Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film, 10 Sheets x 5 packs

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film, 10 Sheets x 5 packs

Product Description

The Instax Mini Instant Film is compatible with all the different Fuji film Instax mini cameras, Lomo Diana instant back plus, 300, and Polaroid Mio. The film is full color ISO 800 film speed product. The size of these films is 3.5 X 2.3 inches. Users can get image sizes or printed areas admeasuring 2.5 X 18 inches. The films are made in Japan to provide the best quality and are durable up to eighteen months from the date of manufacture.

Product Details

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant FilmThe Instax Mini Instant Film is available in a pack of ten sheets in five packs. For users who acquire three or more of these packs, there is a special discounted price offered to make the purchase more affordable. The dimensions of this product are 4.2 X 3.9 X 2.6 inches with an approximate weight of seven ounces. The five pack with ten sheets each allows you to get fifty instant pictures. The quality is amazing and the manufacturer does not compromise on the superiority of the product to make it more affordable.

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Product Reviews

Most people who have used this product are very happy and satisfied and would definitely buy more of these. It provides a cost effective and efficient way to get amazing quality of instant pictures. The film is in excellent condition when you open the pack, which means the pictures you click with this product are of the best quality. This product offers users an excellent and affordable way to save significant amounts of money by overcoming the need to buy several smaller packs of instant film.

Good gifting option

If you know someone who loves capturing pictures, this product provides an excellent option for gifting. They would be happy to receive the instant film, which allows them to take fifty pictures of a superior and amazing quality. The givers will not feel any financial crunch when giving this product as a gift because it is priced at extremely affordable rates. The instant film pack is a cost efficient and effective way to gift an amazing option for all those who love clicking pictures.

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Excellent quality

Compared to several of the cheaper alternatives that are available in the market, this product is of an excellent quality. Made by a leading and reputed manufacturer gives complete assurance to the buyers as well as the receivers of not having procured or received a cheap product. The quality of the pictures you capture using this instant film pack are also of a very good quality, which is often not the case with other similar alternatives that can be purchased for lower prices. Buying the product online through a reliable and reputed vendor makes the purchase more affordable because of lower prices as well as favorable shipping policies. In case of any problem you can easily return the product through the return policy without much complication or delay. Read more…


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