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  • Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine with 100 Built-in Stitches and Quilting Table Review

    Brother XR9500PRWBrother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine is your handy machine to sew fashion clothing at home. Whether you are a fashion designer, a beginner to operating sewing machine or you are working in a clothing company, the Brother XR9500PRW will fulfill all your sewing requirements at very affordable price. You should know that Project Runway is a television program, where contestants take part for sewing the best fashion dresses with the restriction of time, materials and guidelines competitive with each other. So you should know that Brother XR9500PRW is the best machine for such contests and it will help you a lot in sewing dresses, create the hip and fashion clothing to show in your television show so that you can win competing with others. The machine is full of all the features that are used by an experienced sewer as well as beginners.
    Whether you have to sew clothing for winning contests or you want to sew dresses for your personal use at home, for all the purposes the machine will deliver best works. Not only creating dresses that fit your style and your family style but also it gives too many fashion ideas. Read more…

    Important features:

    • 100 built-in stitches
    • Each stitch with many functions
    • 7MM stitch size
    • Sewing font for normal monogramming
    • Larger table for quilting
    • Runs on 120V AC

  • Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches, 7 styles of 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholes, Quilting Table, and Hard Cover Review

    Brother CS6000iBrother CS6000i offers many benefits over expensive sewing machines. This digital functionality sewing machine has an LCD screen, a footpadel, 60 stitches and a modifiable speed control panel. You should know the machine has the advanced features that can be found in expensive machine and if you are going to buy these expensive machine, they will cost you several times more than what you are going to pay for Brother CS6000i.
    Because it is a digital sewing machine, there are chances that you will make minimum mistakes possibly. Because of its computerized functionality, the machine lasts for long time with 100% reliability. Also, doing your sewing works without any errors, you can expect good outcome because of Brother CS6000i. Most of the errors are automatically reported by the machine to correct them. For example, if you are make a buttonhole and you set up the parts wrongly, the screen will display the error message so that you know that you are doing something wrong and you can correct your errors which result in saving lots of times and not going through hurdles. At the time of changing stitches, the machine will automatically ask which presser foot to use. These features are really amazing features with Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine with 60 Built-In Stitches. Brother CS6000i comes with 7 styles of one-step auto-size buttonholes where quilting table and hard cover are included with the purchase of this sewing machine. Read more…

  • Top Janome Sewing Machines Reviews – 2212 8077 Computerized vs HD1000 Magnolia 7318

    Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

    Janome Sewing Machines Reviews 2212According to the Janome Sewing Machines Reviews by users on Amazon, Janome 2212 Sewing Machine comes with very basic functionality so that a new user can easily operate this machine. This is not a computerized machine, yet it has some advanced features that make your sewing works more convenient compared to other expensive and complicated machines. If you are looking for a latest machine with required features according to demand of time, Janome 2212 will fulfill your needs. The 2212 can also be a great modern sewing machine to replace your older one. You get all the required features with this entry level machine at very reasonable price. Janome 2012 has 12 built-in stitches and 4 steps buttonhole. The convenient dial lets you choose stitches very easily.
    Jenome 2012 with its excellent features along with arm-sewing, drop-feed features, the machine can handle all types of clothing to convert in modern and fashion dresses. You should know that the machine has 12 stitches which are very helpful for apparel and crafting. As I said above, if you are a beginner then it is perfect for you.

    Important features:

    • 12 built-in stitches
    • 4-step buttonhole
    • Turn Dial Stitch Selection
    • Compact size
    • Front loading bobbin
    • Capability to free-arm sewing
    • 860 stitches/minute speed
    • Convenient and manual tension control
    • Thread cutter

    With the purchase of Janome 2012 sewing machine, you will also get its accessories such as foot control, sewing foot, zipper foot, sliding buttonhole foot, bobbin, screw driver and needles.
    The Janome 2012 comes with complete instructional manual, you should refer to the manual which will work for a complete tutorial and you won’t find any problem in sewing independently. Read more…

    Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine with 30 Built-In Stitches

    Janome 8077 ComputerizedJanome 8077 is a user friendly sewing machine with lots of useful features at reasonable price. The 2077 comes with 30 built-in stitches; each stitch has the size of 7MM length and 5MM width. There is no problem in selecting stitches as they are built in basic functionality. You can use almost all kinds of stitches for the purpose of garment construction, quilting, decorative sewing etc. The Janome 8077 has 6 styles and one-step buttonholes. You are able to control top thread tension as per your sewing requirements.
    With other sewing machine, you have to adjust many settings before you start the work, the settings can be , binding the bobbin, pulling up the bobbin thread, fitting the thread into the machine, testing the top thread tension, needle threading and many other tasks depending on the model of the sewing machine based on Janome sewing machines reviews on Amazon. But Janome 8077 is a digital machine; it has an easy threading functionality which is handled by a push button so it eliminates lots of manual works to start working on your sewing project quickly which results in good output.

