Gear-Pro High-Definition Action Camera

Gear-Pro High-Definition Action Camera

Gear-Pro High-Definition Sport Action CameraGear-Pro High-Definition Action Camera is a small action camera engineered to record the sports activity at real time performance.  It is best alternative o the Gopro cameras which attaches to all vehicles like car, motorbike etc. As its size is small it even fit to handlebar of bike and motorcycle, helmet and also attached to waist, shield and car charger and also in water proof case. This light weight camcorder has other features like 2” touch screen for playback option and also built with shock proof.  The camera resolution is about 720P or VGA (640* 480) for video with AVI format and sound from microphone. The image resolution is ranges from 5.0MP or 3.0 MP or 1.3MP.

The capturing of items is done in 3 ways such as continuous, still image and vehicle mounted mode. The accessories along with camcorder are USB cord and MIC. The USB cord is used to transfer the picture and video to PC or laptop. Gear-Pro High-Definition Action wideAngle Camcorder has good clarity of records and is available at cheaper rate than Gopro cameras. Read more…

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