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  • Robinair 34988 Premium Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling and Recharging Machine Review

    Robinair 34988 Premium Refrigerant Recovery ReviewFor fast, reliable and simple to operate. It is ruggedly built and will give you years of performance. This machine recovers ninety five percent of the refrigerant and recharge to within half an ounce. This meets the SAEJ2788 standards for the recovery and recycling refrigerants. Some of the advanced features include the automatic injection of UV dye and vacuum leak test in addition to the other useful features like a large tool storage space and large LCD display. There is also the most handy database that covers almost all models of cars. Its database has the specification as to the air-conditioning system of a particular car. All the technicians have to do is select the correct settings and programs, and let the machine do its work.
    This Robinair 34988 is also able to save all information for future reference. You can also print before and after service data to provide to your customer. Another advanced feature is the oil recovery sensor which calculates the oil recovered and injects back the same amount of lubricant oil back into the system. Also, there is the flushing feature that flushes a vehicle’s air-conditioning system with refrigerant which eliminates any residuals or other liquid contaminants. There is a built in alarm to sound when there is a problem with the process or when it has completed its job. Robinair 34988 Premium Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling and Recharging Machine advanced features ensure an environmentally and user-friendly machine which helps us preserve and protect mother nature. Read more…