setup

    The Foscam is designed in such a way that is capable of working right out of the box. All you need to do is connect it to a wireless network and setup port forwarding to commence using the device. After you have configured it right; the camera works without any hindrance or the need of a computer. The technical support team offered by the manufacturer is excellent and will willingly guide users in case of any difficulties. The website also provides comprehensive step-by-step video tutorials.

    In-built microphone and speaker

    These features enable you to listen and respond to anything that is going on while you continue watching. The speaker and microphone allows users to quickly connect via computer or telephone. The modern and advanced device takes home security and baby monitoring to another level. The Surveillance Pro App allows you to stream live videos and audios while you are on the move. Users need to have Internet connectivity through 4G, Wi-Fi, or LTE and they can stream anything with the Foscam without any limits.

    Extra Features

    The pan and tilt features allows you to move the camera around the personal computer or mobile phone with this camera. The remote capability allows you to set the angle as per your requirement at any time from any location. The Foscam utilizes eleven infrared LED lights to record videos in complete darkness from twenty-six feet away. The camera uses an IR cut-off filter that enables the camera to provide accurate and true colors during the day. The Blue IRIS software is a professional program allowing users to convert existing Windows PC to a full-fledged digital recording solution. This software improves the existing program capabilities by providing additional features, such as record with H 264 compression, be able to view and record up to sixty-four cameras at a time, and receive alerts through text messages, email, or FTP alerts. Read more…


  • LEGO Bricks & More 10662 Creative Bucket

    Let your creativity loose

    This LEGO set features several elements that allow you to build a zoo and the classic house and farm theme creations. You can use these different elements to create buildings, animals, vehicles, and many more things. The set also includes three hundred and twenty-one rare bright blue colored LEGO elements to help you let your creativity run loose. All these can be easily stored in the sturdy and reusable brick storage bucket available with this set. Building the various things is very simple especially with the easy to follow instructions and guidelines provided with the set. Moreover, there are numerous options that help you build great and amazing inspirational ideas.

    Product Description

    LEGO BricksThe dimensions of this product are 8.9 X 10.9 X 8.9 inches with an approximate weight of a little over two pounds. The LEGO creative basket includes over six hundred brightly colored elements offering you with unlimited options to be creative and have unlimited fun while you build some inspirational themes. You can create houses and play with these, along with zoos or farms to make it more entertaining and fun. The elements include decorated face and eye bricks and wheels giving people unlimited possibilities to build and create. To add to the fun, you can take help from the inspirational guideline and instructions booklet.

    Product inclusions

    The LEGO creative basket has more than sixty-nine rare blue elements making it very entertaining and creative. There is a fairly good assortment of several pieces, which include 2 X 2, 2 X 4, 2 X 6, and 2 X 8. Although most people buy the creative set for young children, the amazing collection of rare and amazing elements makes it fun even for grown up adults because it is beyond all expectations and standards. The entire set is an amazing buy especially at the affordable price.

    Good starter kit

    This creative basket is one the best starter kits that is available in the current times. The set comprises all the pieces that are required to make an amazing creation. There are few not needed pieces, such as the rotating square steering wheel or the build your own LEGO person. This entire kit is very suitable to create different kinds of buildings and animals especially with the amazing instructions booklet provided with this set. The kit comprises only a single pair of wheels and axles, which may not be enough if you want to create space ships or army tanks fleet.

    Stimulates the senses

    Some of the users complain of the bricks cracking only after using the kit for a short time. However, most people are sufficiently satisfied with the quality of the elements and will last for a long period. The creative basket is great especially for people who love creating random things. The set is an excellent way to stimulate the senses, enhance your creativity because you do not have to follow a pre-determined set of design or theme. Read more…


  • LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System

    Getting the minds moving

    For all the kids aged between three years and eight years, LeapFrog offers LeapTV, which is an educational active video game developed to help them get their bodies and minds moving. With this amazing game, children are able to learn to read. Moreover, they are taught about different concepts in mathematics, science, and also helps develop problem solving capabilities. The game can be played in three easy ways, which include the classic control, pointer play, and the body motion and the transforming controller can be worked in two ways.

    Product inclusions

    LeapFrog LeapTVThe entire game includes the HDMI cable, in built Wi Fi or Ethernet port to allow downloads, console, AC power adapter, transforming controller with wrist strap, 16GB memory, mount, motion sensing camera and camera cord. This game is compatible with over one hundred LeapFrog educator approved cartridges, videos, and game downloads. This large number of options ensures the kids never run out of entertainment or fall short of things that they can learn about.

