Disney Frozen 6 pc Figurine Figure Set Sven, Hans, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf

Disney Frozen 6 pc Figurine Figure Set Sven, Hans, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf

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Since its release, the movie Frozen has created millions of fans from all over the world. This new Disney Frozen set is inspired by the film and comprises the entire cast of this super hit movie. The two sisters Elsa and Anna are cute little adorable dolls while the set also includes Prince Hans, Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff. The complete set has four small dolls and two figures. Purchase today and get the entire collection to reenact all your favorite parts from this movie.

Product Description

Disney Frozen 6 pcThe Disney movie Frozen introduced new characters residing in the Kingdom of Arendelle. The story is an epic adventure and non-stop magical moments. In this complete set inspired by the movie, you will be able to procure the entire cast of characters to delight and charm the fans from across the globe. The sisters Anna and Elsa are dressed in their signature fashions from the film. All the little girls will recollect Anna’s Norwegian rosemaling inspired design created on her removable skirt while Elsa’s skirt is made with sparkling blue fabric. Both the sisters are wearing iconic capes to stay warm. Anna’s cape is a sweet pink while Elsa dons a sheer white ethereal cape. Prince Hans is in formal attire wearing a molded tuxedo while the mountain man included in the set Brave Kirstoff is dressed in wintry woolens, which include warm cap, large mittens, and a colorful belt around the cozy vest. Friends Olaf and Sven also part of this set along with Kirstoff’s reindeer make the entire set complete and allow all the girls to play and expand their imagination to create new stories.

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Product Details

The dimensions are 12 X 2.2 X 8 inches with an approximate weight of six point four pounds. The four dolls included in this set are roughly four inches tall making these very adorable and cute to add to your fun and entertainment. The arms and legs are easily movable; however, the elbows or knees do not bend. The reindeer Sven is static but Olaf can move his head. With all these features, little girls can easily recreate the movie and move away into the magical world of Arendelle. They can add their own creativity and use their imagination to create new stories and enhance their fun and enjoyment.

Excellent gifting option

For girls who love and adore the movie Frozen would love to have this complete Disney set in her collection. The complete set is most appropriately suited for girls between three and eight years old. The right package contains four moveable dolls four inches tall that are very typical of Mattel and come with Magiclip sized clothes. As with all other toys manufactured by Disney, the dolls and figures are made using high quality materials, which provides durability and sturdiness.

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