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If you are going to buy baby products then there are many places where you can buy easily, if I talk about Amazon then it is very secure place to buy baby related products.

  • Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Sealed Ends (2.6 oz) Colors may vary

    Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed EndsThe Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Sealed Ends (2.6 ounces) delivers the best performance when it comes to repairing problematic hair. If you are having annoying hair (damaged or bleached), this product will help a lot. The Bonacure hair repair product consists of CuraTec Proteins, Amino-acid Glycine and other related elements to treat split or broken ends. Using this Bonacure Repair Sealed Ends, you can easily provide softness, and your hair will be free from dryness and the brittle ends. It is advised to use small amount of this product to apply in your wet or dry hair. When you are applying the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Sealed Ends, please smooth from the bottom to top of the hair with your fingertips. As this product delivers the best result to treat all the common hair problems, so it will remain in the market for ever. The Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Sealed Ends does wonderful works without any doubts. No matter you are black or white women, as soon as you apply this product in your hair, you will feel sufficient softness and wetness in your hair. Read more…

  • Levana Keera PTZ Baby Video Monitor (32012)

    Levana Keera PTZLevana Keera PTZ Baby Video Monitor (32012) is the top most brand of baby monitor. The Keera monitor helps to trace out the child’s activity when unattended. It supports the parent to keep an eye on their child when they are away from their room. This monitor provides live video of the baby in the crib. The camera can easily fix in the wall wherever required. The camera is featured with PTZ function which means pan/ Tilt/ Zoom function which facilitates easy access to recording, capturing photos of the baby in different direction. The camera can give a view of 300 degree horizontally and 110 degree vertically. The video monitor provides greater zooming effect of the picture. It acts as a spy for our baby to catch the movement they are making. The monitor has 3 added cameras to watch 4 areas of the home.

    The video monitor is accessed through remote control device. The control panels are of having feather touch facility. It helps to quick access of the menu items. The menu icons are devised in such a way to attract the user. The screen lock option is also possible to lock the control panel when not in use. They can be customized as per the user’s need. The valuable moment can be recorded using the Levana Keera PTZ Baby Video Monitor (32012). The storage capacity of the memory card is 2GB microSD. This memory card storage is easily read into the pc or laptop for future remembrances.

    The screen size is about 3.5” with battery stability for 24hrs.The other superior function is PEEP (power on- off energy efficient picture) mode. This mode resembles the sleep mode and it is set to save battery when there is pin drop silent in the home. If the baby screams or peep the camera gets activated to normal mode and steals all the moments of the baby. It provides Two-way communication between baby and the parent. The parent can talk to baby and settle them from any uncomfortability. It acts like an intercom to communicate with the child whenever needed. The camera has a special facility to react for the baby’s action.

    It recognizes the baby’s voice and indicates the sound to parent by changing the colour of the indicator. There are 6 colors to indicate the sound of the baby. For murmuring it shows green colour, for yelling red colour, for whispering blue colour, for chattering orange colour and if it is disconnected it shows pink colour. It has an adjustable sensitivity feature according to the volume of the voice.

    Keera means dark. This name reveals its attribute. It means even in dark also it gives best picture of the baby. It uses LED light which is not visible to the user. It covers up to 12feet in the dark. The clearVu technology provides excellent precision and clarity to the picture up to 750ft away. So the user can relax and not to worry about their baby wherever they are in the home. Read more…

  • LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System

    Getting the minds moving

    For all the kids aged between three years and eight years, LeapFrog offers LeapTV, which is an educational active video game developed to help them get their bodies and minds moving. With this amazing game, children are able to learn to read. Moreover, they are taught about different concepts in mathematics, science, and also helps develop problem solving capabilities. The game can be played in three easy ways, which include the classic control, pointer play, and the body motion and the transforming controller can be worked in two ways.

