BACtrack Breathalyzer (Polished Black) Review and Price

BACtrack Breathalyzer (Polished Black) Review and Price

The BACtrack Breathalyzer is made in the USA; this breathalyzer is the newest and original tool that combines a sleek, user-friendly design, built in BluFire Alcohol Sensing Technology. This device is very helpful in terms of providing accurate and reliable test results that comes at very reasonable cost. As this breathalyzer works without touching your lips so you can share it with others including your family and friends. So this device can be shared in the society or in the group wherever you need to share it, anyone can use this device for the purpose of testing Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). You can test whenever you want, you want to test again, restart and test is easy as 1, 2, 3. In addition to speeding up the test process, it also saves lots of money because mouthpieces are not needed in order. The BACTRACK’s BluFire Sensor Technology gives 100% accuracy with the help of steadying airflow inside the device which requires a deep lung air sample for every test, the result can easily be gotten in just three-second, in increasing order from 0.00 to 0.40% BAC. This tool is good for both personal as well as professional usage, and it is really easy and fast method to test Blood Alcohol Content. If I talk about main features of this breathalyzer then it is a battery-operated breathalyzer that provides fast BAC measurements built in BlueFire Sensor Technology, helpful for providing accurate readings. It is portable with lightweight design that fits in purse or glove compartment.

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The BACTRACK breathalyzer has round light rings providing an easy-to-see visual target and gives a notification to the user to start or stop blowing, this is different from other breathalyzers, your mouthpiece is not inserted, touched or replaced which gives room for sharing this device, and anyone can use this device as well. It has inner dual flow tube that steadies a user’s breath that is helpful for providing accurate and consistent test results without the use of a mouthpiece.

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