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  • World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Expansion – PC/Mac

    World of WarcraftEven though there are millions people using Playstation and other kind of gaming console to satisfy their needs of gaming, there are still a number of people using the basic computers and laptops for playing games. It is an amazing thing to notice that there are a number of games available for selection in this category than compared to the games that are available in various gaming console. But the only less number of games can able to survive in this category since there are many new arrivals present in this variant and that if a game is impressive and can able to provide a better gaming experience, it cannot able to get a permanent place in the minds of people. This World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Expansion are one of the games that have attracted the minds of several people after they have been launched officially. This version of the game is depicted as it is in the previous editions and that there are a number of graphical tweaks added to this game to make them fit for graphics that are accelerated through means of a number of the latest graphics cards and advanced display systems. In the current release of war craft, there are ten new levels added from 91 to 100, touching the mark of century in the list of levels. Also, there is several character boosts added specially for level 90 for enabling players to move to the consecutive levels for a better gaming experience in the advanced modes.

    Moving To Future From The Remains Of Irons From The Past

    The new level of gaming in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Expansion are now available for both MAC and windows based systems, but there is no support for Linux in this edition. Even though it is expected to be launched soon, there are no words yet on whether Linux version will be released or not. Also in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Expansion, the ultimate aim is to stop the advancements of Iron Horde and save the world from the iron clutches. Also, he is about to open up the dark portal which will lead to an invasive invasion that can kill many.

    Also, any player, who has not made the mark up to level 90 can get easily drop themselves in this level to start up with their new adventure and they explore the world of new fights and battles that are yet to be solved. Also, it takes back to the classical ages to find out a better way to stop the advancing iron horse and to make sure that the battle ends once and forever before the dark portal conquers all worlds and start its invasion.

  • Little Big Planet 3 Launch Edition – PlayStation 4

    PlayStation 4
    Sackboy is back and he’s brought along new friends!

    Compared to adults, Playstation is very much popular only among kids. The way they are popular is that it brings in a range of cartoons back in action inside the game where they can become one of their favorite characters and play their role in the game. This is the reason why Little Big Planet 3 Launch Edition – PlayStation 4 has saw so much of rush before it is going to be launched officially. The stitched heroes are back for children and their wishes. The current edition of the game is the consequence of the previous edition with the addition of three new levels for making the game to be more interesting. Still more, the game is made to be as simple as it could be to ensure that every child playing the game can able to be the one inside the game.

    Since the game is made in a very simple interface and to make sure that even a child of age 3 can able to enjoy the game without any aid of adults in moving to the consecutive levels and to provide a better gaming experience. The current version to be launched is optimized for playing with the Playstation 4 version, but they are also available in a Playstation 3 edition.

    Attractive Game Play

    Our all new heroes are well set to explore the nook and corner of the world of Imagisphere, upon which the entire game is based on. A new planet has been added in the game, called planet Bunkum. Our heroes will visit the inhabitants of this mysterious planet. Here is where they encounter the nefarious Newton, the main villain of the planet and save all inhabitants of the planet. The game sound and the attractive interface are well set to get inside the minds of children within a flash. Still more, lots of customization can be made to the characters, their resemblance, and their dressing sense in a number of aspects. Children love to dress up themselves inside the game through their characters and love to express themselves better in the game with their creativity and the interest they show towards their characters. Costumes inside the game are designed in an excellent manner that adores the characters inside the game in a better manner. for making the game to get into its newer version of PS 4, gaming interface and the game areas are made with high graphics quality that is up to 1080p, offering better viewing experience of the characters and the themes inside the game. Along the way path of our heroes, there are endless surprises waiting to be exploited, that is very interesting and adds more value to the game. There are several power-ups available in Little Big Planet 3 Launch Edition – PlayStation 4 than compared to its previous editions.

  • Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway

    Fisher-Price Little People City SkywayDo you want to keep your kids engaged for a long time playing with a large toy? This Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway is the best toy for you to present to your kids. Why? With its large size and simple way to play, your kids will enjoy racing their cars from top to bottom over and over again. This toy needs to be assembled before use, and it takes quite some time to assemble it. But once you’ve done it, you can let your kids to play with it whenever they want.