    Main features:

    • Easy threading capability
    • Self- bobbin winder
    • Drop-in jam-foot bobbin top-loading system
    • Flat top thread delivery
    • Easy one-button control
    • Sliding speed control
    • Clear LED display
    • Free-arm sewing
    • 4 snap-on presser feet

    Janome 8077 is a medium-level sewing machine to fulfill all your sewing needs without spending too much money. The machine offers easy threading and needle adjustment memory button with varities of stitches to choose from. Read more…

    Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine with 14 Built-In Stitches

    Janome HD1000Janome HD1000 Sewing Machine is one of the best sewing machines which deliver great result at very reasonable price. The Janome HD1000 is a modern machine equipped lots of features that you can use according to day-to-day sewing demand. The heavy duty HD1000 is sturdy enough which result in long durability without any doubts. The machine comes with bunch of automatic features making it an advanced machine without complicating the sewing processes. Now you can assign even difficult task to the machine and it will handle all those difficult tasks without taking much time because of its digital functions.
    The machine comes with lightweight frame and heavy duty motor built in strong structure to deliver reliability. The aluminum lightweight frame is also very sturdy to handle any types of fabrics. The Janome HD1000 is built in portable outfit so that you can transport it anywhere you want and you can take it anywhere you go. The machine comes with 14 built-in advanced stitches including utility and stretch stitches with a four-step buttonholer. The too high presser foot offers stitching on thick materials through several layers. The arm has extra space which is very helpful for handling lengthy and bulky fabrics. You have to sew outdoor canvas tents, windows or sofa covers, you won’t get any problems at all if you arm the machine with a 16 No. needle with strong thread. Read more…

    Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine

    Janome Magnolia 7318Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine is very user friendly and convenient to use with lots of features. According to the popularity of Janome Magnolia 7318, it is one of the top sewing machine all over the world. Janome produces only the best quality machines at competitive prices in the market and it delivers 100% satisfaction when it comes to the performance. The company designs only those sewing machine which are durable enough and they are easy to use, if you are beginner to using sewing machine then you can find it very helpful from all points of views. It allows you to control stitch selection based on adjustment knobs. The machine comes with 18 built-in stitches excluding straight stitches and 4-step buttonholer. If you remove the extension arm, the machine can easily be converted from a horizontal mode to a free-arm machine. The Magnolia 7318 offers both thread tensions, automatic as well as manual. The machine is perfect for all your craft related projects instead of using it for quilting, garments, home decor and embroidery.

    Main features:

    • 0-4MM stitch length adjustment
    • 4-step manual button hole system
    • Top loading bobbin
    • Free-arm to flat conversion
    • Tension dial adjustment
    • Convenient stitch selection knob
    • Fast reverse button
    • Replaces the Janome DC2012
    • Automatic bobbin winder

    Accessory includes zipper foot, blind hemming stitch foot, sliding buttonhole foot needles, bobbins, screw-driver, lint-brush, seam-ripper, large and small spool holders, extra spool pin, felt cushion, foot control cord and extension tray. Read more…

  • Baby Lock Sewing Machine Reviews – Brother PQ1500S vs 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger

    Brother PQ1500S High Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine

    Baby Lock Sewing Machine ReviewsBrother PQ1500S High Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine is built for serious quilters but many of its features are covered broadly to give benefit of size, speed and power from Brother PQ1500S. Main thing about this Quilting and Sewing Machine is price, YES it is reasonably priced. You can find Brother PQ1500S as small Juki TL98Q with few minor differences YET it is too affordable compared to other similar Quilting and Sewing Machines.
    The machine is capable to handle many types of fabrics so that it can overcome difficult hand-lings such as velvet, leather and suede. Because of the special fabric feeding advancements, those fabrics with plush nap won’t be marred by the presser feet. This kind of special feature can only be found with the machines produced under brand name of Brother. Brother PQ1500S will help you a lot if you are handling some special tasks such as ‘free motion quilting’, ‘high speed machine quilting’, ‘cyclic straight stitching’, or ‘working on a big project’ apart from using this machine for basic sewing requirements. Brother PQ1500S is an easy and one stitch machine, the machine was not built to sew fancy clothing but it was built for productivity, larger output because of its high speed nature. It has 7 MM of highest stitch length; the long 7 mm straight stitch functionality can also be used fr basic sewing and quilting requirements. The Brother PQ1500S offers 8 screw-in presser feet. The screwdriver notions provide convenient way for adjusting feet while sewing.
    The PQ1500S sewing machine is very useful in the situation where you have to deal with issues that you normally face with other machines, you can attach many fabrics together, these are time taking works that eat lots your time but with PQ1500S, you won’t get such issues. Read more…

    Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with Easy Lay In Threading with Differential Feed

