• Zoomer Dino

    Zoomer DinoSince the kids would want to have a pet at the early age and if the parents are finding it to be not feasible at times, due to the various factors that control their decision. In such cases, they can arrive at a win-win situation with the Boomer – The Zoomer Dino product that tend to act as the real animal to ensure that they would be seen as a live pet by the kids. The best thing is that this particular toy that is like a real Tyrannosaur Rex that also has a pair of huge jabbing jaws and they tend to showcase their moods through their eyes that are expressive. The color of the eyes tend to change based on the various activities that the dino is involved in, so as to ensure that the kids and their parents would know what is to be done with it and the various things that have to be avoided in a proper manner.


    It is necessary for the persons who have the animal pets to teach and train their animals to learn the ways of their lives. There are simple tricks that can be taught to the dogs and even the cats with the necessary meticulousness and the right inputs and motivating factors for the users. Even though this is a doll, it is easy for the persons who have been its owners to realize that they are able to achieve the best results in terms of training it to do several tricks of their choice. Since the animals tend to know the feel of the touch of the owners and behave differently with individuals, the Boomer – TheZoomer Dino also comes with the various such features.


    Everyone would know that these huge dinosaurs are bipeds, just like humans and therefore, they would need to balance their bodies very well. It is necessary for the owners of this particular special green dinosaur to realize that the usage of the most effective True Balance Technology has led the pet dino to ensure to stand erect as much as possible, spin around its legs, move around and even follow its favorite owners. Such higher order of mobility and greater stability also leads to it to follow the persons and to play with them by running around and even play-catch them.


    When the dinosaur tends to get angry, they would cause the ruckus in the place that they are. Owing to their huge mouths, it is easy to imagine that they would go about chomping the places around them and cause the riots in the house. However, he tends to come under control with the gentle patting on his snout and pet him in a proper manner to make him the ideal pet for kids above 5 years of age. Read more…

  • LEGO Bricks & More 10662 Creative Bucket

    Let your creativity loose

    This LEGO set features several elements that allow you to build a zoo and the classic house and farm theme creations. You can use these different elements to create buildings, animals, vehicles, and many more things. The set also includes three hundred and twenty-one rare bright blue colored LEGO elements to help you let your creativity run loose. All these can be easily stored in the sturdy and reusable brick storage bucket available with this set. Building the various things is very simple especially with the easy to follow instructions and guidelines provided with the set. Moreover, there are numerous options that help you build great and amazing inspirational ideas.

    Product Description

    LEGO BricksThe dimensions of this product are 8.9 X 10.9 X 8.9 inches with an approximate weight of a little over two pounds. The LEGO creative basket includes over six hundred brightly colored elements offering you with unlimited options to be creative and have unlimited fun while you build some inspirational themes. You can create houses and play with these, along with zoos or farms to make it more entertaining and fun. The elements include decorated face and eye bricks and wheels giving people unlimited possibilities to build and create. To add to the fun, you can take help from the inspirational guideline and instructions booklet.

    Product inclusions

    The LEGO creative basket has more than sixty-nine rare blue elements making it very entertaining and creative. There is a fairly good assortment of several pieces, which include 2 X 2, 2 X 4, 2 X 6, and 2 X 8. Although most people buy the creative set for young children, the amazing collection of rare and amazing elements makes it fun even for grown up adults because it is beyond all expectations and standards. The entire set is an amazing buy especially at the affordable price.

    Good starter kit

    This creative basket is one the best starter kits that is available in the current times. The set comprises all the pieces that are required to make an amazing creation. There are few not needed pieces, such as the rotating square steering wheel or the build your own LEGO person. This entire kit is very suitable to create different kinds of buildings and animals especially with the amazing instructions booklet provided with this set. The kit comprises only a single pair of wheels and axles, which may not be enough if you want to create space ships or army tanks fleet.

    Stimulates the senses

    Some of the users complain of the bricks cracking only after using the kit for a short time. However, most people are sufficiently satisfied with the quality of the elements and will last for a long period. The creative basket is great especially for people who love creating random things. The set is an excellent way to stimulate the senses, enhance your creativity because you do not have to follow a pre-determined set of design or theme. Read more…


  • Classic Connect Game

    Product Description

    This classic connect 4 game is excellent disc dropping fun and you can choose between yellow and red discs. The objective is to make four grids to become the winner. The entire package comprises one grid, twenty-one yellow and red discs each, two legs, a slider bar, and an instruction booklet. You can challenge your friend in this strategy game to create some intense competition. All you have to do is line the discs and win the game. It is an entertaining, simple, and quick way to spend hours during the holiday season.