    The Pros: This toy is large, and it is fun to race your cars from top to bottom in the city skyway. The material build is sturdy, and once you’ve assembled it, it will stay strong on the ground and it is less prone from breaking away. The colors are beautiful, and they give the fun spirit for your little kids to play with it over and over again. This toy is simple to play, and it can be played alone or together with friends. So, you can invite some of the neighbor’s kids to play together with your kid if you want to.

    The Cons: This toy is quite large, and it will take quite some time and concentration to assemble the parts. While this toy can be amusing for kids to play, it may quickly bore your kids if they are playing alone with themselves. In order to have more fun playing this toy, it is better for you to invite some other kids to play together. Also, be aware that your kids may easily tore the pieces of the assembly away, which you will need to put it back later.

    The Bottom Line: Younger kids aged up to 5 years will definitely love this toy. This toy is not for older kids aged 5 years or more. It is fun to play, with colorful sky tracks that will make the playing time more exciting. However, it is recommended to play it together with other kids rather than letting your kid to play it alone, because it may bore him quickly later.The pieces are well-made and sturdy, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product. It is also perfect for birthday or Christmas gift.

    The material build is good and sturdy. The rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon website, indicating that many parents are satisfied with their purchase toward this toy. Most of them reported that their kids are enjoying the toy immensely and constantly playing with it, while some disappointed people think that assembling the pieces of the toy can be daunting and tiring after some time. Overall, this is a good product if you want to entertain your little kids and keep them busy playing with their friends. Read more…

  • K’nex 35 Model Ultimate Building Set

    K'nex 35 Model Ultimate Building SetDo you want to try an alternative to Lego? Lego brick building is fun, but if you need a refresher, you can try K’nex 35 Model Ultimate Building Set, as this is the best alternative to Lego building out there. Why? That’s because with this one building set, you’ll beable to build 35 different models, and with 400+ different pieces to assemble, it will be a challenge for you to complete each building. Also, if you have older kids, this can be a fun way to develop their creativity and concentration, as it will require a lot of concentration in order to build each model.

    The Pros: The biggest advantage of this toy is the various building choices that you can try, from automobiles, planes, amusement park, and so on. Then, you’ll get the box to store all the little pieces of K’nex toy safely so that you won’t lose it later, since they are small in size. This one building set has 400+ pieces that you can use to build various things, and with the price tag that it offers, it is really worth the purchase price. If you compare it with Lego, this one has many more options available for one building set. The material build for each piece is excellent.

    The Cons: While the package says that you can build 35 different things with the pieces given in this building set, the instruction manual only comes with 9 different things to build. The rest of the building instructions can be found only on the K’nex website. This toy is good for older kids, since it has more complex building instructions, as well as smaller pieces that require a lot of concentration to follow. However, beware of choking hazard for younger kids.

    The Bottom Line: If you are a Lego fan or if you have kids who love building with Lego, this one might be a good alternative for them to try. The construction method is quite different from Lego, and you will need more concentration to do. Also, the buildings that you’ll build will be complex enough even for an adult, so it is also fun for adults to play with this toy. You can move the cars that you’ve made with K’nex pieces, as well as other buildings. Overall, it is recommended for you if you want to seek more challenge than just a mere brick building. The components from this set are more varied and complex.

    This building set is suitable for older kids aged 7-15 years, and it is not suitable for kids aged less than 7 years. All in all, if you’re an adult who are interested in some fun toy-building experience, this is also a good recommendation for you. Read more…

  • Transformers Age of Extinction Stomp and Chomp Grimlock Figure

    Transformers Age of ExtinctionWho doesn’t know about Grimlock? It’s the biggest and wildest Transformers robot in the series. So, it only makes sense that the toy is also big in size, which will impress you with every detail of it. Transformers Age of Extinction Stomp and Chomp Grimlock Figure is a good addition to your Transformers collection, and it is also a good present for kids who love Transformers and love to play with robot. This toy will give you a big-sized Grimlock figure, which is transformable to a bigger robot, and you’ll also get pop-up weapons as well as cool light and sound effects.

