CRM Software Reviews: Sage ACT! Pro 2011 vs Act by Sage 2010 Multipack 5 User

CRM Software Reviews: Sage ACT! Pro 2011 vs Act by Sage 2010 Multipack 5 User

Sage ACT! Pro 2011

Sage ACT is powerful customer relationship management software providing you with excellent features such as easy accessibility of your contact emails, other contact data, can easily be integrated with MS Office hence this software is rated as No. 1 CRM software all over the world. As this software provides organizational views of customers, clients who are doing business with you so this feature makes very beneficial point when it comes to having software for CRM solutions. Whether you have a small business or a large business, you need this kind of software for customer relationship purposes, you can collect email from email history, you can collect business phone no., address with their past communication and you can make your strategy based on this. That business that are involved in sales and marketing they must use this powerful software to automate their work, to make strategy and to make plan based on the research you do with Sage ACT! Pro 2011. If we talk about reviews from some popular shopping website then the review is really very meaningful and very helpful, you would get lots of positive reviews from those customers, those business that are using this software for customer relationship management. Read more…

Act by Sage 2010 Multipack 5 User

Act by Sage 2010 helps organize contact information of your business customers, you can easily integrate this software with Microsoft Office (MS outlook), ACT by Sage 2010 Multipack is easy to understand so it doesn’t require much tutorial when you want to run it, you can understand each and every things very well when the software is installed on your PC. I would say that every business should have ACT by Sage 2010 software for business management, customer management solution, consequently it helps your business grow at very fast rate as most of the work you will be able to automate… as this software directly belongs to sales and marketing (sales and marketing is very important part of any business) so it works for main purpose, if any business fails to make sales then they can’t survive for long time, with the help of ACT by Sage 2010 Multipack 5 User you can easily do your sales and marketing works as you will be able to establish your relationship with existing customers who have bought your products and services in past, you will be keeping them in your record in organized way and you can send email, newsletters periodically for sales and marketing purposes that contributes to business growth. Read more…

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The Sage Group plc SAGE ACT 2013

The Sage Group plc SAGE ACT 2013 is an advanced business and customer management software that integrates, MS office (MS outlook, MS Word, MS excel), Google Contacts (Gmail, Google calendar), social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn so this software is the latest software according to demand of today. As you can see this software allows you to distribute your notes, strategy within a group or over social media websites or with MS office means you can easily manage all the things with one account. It has unique feature of calendar so it meets your demand when it comes to managing calendar, meeting, invitation, appointments, business people group means it provides easy collaboration among your business entity and business contact persons. The Sage Group plc SAGE ACT 2013 helps manage previous contact data in organized way that you will be able to use for periodical messaging, sending business letters, business news letters, promotional emails, special discount information to the contacts which is already listed in your business contact. Most importantly, you can integrate email contact, mobile contact and you can send email or SMS to all the users who are in your contact list. Read more…

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Sage ACT! Premium 2011 Corporate License

Sage ACT! Premium 2011 Corporate License is another great tool for business accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) providing you simple access to manage your contact list at one place with the help of easy integration with Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc. This is software that is needed by almost all the businesses whether the business is small business or large business, you need to manage your contact list, customer list for the purpose of business development, for sending emails, newsletters etc. Sage ACT claims that it is No. 1 CRM solution provider for more than 20 years serving more than 2.5 million users all over the world so there is no doubt to popularity of this software I will say. You can easily manage day to day task of sending emails and other things that happen in a business on daily basis. It helps in sending email on periodical basis to those customers who are selected by you according to your own preference, their purchase capacity, long time relationship and others. If you need this software in your business you can easily by from Amazon as I feel Amazon is the most secure and safe shopping website as of now. Read more…

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