GoPro Hero3: White Edition – (131’/ 40m Waterproof Housing)

GoPro Hero3: White Edition – (131’/ 40m Waterproof Housing)

Today, clicking photographs and taking videos have become very common be it for the reason of an occasion or as a hobby. But everything has its own simple reasons to make the moment more enjoyable and for this to be fulfilled in a very confined manner it is very important to have a state of the art camera that can make your memories sweetest. This model is much lighter than any other ones and also than its previous version. The waterproof housing is the best part of this particular model and you will be absolutely stunned to see its performance when you go for an underwater photo shoot. This Hero3 is a white edition model and the features of this are outstanding and they are no doubt considered as the market’s leading version especially for the sake of waterproof housing.

GoPro Hero3The white edition is more specialized in its photo sharpness and thanks to the distorted lens that is redesigned to give you that perfect picture both above and below the waters. The flat lens of GoPro Hero3 with its waterproof housing adds to the image sharpness, making it more crystal clear and gives you just the effect of seeing with your naked eyes or even better vision. The time lapse option with 3 frames per second is another significant feature that is provided by this model. There are 4 resolutions in which you can capture the video. This smaller and lighter model ranks number one in the market and its unbeatable size and capacity has attracted many people towards it. The GoPro app which is built in the model can be made use of, accessing more application and combining it with your tablet or smartphone. With the application you can have the preview of videos on your smartphone or tablet.

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There are also other camera settings that will enable you to edit and make changes to the videos or photographs that were clicked with Hero3. This app on GoPro works remotely on your tablet and smartphone and enables you for more features such as live videos and short framing and many more to mention.The sound quality is also something that needs to be addressed where you get to hear only the passionate sounds that you will like to record especially during high speed shoots. Disturbances such as wind noise are much reduced in this model than its previous version. You also have the WI-Fi option which is waterproof and has the remote control of more than 50 WI-Fi GoPro applications. Every feature of this is improved and advanced for making a better stand in the world market. Isn’t that great to hear? Such a magnificent camera like GoPro Hero3that is handy must be surely at the top of your list if you are looking for the technologically sound camera. Read more…

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