    The Pros: The feeling when you get your hands on this action figure will create a kind of lasting satisfaction. The figure is quite big, measuring 20 inches in height when you turn it into robot, and it looks awesomely cool. You will also get pop up weapons, with lights in the eyes and awesome sounds that it can produce. When you give this toy to your kids (aged 5 and up), you will see how big this toy really is, and you’ll see the excitement and amazement that they’re giving toward this toy. You can transform the toy from the T-Rex mode to the robot mode with ease.

    The Cons: Some people complain about the price of this toy, which is too expensive. But, considering that you’ll get a big piece of Transformers toy, you’ll be sure that you get what you paid for. The size of this transformable toy is impressive indeed, but it may also be difficult for some kids to play with, due to its size. Also, since the toy is very easy to transform, it may look less challenging for some people, especially those who enjoy transforming Transformers toys in the good old days.

    The Bottom Line: If you are a collector of Transformers toys, this one is worth to be added to your collection. Why? First of all, the size is impressive, and just by looking at it, you’ll know the beauty of this toy. Unlike other Transformers toys which have smaller size, this will look different from the crowd. And if you have young kids who love to play with robots, this is also a good present that you can give them, since they will find it very unique and better than most robot toys out there. Overall, it is a recommended buy, though the price is a bit expensive.

    You’ll get what you pay for it, as it has impressive size, good details, and strong material build. This product receives 4.3 out of 5 stars rating, so it means that many customers love this product, with some customers complaining about the price being too expensive. Over all, it is worth buying if you are a collector of Transformers toy, and it is also worth buying if you have kids who love to play with robot. You’ll never regret it. Read more…

  • LEGO DUPLO My First Deluxe Box of Fun 10580 Building Toy

    LEGO DUPLO My First Deluxe Box of Fun 10580 Building ToyIf you already have young kids that already fall in love with Lego toy, this LEGO DUPLO My First Deluxe Box of Fun 10580 Building Toy is a great addition for them to continue their enjoyment with Lego brick building. It consists of 95 brick pieces that can be built into any building they want, as well as with extra elements such as mini figures, door and window elements, rabbit, wagon, and so on. Besides, this building toy comes with a deluxe box which can be used as a storage bin for your Lego pieces, so it is worth a look.

    The Pros: If you have young children at home, you can give them this LEGO set and you will see them building and playing with it for hours. Why? That’s because the bricks are designed to be easy for them to build with. There are 95 pieces of bricks included within the box, with two LEGO Duplo figures included. There are numbers that will guide your children to build the correct building, and there are also many extras, such as turtle, rabbit, door and window elements, and more. Finally, when your kids have done playing with it, you can use the box as a sturdy and safe storage for the LEGO bricks, so that they can play with it again later.

    The Cons: This particular LEGO set will allow younger kids to build their creativity with Lego building, but it doesn’t come with instruction building manual within the package. Also, the price tag may be too expensive for some parents, considering that you’re only getting small pieces of bricks within the package. However, the build materials for the bricks, figures, and the storage bin are good and sturdy, giving the impression of high quality product.

    The Bottom Line: This Lego Duplo set is great to give to your kids if they are 1.5 to 5 years old. For older kids, they will need a more complex Lego building set to use. The material build quality is very good, and the brick size is suitable for young children, which will make them to enjoy playing with it for hours. Best of all, it comes with good quality storage bin to store your Lego pieces so that you won’t lose it later. Overall, this particular set is recommended for your kids if they love Lego building, but it is not recommended if this is the first time for your kids to play with Lego.

