Baby Stroller Reviews

Baby Stroller Reviews

Graco Alano Classic Connect Travel System

Graco Alano is very strong stroller, it has two car seats for your babies, the stroller is made of high quality fabric material which gives soft touch to your baby. There are many Graco strollers on the market; one of them is Graco Alano Classic Connect Travel System which is really very popular among users who are already using this stroller for their babies. Baby loves seating in stroller and Graco Travel System is really perfect for them as it gives smooth experience seating in the stroller and moving around where they live. The stroller has capacity of holding child of up to 50 pounds along with long durability. It has one-hand standing fold which closes easily and you are using just one hand, another hand is still free to handle your kid. This is a multi-positions stroller which provides utmost safety and comfort to the person who is seating into this. It has front swivel wheel which is lockable, you can lock or unlock the wheel according to your personal moving requirements means you have flexibility in moving the wheel in your preferred way. This is a lightweight stroller of just 37 pounds which is good for travelling anywhere you want. The stroller is made in China means you get it at very cheap price. Read more…

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Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller with Embrace 35 Car Seat

Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller is made of polyester, the stroller has stand for holding as well as folding, it is a self-stand stroller so you don’t have to do anything to stand it, your baby will be seating into the stroller and you don’t have to anything to stand it, it stands itself. The Evenflow Stroller allows you multiple storage options which you can use according to your own specific requirements. Evenflow Journey 300 Stroller has two trays, one for child, and another for parent. In the tray you can put drinking items such as coffee, water or anything you want. Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller is shipped in complete packaging and you won’t get any problem related to packaging. It weighs 36-pounds which makes it lightweight with the overall size of 19.4×25.4×30.8 inches. It has capacity to hold up to 40 pounds, which is really good capacity. Handling with the stroller, you don’t have to take help of others as it can itself stand. If you are not feeling comfort with the car seat, please make sure that the car seat is set properly or not. Read more…

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