Fire HD 6 Tablet Review – The Best Tablet You Can Own For Under $100

Fire HD 6 Tablet Review – The Best Tablet You Can Own For Under $100

Fire HD 6 TabletAmazon is at it again, and now they are releasing the new Fire HD 6 tablet with a marvelous price tag, less than $100. If you’ve been enjoying yourself as an Amazon customer for years, this tablet is a must for you to buy. Why? That’s because it is jam-packed with features that you can only get from Amazon. Besides, it is powered with quad-core processor and the new Fire 4 OS, which will allow you to install various Android applications on it without trouble.

The Pros: The price is awesome for the value that you’ll get from this tablet. This tablet boasts HD screen with the new Fire OS4, which you can install with various Android apps. The tablet colors are available in white, black, magenta, citron, and cobalt. With the $100 price tag, you can’t beat the price for the quality that you’ll get. Try to find better tablet with cheaper price tag, and there might be none that you can find. With Amazon brand on it, you’ll be sure that you get the best product on your hands. Remember, it is powered with a quad-core processor that will ensure the smooth operations for this tablet.

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The Cons: It is a 6-inch tablet with HD resolution screen, with various features embedded in it. But, the screen only offers 252 ppi, which is not too good for an HD screen resolution. It is only available on Wi-Fi connectivity without a 4G connection option, unless you buy the more expensive version. It is still using mono speaker, which may not produce the optimum sound quality from your device, although it is powered by Dolby Audio.

The Bottom Line: If you want a cool, reliable, basic tablet for the price under $100, this one is for you. This tablet is full of features that you can use enough for your daily activities, without much additional features in it. However, there are more expensive models that you can get if you want more features. Overall, this tablet is worth buying, as it is designed specifically by Amazon, with good quality, and you’ll also get every advantage of being customer by owning this tablet.

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The Fire HD 6 tablet is available only from website, and you can buy this tablet for around $100, which is very affordable considering the features that you’ll get from it. You may say that it is a quite decent tablet, considering the price, but the features exclusive to Amazon are what making this tablet different from other tablets that you can buy from other manufacturers.You can entertain yourself with Amazon Prime, play games on it, share your screen on big TV, read Amazon books on your tablet, and so on. There are so many features available that you can’t get from regular tablets out there.

Some customers even suggest to skip the Fire HD 7 and get the Fire HD 6 instead, since it offers more value for the price. Read more…

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