GE 24769 Outdoor Antenna for Digital HDTV Futura

GE 24769 Outdoor Antenna for Digital HDTV Futura

GE 24769 outdoor/indoor HDTV antenna provides catches clear digital reception to offer you an excellent TV viewing experience. Futura HDTV antenna has built-in amplifier which helps a lot in giving you noise-free sound and high quality pictures that you wished for. If you install GE 24769 antenna on the roof then the performance will be better than installing on other places. You will enjoy best quality of video and best quality of audio without any doubt.
GE antenna is manufactured in sleek and slim design which beautifies the place wherever it is installed.

On the purchase of GE 24769 outdoor antenna, you also get UL listed AC adapter and weather resistant housing.
The antenna has one-year of limited warranty with 90-day returnable option, in case you get any problem within 90 days, you can return this antenna to the merchant and get a new one or your money will be refunded according to what you want.

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The antenna has good capacity of receiving signals (FM, UHF, VHF) from multi-directions. When antenna is installed, it is connected to your HDTV; you just need to channels in digital and analog mod to entertain yourself.

Warning: it won’t perform well if you use joint-cable to connect from your TV to the antenna.

Very stylish and unique design
Can be placed in low visibility areas
Digital HDTV signals from FM, VHF, UHF
Clear signal reception
Built in sleek and slim design
Can be installed anywhere on the roof, windows
Adjustable mounting box is included for maximum flexibility
One-year of limited warranty

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One thought on “GE 24769 Outdoor Antenna for Digital HDTV Futura

  1. George Lynn

    I just got the Futura Antenna. 24769 I have it installed,I have no instructions how to configure it to the tv.could you help me with this or tell me where I could get help. I installed the antenna up high outside.
    Thank you
    George Lynn


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