Chef’s Choice 860 Pie Maker, Petite 2014 Review

Chef’s Choice 860 Pie Maker, Petite 2014 Review

Chef’s Choice 860 Pie Maker has advanced baking structure which helps bake tasty pie easily and comfortably in minutes, the pie maker has also pastry cutter and a recipe book which you need in the process of baking pie. You can bake 4 sweet or savory pies at one time in few minutes with the option of digital timer; digital timer tells you status of pies in baking process, if it is in baking process, you will be informed via LED light, for baked pies, there is different LED light to let you know that your pies are ready. It has also suitable handle to lock perfectly so that the heat will not go outside, you also get built-in crimper for completely sealed pie edges.

Moreover, Chef’s Choice 860 has non-stick easy to release and easy to clean coating feature which is very helpful for delivering best quality and tasty pies quickly. You get one year of limited manufacture warranty too.

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