Dell Laptops: Convertible Laptops By Dell

Dell Laptops: Convertible Laptops By Dell

Dell Laptops

Dell Inspiron i3531-1200BKDell is a famous company known for computer hardware. They have amazing quality laptops. These laptops are very durable and efficient. You can count on these laptops for long and easy usage. This is the reason why, people trust this brand. Dell has launched many laptop models over the years. With the changing trend in the field of computer hardware, Dell is back with another genius product. These are interchangeable laptops. These have receivedlots of appreciation in the market. Like any other Dell product, these laptops are praised for their unique design and functionality.

A Laptop And A Tablet

Since people like to use their devices on the go, Dell has come up with this brilliant idea. This laptop changes into a tablet as well. This gives it an edge over other devices. This laptop has a detachable keyboard. When using the device as a laptop, you can use the keyboard to type. When using it as a tablet, you can use the virtual keyboard on the screen. This device is easy to convert. The keyboard is easy to remove or attach. You can conveniently switch from one form to another.

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This device has internal storage disk of 500 GB. This makes it easy to store heavy files and software. You can also be sure of smooth operation of all software in this device. Ample memory means uninterrupted running of the device. It also has a battery life of 7.5 hours. So, you can use this device as a tablet after charging it as required. You will not need to charge it in a short time span as the battery is durable. This device runs Windows 8.1 operating system. Read more…

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