    Brother 1034DBrother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger is an easy to learn machine. At first, Brother 1034D can be difficult but when you practice, you can easily learn how to operate and how to meet all your sewing needs. Brother 1034D is a basic as well as a great machine with convenient and advanced features and very affordable price with great user ratings. Thinking that you won’t get any kinds of difficulties, the machine comes pre-threaded, color-coded thread guides with an effective instructional CD. You don’t have to go anywhere, if you get any problem as you have everything that you need as you have the instructional CD, just refer to the CD before you start using Brother 1034D and you will be guided in the right direction.
    Main thing about this Brother 1034D serger is it doesn’t have any tension issues. If you are investing money for buying such kinds of machines, you may be afraid of tension issues as it is the biggest thing for sewing related stuffs. Luckily, you don’t get any tension issues at all. I have read many serger reviews on Amazon, users are happy with it, there is no complaint of inconsistent tension or related issues. The machine is very effective for handling different kinds of fabrics such as silk, fake fur etc. The main thing is replacing the threads, as it can be the greatest challenge for some users who didn’t do such things in past or who didn’t learn it. As it is not an automatic threading serger so you need to learn how to replace the threads. According to many users based on their reviews, it requires replacing the thread after 3 uses. However, you have many learning materials such as pre-color coding, instructional video, and many YouTube videos , these learning sources will guide you a lot to play with such stuffs and you won’t require any big additional help as you can do thread replacement yourself. Apart from Brother 1034D is easy to use because of its effective tension knobs and controls, it is also very easy to clean and you need to keep cleaning periodically to get better performance from this serger. It is being a basic 3-4 thread over-lock machine; it handles sewing up to thirteen hundreds stitches/minute. At the same time in sewing process, the LED lights help illuminating the work area. Read more…

  • Treadmill Reviews 2014 – Proform 505 CST vs LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding

    Proform 505 CST Treadmill

    Proform 505 CST Treadmill reviewsProform 505 CST Treadmill comes with excellent features for giving quick results according to Treadmill Reviews by users on Amazon. The machine also works with iFit Live Technology and delivers workouts powered by Google Maps with self-speed and incline controls. The exercise machine has ProShox Lite 3 cushioning and convenient QuickSpeed and Quick-Incline controls with fifteen exercise apps, a well-matched music port for your MP3 player. And it comes with 25-year of motor warranty.
    As the CST Treadmill uses ProShox Lite 3 Cushioning which helps maximize your joint protection with the comfort and innovation of this technology? It is built in space saving format to give you much space to stretch. The double-grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor works excellently to monitor your heart rate with the help of its handlebar sensors to make sure you are going in the right direction to achieve your fitness goals. If you managed to buy iFit Live wireless adapter which is sold separately then you will be able to take benefit of this device as it is powered by Google maps, training with Jillian Michaels with automatic speed and incline controls. You are able to tailor individual training program, you are also able to choose online course for training purposes. As your work progresses, your output is recorded with which you can manage your online activities. Other excellent features are six-inch backlit display, fifteen workout apps, compatible music port for iPod, intermix acoustics 2.0 sound system, 2.25 chp mach z motor, 0 to 10% fast incline control, large treadbelt, 0-10 mph fast speed control, weight 300 pounds, 25 years of motor warranty with one year of parts and labor warranty, dimensions: 70 x 34 x 59.5 inches. Read more…

    LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill

    LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill ReviewLifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill is a long lasting and reliable treadmill with excellent features. The LifeSpan TR1200i helps you a lot in walking, jogging, or running without any fears. This stylish treadmill has convenient handlebar controls to control speed and incline without ever removing your hands from the handlebars. Consequently, you can run or walk without fear of losing your focus with high level of balance. The machine uses 2.5 H motor, 2.5-inche front rollers a spacious 20-by-56-inch running surface and a sound deck suspension system to support people weighing up to 300 pounds. Most importantly, you can easily track your performance as it automatically records your exercise activities. Once your information is recorded, you can easily upload it to your online LifeSpan Fitness account. After uploading your data to your LifeSpan Fitness Club Account, you can easily get access to all the workouts programs and extended reports of your workouts and health performance. The digital LCD console is located at the center of LifeSpan Treadmill offering you many things such as exercise programs for your successful fitness goals. The clear HD display tells you your personal information such as time spent, calories, distance, heart rate, speed and incline level and many others. Apart from all these, the console gives you seventeen fixed exercise programs helping your change your workout routine which is very important to the exercising person to get in proper shape. All the programs of TR1200i are prepared by workout physiologists to ensure safety at the same time the programs motivate you as they are grouped by exercise motivation, you are able to easily choose the programs that is right for you. Each programs has twenty different segments, each segment with its own speed and inline level set to achieve your fitness goals.
    Apart from the preset programs, the TR1200i provides you 2 My Zone heart rate monitor programs and 2 individual programs. The MY Zone Constant program maintains the heart rate at a normal level to use your heart rate as a fitness tool. On the other hand, the My Zone Interval program allows you enter your own lowest and greatest number of heart rate. As you keep exercising, the speed and incline feature will routinely manage to keep your heart rate at the chosen level. According to the contrast, the custom programs are fully adaptable to your chosen workout formula. Means you can personalize the program according to your exercising needs and you can use those 20 programs for future exercise as per treadmill reviews and ratings by users.
    You also get membership to the LifeSpan Fitness Club on the purchase of LifeSpan TR1200i Treadmill. Its all the health management programs are managed by Interactive Health partner allowing you chose exercise programs, track and mange your fitness and health results at the same time you will be getting motivating support as you work toward achieving your fitness goals. Read more…