Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack: Basic blocks and rack a stack

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack: Basic blocks and rack a stack

Baby’s First Blocks

The Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks come in ten colorful easy to hold and grasp blocks. The bucket provided with this package ensures the blocks can be easily stored in one place without losing these. Moreover, the bucket can be carried around without any difficulties. The five different shapes and shape sorting lid allows babies to develop early identification skills and works as an interactive learning tool.

Basic Rack a stack

Fisher-PriceThe basic rack a stack comes in bright shiny colors and swirling beads that help to stimulate the visual development in babies. When the babies try to place the rings on the post, it helps in improving hand-eye coordination. The babies are able to learn differentiating among colors and various sizes of the rings. As the babies’ rock and bat the toy, it enhances gross motor skill and the hands-on activity is useful in strengthening the sense of touch among them.

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Skills development

All babies enjoy the fun and repetitive process of putting the blocks and rings in and out. Babies enjoy stacking the rings or putting the blocks one by one and then are excited to dump these out and again repeat the process. All this time when they are enjoying themselves, the continuous activity is beneficial in improving important developmental skills like eye-hand coordination, problem solving capabilities, and thinking abilities.

Early learning opportunity

Exposing your baby to the basic blocks and rack a stack is an entertaining way to extend their play to an early opportunity to learn. Babies can be introduced to different colors, shapes, and sizes as you play along with them. Moreover, you can teach them counting skills as they put the blocks in the right slot or place the right ring on the post. As the babies grow and are able to accept little bigger challenges, the shape sorter lid can be fitted on the bucket top to encourage them to sort and match the right shapes to the appropriate slot. The various sized openings entice the baby to match the block to the opening and fit them correctly. When all the shapes are sorted and rings placed on the post, these can be inverted and dumped to repeat the entire process.

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Product details

The basic block set weighs about fifteen and half pounds while the rack a stack is about ten pounds heavy. Both these are appropriate for children who are six months old to kids ages up to three years. The quality of these products is excellent and parents can be assured of no harm being caused to their babies even if they put the blocks in their mouth or chew on the rings. The plastic is of an excellent quality and does not contain any harmful chemicals or paints, which can pose health hazards to your baby. Parents can get good value for money because the babies can graduate to difficult levels as they grow older. When your baby plays with these toys, he or she is developing counting skills, motor development capabilities, and improves their hand-eye coordination. Read more…


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