Commercial Juicer Reviews: Waring Commercial JE2000 – 6001C vs Omega C-20C

Commercial Juicer Reviews: Waring Commercial JE2000 – 6001C vs Omega C-20C

Waring Commercial JE2000 Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Juice Extractor with Pulp Ejection

Waring Commercial JE2000According to Commercial Juicer Reviews, the Waring Commercial JE2000 Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Juice Extractor with Pulp Ejection runs very fast at the speed of ~ 16,000 RPM. The machine uses a powerful motor that is capable for extracting juice from various fruits and vegetables in a large amount. The solid die-cast aluminum along with stainless steel is used to construct this heavy duty powerful juice extractor that delivers the best performance @ a very reasonable price. The JE2000 juice machine engineered with an automated pulp ejection system to separate pulp and other related substances from the fruits to extract maximum amount of pure juice from any type of fruits and vegetables. It also comes with a removable pulp bin that is used to accumulate pulp, which can later be removed for cleaning purposes. The Waring juicing machine comes with a safe operation interlock system that runs when all the parts are assembled fulfilling its safety guidelines, so it is 100% safe to keep in kitchen without any worry or fear of anything. This durable juice extractor requires very minimum maintenance and cleaning that is perfect for a large volume bar, restaurant, juice shop and health care center as well. The Waring JE2000 Juicer comes with one-year of limited warranty to provide peace of mind. This UL & NSF approved machine runs on 120V electricity measuring 17-inch x 7.5-inch x 7.5-inch. Read more…

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Waring Commercial 6001C Heavy-Duty Bar Juice Extractor with Compact Design

Waring Commercial 6001CThe powerful Waring Commercial 6001C Bar Juicer uses a powerful motor that is very helpful to quickly and smoothly pull out juice along with nutritional pulp from vegetables, fruits and any other hard ingredients as well. This high quality stainless steel disc is used with this machine to part pulp very quickly to increase the juice flow.  The juice extractor also comes with a steel basket to keep the extracted stuffs in, which increases the performance of the juicer too. There is also a long-lasting polycarbonate motor housing break and scratch resistant housing which is cleaned very easily. This Waring commercial 6001C is perfect for juice bars, restaurants and other commercial juice shops. It comes with a year of manufacturer warranty that runs on 120V. Read more…

Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer, Chrome

Omega C-20CThe Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer delivers the best performance. If you have to extract juice from grapefruit, lemon or orange, this juicing machine is perfect for you. This juicing machine can also be used for commercial purposes such as juice shop, health-care center, coffee café, restaurants and so on. You don’t have to invest much time in assembling or dissembling this juicer. When we talk about the speed, it provides 1800 rounds in a minute that is really very good speed as per Commercial Juicer Reviews. It comes with a cast aluminum housing and chrome color that looks very attractive in a kitchen or shop or wherever it is installed. Most importantly, the Omega C-20C professional Juicer comes with 3 sizes of juicing cones to fit any size citrus, and it comes with a suitable splash protector, a steel basin and a pulp container. Read more…

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