Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5″ Hiro Action Figures

Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5″ Hiro Action Figures

Transform your favorite figure

The Big Hero 8 Armor-Up Baymax Action Figure is a six-inch figure with armor pieces that can transform the Baymax into an eight-inch figure with a fourteen-inch wing span. The figure allows you to transform your favorite character V Baymax from the Big Hero Disney series from the normal white Nursebot form into the crime fighter super hero form. It is a great way to have fun while you repeatedly transform the figure as you reenact the various favorite and memorable moments. The kit comprises twenty pieces that you must use to construct the figure. The assembly is quick, simple, and easy and does not create any difficulties.

Product Description

Big Hero 6 11Players can use the twenty body armor pieces to armor the six-inch BaymaxNursebot figure to transform and construct a powerful version of an eight-inch super hero ready to fight action figure. You can re-enact all your favorite moments while preparing Baymax for battle before he returns to his lovable Nursebot form. The dimensions are 3.2 X 8.7 X 8 inches with an approximate weight of a little under two pounds.

Durable and fun

Most people are surprised with this durable but fun Big Hero 8 transformable figure that is priced at very affordable rates. The form figure is well made with a plastic with a nice glossy finish and hard ABS. The sturdiness of the materials ensures you are able to enjoy playing with the figure for a long period of time. However, some people may find the back panels and belly of this Nursebot figure little thin. Nonetheless, these are still made with ABS and are very flexible that ensures the form does not break easily.

Good articulation

The articulation on the inner Nursebot including the swivel head, ball or hinge hips, and ball or hinge shoulders is good. The armor parts sometimes restrict the transformation especially when attached. You can easily rotate the arms, hips, and head to enjoy great fun and entertainment while focusing on the gimmicks. The armor up option is amazingly entertaining. All the different parts of the armor snap perfectly and are sufficiently tight to stay put but without being so tight that it becomes difficult to pull apart. Mantling and dismantling the entire figure is very simple and all you need to do is pull the belly of the Nursebot figure and rotate it by one hundred and eighty degrees. Follow the same procedure for the rear and snap the armor over the transformed figure to get your ready for battle super hero form. The armor sufficiently covers the white Nursebot form to give an amazing Big hero 8 toy.

Adorable and lovable

This Baymax figure is very adorable, lovable, and provides an excellent toy. Most people are surprised at the size because it is beyond their expectations. After transforming the Nursebot to Baymax and adding the armor, you can get a highly impressive looking toy to play.

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