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  • Skylanders Trap Team Fist Bump Character Pack

    Skylanders Trap TeamAre you ready for the new addition to your new Skylanders game? The Trap Team has a new and worthy addition that you can put inside your game. Skylanders Trap Team Fist Bump Character Pack is one of the most recommended characters to add on your Skylanders game, because of various things.

    First, the action figure is designed to be really high quality, with good attention to little details so that you can see that the action figure itself will closely and accurately resemble the character within the game. Second, the trading card is nice to collect as well, as it contains the beautiful artwork for the character as well as the stats you’re getting for it within the game. And third, it is not platform-specific, meaning that you can use this character in your existing Skylanders game that you have, regardless of the platform you use.

    The Pros: The action figure is made with very good and detailed design, making it to closely resemble the character within the game. Also, you get a good stats with this character, as this character has very good defense points. It is a worthy addition for your current Skylanders team. Within the box, you’ll get the action figure, trading card, and QR code that you can input within the game. The trading card is worth collecting, as it has very good art in it, depicting the Fist Bump character within the game in a beautiful way.

    The Cons: This is a medium sized character, and there are mini size and large size characters available from Skylanders. If you are buying this, you will not be able to unlock many things within the game, except only to put your character in it. If you want to unlock more things within the game, you should purchase the large size character. Also, this character is only compatible with the newest Skylanders game, so it won’t be compatible with the olderSkylandersgames. Be wary that the action figure should be treated as such, as it might be easily broken if your kids play too much with it, especially in the tail area.

    The Bottom Line: If you are looking to add more collection to your current Skylanders game, you can bet that this character is worthy for it. Remember that this character must be used in addition to the starter pack that you’ve purchased earlier. So, if you haven’t purchased the starter pack, you should purchase it first for your platform before you use it. The character itself is not platform specific, so whether you use it on PS4, Xbox One, WiiU, or others, you can do it as long as you have the starter pack for the specific platform that you use. So, it is a recommended character for you to use within the game. Read more…


  • Disney Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin, Cinderella’s Puppy Review

    Disney Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin, Cinderella’s Puppy: Wonderful Singing, Talking, and Dancing Pet Toy For Your Daughters

    Disney Princess Palace PetsSeeing your little girl to smile and laugh in excitement while having fun playing with toys is priceless. The Disney Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin Cinderella’s Puppy is the right toy for you to give something special and memorable for your daughter. This toy comes with a magic wand as a remote control for the puppy. The fur on the puppy is designed to be soft, smooth, and comfortable to hold and hug. The toy can say 9 different phrases, sing, talk, dance, curl, and wag its tail using the buttons within the magic wand remote control. It requires batteries to operate, which is not included within the box.

    The Pros: The pet toy can do many things, such as singing, talking, and wagging its tail. It can be controlled to move forward and backward, as well as move to sides. The magic wand is easy to control, and it gives straightforward buttons to let the pet toy to perform the intended action. The doll has a nice material built, with soft and smooth pet fur that will make your kids feel comfortable holding and hugging it. It can also dance and twirls when it hears specific songs.

    The Cons: While the toy itself is cute and feels comfortable to hold, the tail is often falling from its place. This is a problem that you should be aware of, since you need to give extra attention to the tail part of the toy and ensure to it is firm on its place. Also, the toy will not work well on carpeted floor, so it is better to use this toy on plain floor without any carpet. The wand is designed to be working on inverted movement, so when you press up, you will see the toy to move backward, and when you press down, it will go forward. It may confuse your kids for a while, but not for long.

    The Bottom Line: This toy can give your little girls the excitement and enjoyment in playing with it, as she can make the toy to perform various movements, talking, wagging, and singing. It is good for your 3-5 year old daughters, although the label says that it is suitable for children aged 4-15 years old. It does requite batteries to work, so you better buy some batteries for this toy, as the batteries are not included within the box.

    Overall, this toy will be a fun addition to the existing dolls that your daughters already have, especially the Cinderella or Barbie dolls, which is enough to let them feel excited with it for a long time. You’ll find them chasing this toy around the house with excitement. Read more…

  • Queen Size iComfort EFX ” Intellectual” Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Serta

    Queen Size iComfort EFX " Intellectual" Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Serta
    EverFeel Technology, Serta Support Foam layer

    There are many studies presented by various organizations that the good night’s sleep would definitely rejuvenate the body and the mind. There are various revelations that the person getting a good night’s sleep would definitely be leading a healthy life. For a good night’s sleep, a person should have a good mattress and a good pillow. The mattress should give complete support and should give a comfortable undisrupted sleep to the person. The mattress should be very much comfortable.The mattress requirement would vary from person to person. Any individual for that matter, should find out their comfort mattress first. The mattress comfort level depends upon the sleeping position of the person. A back sleeper would require a different mattress and a stomach sleeper would require a different mattress. Queen Size iComfort EFX Mattress is a mattress which would mostly suit in for the entire person in regardless of the sleeping positions.