    LEGO DUPLO My First Deluxe Box of Fun 10580 Building Toy is available by LEGO on website. The price range of this product is $35-$50, which is considered too expensive for some parents. But, for all that you’ll get, including the deluxe storage bin, it is worth the price. Most of them report that their kids are playing with this building set for hours after they receive it. Read more…

  • Playskool Sesame Street Let’s Imagine Elmo

    Playskool Sesame StreetIf your kids love Sesame Street shows on TV, especially the Elmo The Musical segment within the show, they will love it when you give them with a good Elmo toy that they can interact with in various ways. Playskool Sesame Street Let’s Imagine Elmo is a toy to do just that. Your kids can interact with Elmo in four different ways, with many interesting features embedded within the toy for them to play with. They can also change the head accessories for this toy with various accessories like crown, captain’s hat, and cowboy hat.

    The Pros: You can interact with Elmo in various ways, including by squeezing his nose, bouncing him, or tickling him. You can also play game Prince Elmo Says with this toy. And, if you give this toy to your little kids, they can count together with Elmo for up to 20. Also, there are accessories provided within the product to enhance the appearance of Elmo, such as cowboy hat, crown, and sea captain’s hat. The material is well-made for this toy, and it is comfortable to hold and touch. Also, it will keep your little ones busy playing with their new toy, since it offers 4 interactive and fun ways to react with the toy.

    The Cons: This toy may not be suitable for younger kids due to the limited fun interactive modes that this toy has to offer. However, you can find that older kids can enjoy this toy immensely, especially if they’ve been watching Elmo all the time on television. The materials are also hard for younger kids to hold, and the toy itself may not be too engaging for little children to play with, unless you’ve been feeding them with Elmo shows on TV often.

    The Bottom Line: This particular Elmo toy offers good potential for your kids to enjoy it, and with its fun interactive ways to play with this toy, you will find that your children will play with it with excitement. This toy is recommended if you have kids who love watching Elmo on television. Otherwise, this toy may be boring for some little children because of their unfamiliarity with who Elmo is, and the limitation that they can do to play with the toy.

    The product itself has good material quality and sturdy build, which means that it will be comfortable for your kids to touch, hold, and play with it without worrying about breaking down the toy.

    The rating for this product on the Amazon website is 4.3 out of 5 stars, with most customers being satisfied with the purchase toward the product. The most common complaint about this product is just that it may not be suitable for younger children because they can become bored of it quickly, especially if you haven’t introduced Sesame Street or Elmo to them before. Read more…

  • FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo My Walkin’ Pup Pet

    FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo My Walkin Pup PetDo your little girls love puppies? If so, you can give them FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo My Walkin’ Pup Pet, because it will entertain them for a while. This toy can react like a real puppy, and with the leash controller that it has, the experience can become more real for your daughters when they play with it. In addition with the leash controller, you can also download a free app for your smartphone to unlock more features from the toy, as well as provide additional controller for your pet toy. It will surely make your daughter happy with her new pet.

    The Pros: The pet toy is cute and it can do many things, such as responding to you when you talk to it, wagging its tails, moving forward and backward, light walking, sit and tilt its head, and so on. The leash controller that comes with it is easy to operate, and it will give real fun time for your kids as if they’re playing with real puppy. Also, you can download a smartphone app for this toy in order to interact with it better, such as by feeding and bathing the pet and controlling its movements even more. The material is sturdy, and the fur is soft and smooth, which is comfortable to touch and hold.

    The Cons: It may be difficult for your kids to control the pet using the leash controller, because of its limited control. Also, the manual instruction doesn’t give you enough information on how to use many features that you can do with the toy. You will not know how to use the toy properly other than by figuring out by yourself. The app provided for this toy doesn’t come with help and instruction as well. Moreover, the price for this toy is quite expensive for what you’ll get.

    The Bottom Line: If you have a daughter who loves to play puppy, you can give her this toy because she will surely be happy with it. This pet toy will act like real puppy when she plays with it, so it will give her big excitement. The app will also help her to interact more with the toy, aside from the leash controller. But, without a clear manual instruction, you won’t be able to figure out all the features included in this toy. Nevertheless, the app will help you to interact more with the toy.

