Construction Management Software Reviews: JumpStart vs Estimating Software

Construction Management Software Reviews: JumpStart vs Estimating Software

Construction Management JumpStart: The Best First Step Toward a Career in Construction Management

Construction Management JumpStartYou are reading Construction Management Software Reviews. Following Construction Management JumpStart, you can easily launch your contraction management career very effectively. The book is written by Barbara J. Jackson, she is a director of the California Center for Construction Education and a Professor of Construction Management at California Polytechnic State University. She has gained 20 years of experience in the construction management field. This book is a new edition of bestselling guide, and it has been revised and updated to provide the latest information of what happening in today’s construction industry. Reading the book, you will have a great insight of basic understanding of construction management; the book will also let you explore some bigger points such as sustainability, building information modeling and the latest techniques and tools used in construction management industry. Read more…

Construction Management and Estimating Software; 13,884 RSMeans Construction Cost Data items Embedded; Singleuser

Construction Management and Estimating SoftwareThe Construction Management and Estimating Software consists of 13,884 cost construction items, 2,485 cost data categories and 66 units of measures. The software includes too many lengths and colors categorized with title, cost and descriptions. In its top level categories, you will find bathroom, electrical, carpentry, concrete, doors, flooring, masonry openings, vents, windows, plumbing, earthwork, foundations and slabs, exterior improvements and many others. The Construction Management and Estimating Software are very fast and easy to use for creating the cost estimation data. This is complete construction management software that you need for enhancing your construction management related stuffs without any doubts. Read more…

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