    Four in a row

    Connect 4 GameWhile playing this classic connect game, you need to go up, sideways, and diagonally to create four in a row to win. Players can commence at the center or the edges to make the four row winning strategy. You can stack the yellow or red discs side by side, in a diagonal way, or vertically to have four in a row. In addition to getting your four in a row, you need to make moves that allow you to block your opponents from getting there. You can play all the three grids connect games to crush out all your competitors.

    Choose your game

    The classic connect 4 game can be played in three ways. First is the classic style where you move the yellow and red discs in such a way to create four in a row either vertically, sideways, or diagonally. The connect 4 frenzy commences at ready, set, and drop followed by complete fun way of free for everyone discs flying in various slots. In this version, both players drop the discs simultaneously with one hand to reach the four in a row winning move. The third option is when you either choose to drop the disc within the grid or remove one from the bottom with the pop up feature providing new strategies and challenges.

    Modern entertainment

    This connect grid game takes the traditional version a little further providing more exciting ways to play in a more modern style to enhance your entertainment and enjoyment. The amazingly cool colors and new choices to play the game will keep you playing the gird game for several hours. The new improved pop up feature allows you to remove a disc from the last row of the grid to modify the above sequence. This is an excellent strategy to help you move towards your win or block your opponent from winning.

    Appropriate for everyone

    Gaming is loved by children and adults in all parts of the world. In modern times, individuals are provided with various options to play and enjoy their favorite games. This classic connect grid game has been and continues to be one of the most popular games enjoyed by people globally. The product includes twenty-one red and yellow discs, grid, two feet, labeling sheet, and instructions guide. The dimensions are 2.1 X 10.5 X 10.5 inches with an approximate weight of little over fifteen pounds. 

  • LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75056

    Daily festivity with LEGO City Advent

    As you begin to count the days before Christmas, you can commence the festivity by enjoying building adventure the LEGO City Advent Calendar. The package comes with seven different assorted types of accessories, which includes Santa, a little boy, a cook, two policemen, and a young girl. So now you can send the little boy to post his letter to Santa or have the cook create a huge Christmas feast. You can also enjoy exchanging gifts around the Christmas tree.

    Other inclusions

    The package also includes duck, dinner table served with roast turkey, a catapult containing three snowballs, tricycle, and dog with a bone, two Christmas gifts, and a police scooter with a sled. Other accessories include a cookie, ice skates, a letter, Santa’s sack, megaphone, croissant, bag, handcuffs, plate of banknotes, Christmas decorations, and a cup. All these different inclusions allow you to create your own daily new adventure until the holiday.

    Product Details

    LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75056The dimensions are 15 X 10.3 X 2.8 inches with total package weight of approximately fourteen ounces. All the various figures and people are roughly two inches high and the animals are about 1 1/8” high. Displaying the City Advent is very easy and all you have to do is open the back flap to create the flooring making the box the advent calendar where individuals are able to open each door to create the full scene. You can open the box on the first day in December and continue opening one door to create the mini build holiday season scene. LEGO has released this product is different themes, which also include Star Wars version and Friends in addition to the City Advent.

    Star Wars Advent Calendar

    This package comprises twenty-four doors that can be opened every day during the month of December to ring in the Christmas spirit. The box comes with seven and three droids that includes an exclusive holiday-based miniature figure. The different vehicles included in this set are Jedi Star Fighter, Luke’s Land Speeder, AV-7 Anti Vehicle Cannon, Snow Speeder, AAT, Vulture Droid, and the TIE Fighter. In addition the set comprises a fold-out play mate, an Imperial Shuttle, and a Christmas Speeder Bike. Every fan of any of the Star Wars galaxies will have fun with this cool theme based gift that enables them to enact hilarious Hoth-based scenes.

    Other Details

    This Star Wars theme LEGO set weighs about fourteen pounds with dimensions admeasuring 15 X 10.3 X 2.8 inches. This product makes a perfect Christmas gifts especially for those who are big fans of the Star Wars galaxies. The set comprises everything; Christmas, Star Wars, and Lego making it an absolutely perfect gift. Unlike some of the previous calendars released in prior holiday seasons, this set does not have any of the last-minute thought about fillers. It is easy to build though can be a little tricky for young children. Read more…

  • Activision Skylanders Giants Single Character Pack Core Series 2 Hex

    Well, Hex was my the most first non-start Skylander and she is the one I can not assist but I really love and coddle and play the most. The person is one bad ass sorceress!


    Hex’s speed appears to have really improved from the time of last game. She is still not exactly a speed demon but does move considerably quicker.

    Primary Attack

    I would like to ask you what would be an undead sorceress be if she can not conjure up some phantom orbs? And I would say that it is the main attack of Hex, firing off phantom orbs from her palms. It is not like most primary attacks that actually you see which may be upgraded to be fired off at  fast speed, they could be used fast one by one right off the bat also at a very lower level they deal a decent amount of damage with fundamental upgrade.

    Activision Skylanders Giants Single Character Pack Core Series 2 Hex