Guidelines to Purchase a Good Pressure Cooker

Guidelines to Purchase a Good Pressure Cooker

There are many types of pressure cookers from small sizes to large sizes, from cheap prices to high prices and from stainless steel construction to aluminum construction. There are many stories of cooker exploding as well. When it comes to the out-bursting of a cooker, only those cookers burst which are old cookers from the old models. The new models of cookers work fine, and you won’t get such types of issues at all. The main benefit of having a pressure cooker is cooking the flavorful meals in less time compared to normal cooking methods. The big brand of cooker in the market today is Risotto, which takes just 5 minutes to prepare meals while a stew takes around an hour.

Presto Stainless Steel Pressure CookerWell, pressure cookers work based on accumulating the pressure coming from the boiling power of a liquid. As cooker is locked, pressure starts to build. The pressure raises the boiling point of water from 212 to 250 degrees to produce steam. The produced hot steam works for boiling and cooking the food. This pressure building process requires less energy than ordinary cooking methods, and the cooker is capable to retain the nutrients in the food, as it doesn’t let the molecule escape from the pressure cooker.

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Construction of a Pressure Cooker

Mainly two materials are used to make a pressure cooker; these two materials are stainless steel and aluminum. It will be good if you avoid buying an aluminum pressure cooker because aluminum pressure cookers are less resistant than stainless steel pressure cookers, and too much usage will result in deformation and stains as well. However, those pressure cookers, made of aluminum are cheaper than stainless steel pressure cookers. If you are going to buy a pressure cooker to use it for a long time, you should buy a stainless steel pressure cooker as it has a long durability period, and it produces healthy meals being 100% safe in your kitchen. But stainless steel pressure cookers are not good conductor of heat, they contain hot spots. However, to purchase the best stainless steel pressure cooker, please make sure it has an aluminum bottom disk.

Sizes of a Pressure Cooker

When deciding the size of a pressure cooker, a 6-quart pressure cooker is very popular for its standard size for a standard kitchen. If you don’t have a small kitchen, try buying a larger cooker of 8-quart, which will work for all the purposes, some recipes larger space. Having a large cooker will allow you to cook larger meat such as whole chicken, turkey legs and ribs very easily. Read more…

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