    The person would get a good support with this mattress and would be able to get a good night’s sleep.This mattress, which comes in a queen size, has a layer of Serta support foam that gives the person sleeping on the mattress a comfortable firm feeling. The mattress should give the person sleeping over it a firm feeling as well as should take care of the pressure points. Queen Size iComfort EFX Mattress take care of the pressure points and relieves any body aches and stress and tensions. Moreover, the gel foam used in this mattress is 33% more durable than any other memory foam. This gel foam would give cool feeler to the person lying on it. This mattress also support the curved lines of the person and helps to get relieved from all the aches. The person would feel much more comfortable in this mattress than in any other mattress. The dual foam layers with intellectual gel foam with memory foam gives the user a great feel and would help the person lying on the bed to feel the comfort of the bed.

    This memory foam would help the person to have a good support and the firm gel would give the cool feeling along with a good firmness. The person liking to use a firm bed with good memory foam could definitely go for this mattress and this would definitely give them a great feeling. The mattress should not only give a comfort feeling, but should also support the spine and the body curves so that in the future the person would not get any illness on using the same for a long time. The investment on the mattress being a big investment one should go on for a good one.



  • Looking Different Ways To Buy Bicycles For Best Price Online

    Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Viper BMX Bike (20-Inch Wheels)
    Rush alloy linear-pull brakes, Alloy 36H rims

    The bicycle is an inevitable part of modern living, especially boys are more craze for the product. If you are living in urban or rural country the demand of bicycle still growing more in the market. However, with the tremendous growth of automobile industry, two wheelers and four wheelers are comingintoexistence, but still bicycles are not losing the ground and still gaining more users. Using of the bicycle for short distance and considering the pollution reasons many people prefer to use cycles. While comparing with other mode of vehicles, cycles just cuts down the fuel burning, moreover bicycle riding is very enjoyable and this cannot be obtained from other forms of transport.  In addition to that, people are more health conscious so using of riding bicycle is good for health and very much effective exercise for human body. Make your search online for the Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Viper BMX Bike, this is gaining more popular model in the market.

    Factors Need To Consider While Buying

    If you consider buying bicycles online, then need to keep in mind certain important factors while buying and this would satisfy your expectation with exact selection, otherwise it ends up with lots of hassles. Once if you decide to buy cycle, then online is right decision to buy because numerous choices of bicycles is available online with eye catching designs and trendy style are easily attracted the buyers. Even this may confuse you to choose what kind of bicycle from the huge variety of collections so here you need to keep in mind about the important factors before investing money in buying bicycles. Price is a major factor for every product, so first decide yourself how much amount of money needed to invest then start searching online. Everyone may buy a bicycle for a variety of reasons, but choosing the right model and design is more important with suitable requirements is essential when you buy a bicycle.

    The other important thing is height of the bicycle is needed to check while you shop online the Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Viper BMX Bike is available with various sizes and different colors of cycles are also there when you ready to buy find out the various models and sizes available in the online store, according to the rider of the bicycle search the features. Measurement of cycle is considered to be one of the important for the person whom you are buying either for yourself or for kids so choose the size as per your requirement and browse cycles online at Amazon stores with good features and this is the safest way to buy online and moreover they do free shipping for delivering the goods without any cost. Once you satisfied with the various features of the bicycle, then know about the budget, service after sales, then starts purchasing online with the right choice of model. Online is providing the best products of bicycles in the stores and search your best one without moving out just searching from online stores

  • Sunforce 50048 60W Solar Charging Kit Review

    Sunforce 50048 60WSunforce 50048 60W Solar Charging Kit is a good solar power device for all your electricity needs in your house or out of house in boats or village areas. This Amorphous solar power kit gives 60W of free and renewable electricity without any difficulties. Most importantly, Sunforce 50048 60W Solar Charging Kit is weatherproof so it won’t have any bad effect from bad weather, wind and other outer environments. When it comes to durability, Sunforce 50048 60W Solar Charging Kit last longer than you had expected so it is worth the money you are going to invest on this amazing unit. Its blocking diode is very helpful for saving from battery discharge at night. With Sunforce 50048 60W Kit, you get a PVC frame, 7 AMP charging controller, 200W inverter and connection cables.
    This solar charging kit is perfect for cabins, recreational activities, and remote area power with 12V battery chargeability option. I will say it has all the things that you need 60W power in all weather conditions. You can use this solar power to cut your electricity bill or you can use this device where electricity is very hard to reach, you can use it in that condition. Read more…