    However, it can provide great excitement for your little daughters, which is priceless. The product receives 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon website, which indicates that many people are happy with their purchase toward this product. However, some people are complaining about lack of instruction manual provided within the product, which can be quite frustrating for parents to guide their children on how to operate the toy. Read more…

  • LEGO Juniors Knights’ Castle 10676 Building Set

    LEGO Juniors KnightsLego is a great toy that you can give to your kids to build their creativity. There are many kinds of Lego building sets you can find, but LEGO Juniors Knights’ Castle 10676 Building Set is the best set for your kids if it is their first time experience building with Lego. It is designed to be easy to build, but it will definitely give quite a challenge for them since they will be able to build quite big building with this set. Moreover, they can not only build one building, but also they can build alternative building as well with the supplied extra bricks within the product. The product quality is very good and sturdy, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the brick pieces.

    The Pros: This building set will really give challenge for your kids to start building their Lego castle creatively. There are many things to build with the bricks provided in this building set, such as Knights’ Castle, small and large catapult, and horses. There are also accessories that you’ll get to complete the building of the castle, such as spear, crossbow, and sword. Not only that, the extra bricks are also available to let your kids to build alternative building other than the main building. It is designed to be easy to build for your kids.

    The Cons: Since it is a big building set, which can be complicated for younger kids to build on, it may confuse your kids at first when they first play with this Lego set. However, if you can guide them slowly, they will be able to eventually build their own castle with this set. Aside from that, there is no more cons for this product, especially when you see the build quality of each brick, which is very good.The recommended age for this product is 4-7 years old.

    The Bottom Line: If you want to give your young kids more challenge to build bigger, more complicated, yet easy-to-build Lego building, then this building set is for you. It is not a simple Junior Lego that can be built easily by combining several bricks into one, but it is rather bigger building incorporating quite a lot of bricks to build. But, your kids will be able to follow it as it is designed to be easy to build for them. It is a recommended product because it can give your kids the ability to build a castle, as well as build alternative building with the extra bricks provided within the product.

    It’s worth the price for what you’re getting. The rating for this product is 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on website, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product itself, as many people are happy with their purchase toward this product. Read more…

  • Skylanders Trap Team Fist Bump Character Pack

    Skylanders Trap TeamAre you ready for the new addition to your new Skylanders game? The Trap Team has a new and worthy addition that you can put inside your game. Skylanders Trap Team Fist Bump Character Pack is one of the most recommended characters to add on your Skylanders game, because of various things.

    First, the action figure is designed to be really high quality, with good attention to little details so that you can see that the action figure itself will closely and accurately resemble the character within the game. Second, the trading card is nice to collect as well, as it contains the beautiful artwork for the character as well as the stats you’re getting for it within the game. And third, it is not platform-specific, meaning that you can use this character in your existing Skylanders game that you have, regardless of the platform you use.

    The Pros: The action figure is made with very good and detailed design, making it to closely resemble the character within the game. Also, you get a good stats with this character, as this character has very good defense points. It is a worthy addition for your current Skylanders team. Within the box, you’ll get the action figure, trading card, and QR code that you can input within the game. The trading card is worth collecting, as it has very good art in it, depicting the Fist Bump character within the game in a beautiful way.

    The Cons: This is a medium sized character, and there are mini size and large size characters available from Skylanders. If you are buying this, you will not be able to unlock many things within the game, except only to put your character in it. If you want to unlock more things within the game, you should purchase the large size character. Also, this character is only compatible with the newest Skylanders game, so it won’t be compatible with the olderSkylandersgames. Be wary that the action figure should be treated as such, as it might be easily broken if your kids play too much with it, especially in the tail area.

    The Bottom Line: If you are looking to add more collection to your current Skylanders game, you can bet that this character is worthy for it. Remember that this character must be used in addition to the starter pack that you’ve purchased earlier. So, if you haven’t purchased the starter pack, you should purchase it first for your platform before you use it. The character itself is not platform specific, so whether you use it on PS4, Xbox One, WiiU, or others, you can do it as long as you have the starter pack for the specific platform that you use. So, it is a recommended character for you to use within the game. Read more…


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