Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – Slate Bundle

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – Slate Bundle

I am living my life very smoothly after buying Garmin vivofit fitness band- slate. It’s an amazing product which I think every person must have as it has the power to learn my activity level. With the help of it I can easily check my calories, distance; even I can also monitor my sleep. Generally, I use to sleep very less but after having this machine I am able to make a balance between my work and my sleep. I am having this product from the last few weeks and I can feel lots of wonderful changes in me. This small machine has changed the way of my lifestyle. You can call this device your fitness doctor as I can not only do the above mentioned stuff, but I can also monitor my heart rate, I can save my valuable plans on it etc.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness BandThe wonderful thing about this little machine is that I can always carry it with me and can check my health at any time of the day. With the help of this machine I can easily save time, which I use to waste by visiting my doctor as now I can do that all staff with the single click of a button. Yes, it is very true. I am saving lots of my precious time with this wonderful product.

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I love to do many healthy activities like riding bikes, playing golf, horse riding etc., butI have always felt the need of something which can automatically keep a record of my activities. I always waste most of the time in keeping record of myself as I love breaking my records, but with Garmin vivofit fitness band I can manage out my work in very easily.

As it is a kind of wristwatch so I always use to wear it. It looks cool on my hand and on the other hand it has so many valuable benefits. I love this amazing product. This thing motivates me a lot to do lots of hard work for my hobbies so that I can break so many records of myself.

I ordered two devices, one for me and another one for my son and I found that my son can also operate this device very easily. He always says that I have gifted him the best device which helps out in managing his schedule.

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The gadget is very much comfortable to wear and is very inspiring. It is of very light weight so you can easily wear it for a day. Setting up the gadget is also very easy as it doesn’t have so many buttons to mess up with. I just quickly reviewed the guide which I received with this watch and now I have become the master in operating this device. I found it really very amazing that a little device has changed my life completely. Read more…

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