    Product inclusions

    LeapFrog LeapTVThe entire game includes the HDMI cable, in built Wi Fi or Ethernet port to allow downloads, console, AC power adapter, transforming controller with wrist strap, 16GB memory, mount, motion sensing camera and camera cord. This game is compatible with over one hundred LeapFrog educator approved cartridges, videos, and game downloads. This large number of options ensures the kids never run out of entertainment or fall short of things that they can learn about.

    Video gaming becomes smarter

    With LeapTV, video gaming just got smarter. This active educational video gaming system is able to develop various skills and improve their capabilities. They are able to develop and learn motion skills as they dance and jump during the innovative and engaging curriculum. The games commence at age appropriate options to be suitable to their grade levels and support the development of the children. As the child grows older, the curriculum is adjusted providing the most appropriate challenges to him or her. The controller’s hint button ensures children can always get help when needed and take help from the tutorials to overcome any hurdle. The tutorials are beneficial in teaching the children underlying concepts that help the children acquire the understanding needed to progress through the levels.

    Three ways

    In the body motion play mode, the camera captures the movements of the child without needing any controller. They run, hop, and dance to the guide Disney Sofia through an obstacle course helping develop reading capabilities. In the sports series, they improve math capabilities by waving their arms in order to defend goals, scuba dive, or karate chop. The pointer play takes the game to another level. The use of this pointer is simple because it is designed for children. As the kids swivel the controller with an easy click, they acquire the pointer instantly to snap jungle vines or slice through the coconuts. The classic control offers the kids entertainment at their fingertips. They can press either button A or B for fast gaming experience or shake/tilt the controller to race in the Kart Racing game, solve various puzzles with favorite Disney characters.

    Large library

    The original superior quality games provide the children an active gaming option and the educational videos increase their learning in a fun-filled environment. They can learn through a vast curriculum in various skills, such as math, reading, problem solving, and science. Read more…

  • Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue – Total Repair Treatment – 6.8 oz

    Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair RescueThe Scwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Treatment is ideal for broken or problematic hair. The Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue treat from the within, at the same time it provides stable result in strengthening the hair. After use of at least one month, your hair will be healthier and stronger than before with required shining and softness. The badly damaged hair may need multiple treatments to remove the problem from the root. You just need to use just few drops that will do the work to give shiny and textural effect. The product is very helpful to get rid of frizzies and other related things from the hair, and it maintains your hair styles, so very small amount of application everyday will keep your hair shiny all the time. Also, if you are habitual of going to salon, it will be costing you too much, why to spend too much money, if you get the solution in just few $$. If you are looking a simple method of having good look of your hair, give it a try, this product will also work those people who have dyed their hair many time. Read more…

  • Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5″ Hiro Action Figures

    Transform your favorite figure

    The Big Hero 8 Armor-Up Baymax Action Figure is a six-inch figure with armor pieces that can transform the Baymax into an eight-inch figure with a fourteen-inch wing span. The figure allows you to transform your favorite character V Baymax from the Big Hero Disney series from the normal white Nursebot form into the crime fighter super hero form. It is a great way to have fun while you repeatedly transform the figure as you reenact the various favorite and memorable moments. The kit comprises twenty pieces that you must use to construct the figure. The assembly is quick, simple, and easy and does not create any difficulties.

    Product Description

    Big Hero 6 11Players can use the twenty body armor pieces to armor the six-inch BaymaxNursebot figure to transform and construct a powerful version of an eight-inch super hero ready to fight action figure. You can re-enact all your favorite moments while preparing Baymax for battle before he returns to his lovable Nursebot form. The dimensions are 3.2 X 8.7 X 8 inches with an approximate weight of a little under two pounds.

    Durable and fun

    Most people are surprised with this durable but fun Big Hero 8 transformable figure that is priced at very affordable rates. The form figure is well made with a plastic with a nice glossy finish and hard ABS. The sturdiness of the materials ensures you are able to enjoy playing with the figure for a long period of time. However, some people may find the back panels and belly of this Nursebot figure little thin. Nonetheless, these are still made with ABS and are very flexible that ensures the form does not break easily.