    Video gaming becomes smarter

    With LeapTV, video gaming just got smarter. This active educational video gaming system is able to develop various skills and improve their capabilities. They are able to develop and learn motion skills as they dance and jump during the innovative and engaging curriculum. The games commence at age appropriate options to be suitable to their grade levels and support the development of the children. As the child grows older, the curriculum is adjusted providing the most appropriate challenges to him or her. The controller’s hint button ensures children can always get help when needed and take help from the tutorials to overcome any hurdle. The tutorials are beneficial in teaching the children underlying concepts that help the children acquire the understanding needed to progress through the levels.

    Three ways

    In the body motion play mode, the camera captures the movements of the child without needing any controller. They run, hop, and dance to the guide Disney Sofia through an obstacle course helping develop reading capabilities. In the sports series, they improve math capabilities by waving their arms in order to defend goals, scuba dive, or karate chop. The pointer play takes the game to another level. The use of this pointer is simple because it is designed for children. As the kids swivel the controller with an easy click, they acquire the pointer instantly to snap jungle vines or slice through the coconuts. The classic control offers the kids entertainment at their fingertips. They can press either button A or B for fast gaming experience or shake/tilt the controller to race in the Kart Racing game, solve various puzzles with favorite Disney characters.

    Large library

    The original superior quality games provide the children an active gaming option and the educational videos increase their learning in a fun-filled environment. They can learn through a vast curriculum in various skills, such as math, reading, problem solving, and science. Read more…

  • Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film, 10 Sheets x 5 packs

    Product Description

    The Instax Mini Instant Film is compatible with all the different Fuji film Instax mini cameras, Lomo Diana instant back plus, 300, and Polaroid Mio. The film is full color ISO 800 film speed product. The size of these films is 3.5 X 2.3 inches. Users can get image sizes or printed areas admeasuring 2.5 X 18 inches. The films are made in Japan to provide the best quality and are durable up to eighteen months from the date of manufacture.

    Product Details

    Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant FilmThe Instax Mini Instant Film is available in a pack of ten sheets in five packs. For users who acquire three or more of these packs, there is a special discounted price offered to make the purchase more affordable. The dimensions of this product are 4.2 X 3.9 X 2.6 inches with an approximate weight of seven ounces. The five pack with ten sheets each allows you to get fifty instant pictures. The quality is amazing and the manufacturer does not compromise on the superiority of the product to make it more affordable.

    Product Reviews

    Most people who have used this product are very happy and satisfied and would definitely buy more of these. It provides a cost effective and efficient way to get amazing quality of instant pictures. The film is in excellent condition when you open the pack, which means the pictures you click with this product are of the best quality. This product offers users an excellent and affordable way to save significant amounts of money by overcoming the need to buy several smaller packs of instant film.

    Good gifting option

    If you know someone who loves capturing pictures, this product provides an excellent option for gifting. They would be happy to receive the instant film, which allows them to take fifty pictures of a superior and amazing quality. The givers will not feel any financial crunch when giving this product as a gift because it is priced at extremely affordable rates. The instant film pack is a cost efficient and effective way to gift an amazing option for all those who love clicking pictures.

    Excellent quality

    Compared to several of the cheaper alternatives that are available in the market, this product is of an excellent quality. Made by a leading and reputed manufacturer gives complete assurance to the buyers as well as the receivers of not having procured or received a cheap product. The quality of the pictures you capture using this instant film pack are also of a very good quality, which is often not the case with other similar alternatives that can be purchased for lower prices. Buying the product online through a reliable and reputed vendor makes the purchase more affordable because of lower prices as well as favorable shipping policies. In case of any problem you can easily return the product through the return policy without much complication or delay. Read more…


  • Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – Slate Bundle

    I am living my life very smoothly after buying Garmin vivofit fitness band- slate. It’s an amazing product which I think every person must have as it has the power to learn my activity level. With the help of it I can easily check my calories, distance; even I can also monitor my sleep. Generally, I use to sleep very less but after having this machine I am able to make a balance between my work and my sleep. I am having this product from the last few weeks and I can feel lots of wonderful changes in me. This small machine has changed the way of my lifestyle. You can call this device your fitness doctor as I can not only do the above mentioned stuff, but I can also monitor my heart rate, I can save my valuable plans on it etc.

    Garmin Vivofit Fitness BandThe wonderful thing about this little machine is that I can always carry it with me and can check my health at any time of the day. With the help of this machine I can easily save time, which I use to waste by visiting my doctor as now I can do that all staff with the single click of a button. Yes, it is very true. I am saving lots of my precious time with this wonderful product.

    I love to do many healthy activities like riding bikes, playing golf, horse riding etc., butI have always felt the need of something which can automatically keep a record of my activities. I always waste most of the time in keeping record of myself as I love breaking my records, but with Garmin vivofit fitness band I can manage out my work in very easily.

    As it is a kind of wristwatch so I always use to wear it. It looks cool on my hand and on the other hand it has so many valuable benefits. I love this amazing product. This thing motivates me a lot to do lots of hard work for my hobbies so that I can break so many records of myself.

