Classic Connect Game

Classic Connect Game

Product Description

This classic connect 4 game is excellent disc dropping fun and you can choose between yellow and red discs. The objective is to make four grids to become the winner. The entire package comprises one grid, twenty-one yellow and red discs each, two legs, a slider bar, and an instruction booklet. You can challenge your friend in this strategy game to create some intense competition. All you have to do is line the discs and win the game. It is an entertaining, simple, and quick way to spend hours during the holiday season.

Four in a row

Connect 4 GameWhile playing this classic connect game, you need to go up, sideways, and diagonally to create four in a row to win. Players can commence at the center or the edges to make the four row winning strategy. You can stack the yellow or red discs side by side, in a diagonal way, or vertically to have four in a row. In addition to getting your four in a row, you need to make moves that allow you to block your opponents from getting there. You can play all the three grids connect games to crush out all your competitors.

Choose your game

The classic connect 4 game can be played in three ways. First is the classic style where you move the yellow and red discs in such a way to create four in a row either vertically, sideways, or diagonally. The connect 4 frenzy commences at ready, set, and drop followed by complete fun way of free for everyone discs flying in various slots. In this version, both players drop the discs simultaneously with one hand to reach the four in a row winning move. The third option is when you either choose to drop the disc within the grid or remove one from the bottom with the pop up feature providing new strategies and challenges.

Modern entertainment

This connect grid game takes the traditional version a little further providing more exciting ways to play in a more modern style to enhance your entertainment and enjoyment. The amazingly cool colors and new choices to play the game will keep you playing the gird game for several hours. The new improved pop up feature allows you to remove a disc from the last row of the grid to modify the above sequence. This is an excellent strategy to help you move towards your win or block your opponent from winning.

Appropriate for everyone

Gaming is loved by children and adults in all parts of the world. In modern times, individuals are provided with various options to play and enjoy their favorite games. This classic connect grid game has been and continues to be one of the most popular games enjoyed by people globally. The product includes twenty-one red and yellow discs, grid, two feet, labeling sheet, and instructions guide. The dimensions are 2.1 X 10.5 X 10.5 inches with an approximate weight of little over fifteen pounds. 

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