Electric Toothbrush Reviews

Electric Toothbrush Reviews

When it comes to electric tooth brush reviews then there are many but I would cover a few which are considered top according to their usage, popularity and reviews by their consumers. People may say that there are many electric tooth brushes and all of them work for the same purpose but it is not so, different tooth brushes have different features, different prices and durability as well.

Sonicare Advance 4100

Sonicare Advance 4100 is good for removing stains, these stains may be due to tobacco chewing, coffee, smoking or other eating habits, if you have these kind of stains then you may need Sonicare Advance 4100 toothbrush which really works for the purpose, it comes with two year warranty so if you have any problem with your brush then you can claim warranty as well.
Apart from all these it has two minutes time signal, as long as it passes two minutes the brush stop working and according to your requirement you can start it again. It has long durability so you are not going to lose anything in relation to spent money on this brush. Read more…

Philips Sonicare Elite e9800

The sonicare elite 7300 is an electric tooth brush with so many great features I would say, it is easy to use with two minutes brushing time so the brush would stop working as long as it passed two minutes time, according to your brushing requirement, you can restart your brush. Not only these, it is very helpful to travel with, as it comes with travel case so you can carry it anywhere you go. This brush has also two year warranty time so you need to note this thing, when your brush got any problem within two years then you can get it replaced or get it corrected as well. If I talk about price of this brush then the price is a little higher than other brushes but it has some advanced features that’s why its price is a little higher than normal. Read more...

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The Sonicare Essence 5300

When I talk about The Sonicare Essence 5300 electric brush then what I would say is this brush is very helpful for cleaning stains whether the stains you got from coffee, smoking or chewing any intoxicated materials. The handle timer is of two minutes like other several brushes, you can go with anywhere you want, as it is good for travelling. Read more…

The Oral B Pulsonic

When you want to buy an electric tooth brush then I would say that buy The Oral B Pulsonic it is recommended by many Dentists the brush time has 30 second interval time so it is not lie other brush which have long 2 minutes of brushing time, if 30 seconds is not enough time then you can start it again according to your purpose. Read more…

When I talk about warranty of The Oral B Pulsonic then it has two years of warranty so you can claim warranty anytime within 2 years if you are getting any kind of problem with your brush.

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Electric Toothbrush Diagram

The above four electric toothbrush reviews are the reviews of top electric brushes, you can buy any of them according to what feature you link in a particular brush, as any feature you like may not be liked by others.

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