    I ordered two devices, one for me and another one for my son and I found that my son can also operate this device very easily. He always says that I have gifted him the best device which helps out in managing his schedule.

    The gadget is very much comfortable to wear and is very inspiring. It is of very light weight so you can easily wear it for a day. Setting up the gadget is also very easy as it doesn’t have so many buttons to mess up with. I just quickly reviewed the guide which I received with this watch and now I have become the master in operating this device. I found it really very amazing that a little device has changed my life completely. Read more…

  • Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag, 80-Piece (Classic)

    The Mega Blocks Bag

    In the Mega Blocks First Builders Bag, you will receive eighty huge blocks using primary classic color schemes. This award winning toy is sturdy and made for practical use and is provided with a reusable bag that can be used for storing the blocks after you are done. The bag is made from non-woven BPA free and PVC free bag to reduce the environmental damage and reduce the ecological footprint.

    Product Description

    Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building BagThis mega blocks bag is simple and fun to play and then store. Moreover, it is very convenient and you can carry it around wherever you go without any difficulties. The eighty blocks bag is an excellent way for those fans just beginning to learn on how to build and create things on their own using their personal creativity and imagination. Provide your little ones with the opportunity to stimulate their imagination and improve their learning capabilities. Simultaneously, they are able to make new discoveries and develop their fine motor skills using an open-ended play technique. The practical and comfortable bag offers an excellent way to store the blocks in one location to ensure the pieces are not lost or misplaced. The bag is provided with a hand strap that makes carrying the bag around very simple even for younger children.

    A little more

    The product dimensions are 12 X 6 X 14 inches with an approximate weight of three pounds. This mega blocks bag is an amazing option even if you do not have any children. If you have friends or relatives visiting your home with their kids, these blocks provide an outstanding way to keep them occupied. You would not be surprised to find their parents also enjoy this mega blocks set because there are so many things you can possibly make with the eighty blocks comprised within the bag.

    Encourage learning

    The blocks are available in various shapes, sizes, and primary colors. This helps children improve their learning by being able to identify these different parameters. Moreover, they can create and build various objects, can learn to count, and create special plans using this mega blocks set. In addition, while building with these blocks the children are able to improve eye and hand coordination while developing their fine motor skills. The entire set is most appropriate for children aged between one year and five years.

    Safe entertainment

    One of the biggest concerns among parents about building blocks is the safety. This Mega Blocks Bag provides a safe option because the blocks are not hazardous. The wheeled base is an amazingly entertaining option. Using this you can easily build air planes, cars, and many other objects to add to your fun. The bag provided to store all these various blocks after you are done is very sturdy and will last for a long time. Because these blocks have an easy grip, these are completely safe for babies who often put everything they come across in their mouths.


  • Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set with 7″ LCD Screen and 1.8″ Handheld Unit

    Summer Infant Complete CoverageSummer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set comes with 7 inches of LCD screen size with swivels and tilts for optimum viewing. You also get 1.8 inches of clips to attach with your belt so that you can easily fix the monitor in your belt and roam anywhere in your house while giving a look to your baby laying in a different room. Its color video monitors perform well when it comes to high quality pictures and sounds. The system is prepared in 900 MHz technology which is prone to be a secure source of communicating with two units independently, 100% privacy is guaranteed. Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set covers 350 feet of range which is enough for all your baby viewing requirements. The complete system includes a nursery camera and 3 AC adapters. The monitor can also run on 2 rechargeable batteries which are included with this. The 7 inches LED screen monitor can easily be set on a table, wall mounted or under-cabinet mounted as well. It has also a swivel stand, multiple tilt options, LED sound lights to see and view your baby remotely. The 1.8 inches of wireless parent’s unit has both, color video (for viewing during day) and black and white (for night viewing). For portability purposes, it has a belt clip and flip stand. Apart from all these, it has sound lights and low-battery pointer. Its rechargeable battery runs up to 10 hours in one recharge. Most importantly, you can easily control the volume, brightness and on-off power with the help of its separate buttons for each function. Read more…

  • Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue – Total Repair Treatment – 6.8 oz

    Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair RescueThe Scwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Treatment is ideal for broken or problematic hair. The Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue treat from the within, at the same time it provides stable result in strengthening the hair. After use of at least one month, your hair will be healthier and stronger than before with required shining and softness. The badly damaged hair may need multiple treatments to remove the problem from the root. You just need to use just few drops that will do the work to give shiny and textural effect. The product is very helpful to get rid of frizzies and other related things from the hair, and it maintains your hair styles, so very small amount of application everyday will keep your hair shiny all the time. Also, if you are habitual of going to salon, it will be costing you too much, why to spend too much money, if you get the solution in just few $$. If you are looking a simple method of having good look of your hair, give it a try, this product will also work those people who have dyed their hair many time. Read more…

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