Carson 60X-100X MicroMax LED Lighted Pocket Microscope (MM-200)

Carson 60X-100X MicroMax LED Lighted Pocket Microscope (MM-200)

Carson 60X-100XThe Carson 60X-100X MicroMax gives a solution for science by making a lot easier and simpler to examine things anytime and anywhere. These devices can be easily carried along with you in order to assure that you always own your microscope useful for any situation. Microscopes are constantly utilized for looking at tiny things. Ironically, most microscopes would be big and bulky but portable. People would also be enjoyed the handiness of portable microscopes during certain times. It would become even better if you can able to find one which will fit aptly in your packet. The Carson Pocket Microscope will of course solve both of these issues. As a simple device, it has simpler list of features such as:

  • Magnification 60X – 100X
  • 3 SG3 batteries needed
  • LED lighted.

Design and uses:

The magnification of the microscope will make it as a perfect option for both career field and amateur scientists to bring together with them. It is really trouble-free to examine almost all our day to day objects using the range of magnification 60x to 100x. With the help of its amazing magnification range, you could receive a closer look at hair, bugs, fabrics, razor edges, rocks and knife and even the list goes on. When it comes to design, as above mentioned the device is quite simple but still assures that you can make use of the devices easily, safely and comfortably too. Because of rubberized eyepieces which prevent out external light against entering the viewfinder, one can easily take a glance at objects from a very closer angle devoid of injuring your delicate eyes. Also, the LED light assures that you boast adequate light to analyze any objects, no matter, how dark your environment may be. Furthermore, the LED light employs little battery power which is long lasting and makes easy the viewing of objects by means of your Carson 60X-100X MicroMax LED very clearly.

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Compact size:

The size of the microscope is believed to be perfect for every science enthusiast to carry around with them while travelling as the device could easily fit into a suit coat pocket or jacket. Instead of being a big or bulky device, the Carson pocket microscope can be easily transported to assure that you never exist without your reliable and trusted microscope. The microscope is incredibly lightweight and thereby, making it effortless to carry together with you on your trip or holiday. In the place of packing a huge microscope for your hiking trip or field trip.  In fact, it not only gives you light weight to your pack yet also fit easily into any section of your bag. Hence, you can be pulled out easily and utilized in an instant. Best of all, one can find this device at an affordable price of $30.23 along with free shipping. Read more…

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