    Good articulation

    The articulation on the inner Nursebot including the swivel head, ball or hinge hips, and ball or hinge shoulders is good. The armor parts sometimes restrict the transformation especially when attached. You can easily rotate the arms, hips, and head to enjoy great fun and entertainment while focusing on the gimmicks. The armor up option is amazingly entertaining. All the different parts of the armor snap perfectly and are sufficiently tight to stay put but without being so tight that it becomes difficult to pull apart. Mantling and dismantling the entire figure is very simple and all you need to do is pull the belly of the Nursebot figure and rotate it by one hundred and eighty degrees. Follow the same procedure for the rear and snap the armor over the transformed figure to get your ready for battle super hero form. The armor sufficiently covers the white Nursebot form to give an amazing Big hero 8 toy.

    Adorable and lovable

    This Baymax figure is very adorable, lovable, and provides an excellent toy. Most people are surprised at the size because it is beyond their expectations. After transforming the Nursebot to Baymax and adding the armor, you can get a highly impressive looking toy to play.

  • Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack: Basic blocks and rack a stack

    Baby’s First Blocks

    The Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks come in ten colorful easy to hold and grasp blocks. The bucket provided with this package ensures the blocks can be easily stored in one place without losing these. Moreover, the bucket can be carried around without any difficulties. The five different shapes and shape sorting lid allows babies to develop early identification skills and works as an interactive learning tool.

    Basic Rack a stack

    Fisher-PriceThe basic rack a stack comes in bright shiny colors and swirling beads that help to stimulate the visual development in babies. When the babies try to place the rings on the post, it helps in improving hand-eye coordination. The babies are able to learn differentiating among colors and various sizes of the rings. As the babies’ rock and bat the toy, it enhances gross motor skill and the hands-on activity is useful in strengthening the sense of touch among them.

    Skills development

    All babies enjoy the fun and repetitive process of putting the blocks and rings in and out. Babies enjoy stacking the rings or putting the blocks one by one and then are excited to dump these out and again repeat the process. All this time when they are enjoying themselves, the continuous activity is beneficial in improving important developmental skills like eye-hand coordination, problem solving capabilities, and thinking abilities.

    Early learning opportunity

    Exposing your baby to the basic blocks and rack a stack is an entertaining way to extend their play to an early opportunity to learn. Babies can be introduced to different colors, shapes, and sizes as you play along with them. Moreover, you can teach them counting skills as they put the blocks in the right slot or place the right ring on the post. As the babies grow and are able to accept little bigger challenges, the shape sorter lid can be fitted on the bucket top to encourage them to sort and match the right shapes to the appropriate slot. The various sized openings entice the baby to match the block to the opening and fit them correctly. When all the shapes are sorted and rings placed on the post, these can be inverted and dumped to repeat the entire process.

    Product details

    The basic block set weighs about fifteen and half pounds while the rack a stack is about ten pounds heavy. Both these are appropriate for children who are six months old to kids ages up to three years. The quality of these products is excellent and parents can be assured of no harm being caused to their babies even if they put the blocks in their mouth or chew on the rings. The plastic is of an excellent quality and does not contain any harmful chemicals or paints, which can pose health hazards to your baby. Parents can get good value for money because the babies can graduate to difficult levels as they grow older. When your baby plays with these toys, he or she is developing counting skills, motor development capabilities, and improves their hand-eye coordination. Read more…


  • Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner 6.8 oz.

    Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray ConditionerThe Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray conditioner (6.8 ounces) is a great product to manage dampness in hair. The product is prepared in a dual-action structure that treats hurt and dried hair by managing the moisture level. The Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner gives softness to fragile hair so that you can easily comb, and hear will be fit all the time. Of course, the Schwarzkopf hair product will give you rehydrated hair for every. There are many users of this product who say that they are very thankful to this Moisture Kick Spray product as it helped them a lot. Please make sure that if you try to straighten your hair by using any low quality product, or you don’t have much knowledge of hair care, you may experience dryness in your hair, and it may harm your hair a lot. This leave-on moisture kick conditioner from Schwarzkopf is an excellent product to treat all your hair related problems that comes @ very affordable price to buy from Amazon. Read more…

  • Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreen SPF 50 6 oz

    Sunscreen for your baby Protection:

    Babyganics Mineral-BasedBabyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreen SPF 50 6 oz. is made to protect the soft and delicate skin of the new born. This is utilized to maintain the natural softness of the baby’s soft skin. This item is prepared from all the organize materials. Nevertheless, it is very appropriate for your small one. You can be assured that your baby’s skin is protected when while making use of this item. This product is very important for your baby. He/she will not face any sun related trouble if you apply the mineral based sunscreen on their skin. This sunscreen does not have any dangerous toxic or chemical material which will cause any kind of injure toy your infant. They are not made of harmful chemicals, fragrances, artificial colors or other chemicals.

    This product is tearing free and does not cause any allergy to your baby. It is obtainable in many shapes, and you can go for the one you like. The product is very skin friendly. It is particularly made for smaller babies. Your child will feel protected after applying this cream. You can without nay tension move out with your small baby. The smell is amazing. Your baby will be happy with this product. It is the finest choice for your small infant.

    Features of Babyganics sunscreen:

    This product is good for the skin. It is prepared out of various ingredients based on organic plants. The non-allergic formula utilized in this item makes it logically moderate on the skin. It is safe for all kinds of skin. This is prepared from natural material that aids to support as well as nurture your baby’s skin. This product is very natural as well as easily affordable for everyone. This commodity is dermatologist tested one. This provides protection for your infant. Read more…

  • Babyganics Baby Bubble Bath: Safe bubble bath for your baby

    Bathing shampoo for your baby:

    Babyganics 3x Baby Laundry DetergentThe Babyganics baby bubble bath is made keeping in mind the protection and care of your newborn. This is used to preserve the natural barrier protection of your baby’s delicate skin. This product is made from natural ingredients. However, making it suitable for your little one, you can be rest assured while using this product. This is very safe for your small child and your infant will not have to face any trouble, while using it. This body wash does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxic substances that will cause harm to your baby. They do not contain harmful chemicals, artificial colors, fragrances, mineral oil or any other chemical.

    You can use to clean your baby’s hands, feet, legs and hair. This not only cleans your baby, but also moisturizes your newborns skin. This product is available in different shapes, and you can opt for any as per your requirements. This product is skin friendly. It is specially made keeping in mind the soft skin of your child. Your baby will feel better after having bath with this fantastic bubble bath. This provides your baby with natural and calming fragrances. It can be the best and safe choice for your baby.

    Features of Babyganics baby bubble bath:

    This is made out of natural NeoNourish seed oil blend, which helps to support and nurture your newborns skin. This product is hundred percent natural and easily affordable for all. This product is never trusted with animals. This provides care and protection for your baby. These are available in cute bottles with beautiful prints. Read more…

  • Enfamil Expecta Multivitamin 30 Count, and DHA Dietary Supplement 30 Count

    Enfamil Expecta Multivitamin 30 CountEnfamil Expecta Multivitamin 30 Count, and DHA Dietary Supplement 30 Count, for the Expectant and tending mothers, total 60 Count

    • Helps development of baby’s brain during prenatal period
    • This prenatal supplement multivitamin and DHA dietary supplement is complete support to compensate the dietary demands for the expectant as well as breastfeeding moms
    • The supplement with DHA and choline support your  baby’s development
    • 100% folic acid helps supporting brain and development of central nervous system.
    • Offers great digestive relieve for the non fish basis of DHA with lemon added to it.
    • The Mercury free Enfamil Expecta Multivitamin 30 Count and DHA Dietary Supplement 30 Count assured relieve for the pregnant mother.

    If you want to capture the rare chance of having the product now, even in low price, rush now to the shops or buy online. Read more…

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