Hollander Ultimate 400 Tc Cuddlebed

Hollander Ultimate 400 Tc Cuddlebed

Hollander Ultimate 400 Tc Cuddlebed is perfect mattress cover according to my experience. You can wash it anytime, any day you feel if it needs cleaning, the cover has thick padding on the top which looks good and provides comfort to the body. If you need to wash this cover, please wash it gently, and dry on very low temperature, it will work fine. The padding will stay where it should stay and it will not bunch up. It is more comfortable than just sleeping on a mattress with a sheet on top. However, I guess if you like memory foam, you may not like this mattress cover as well. What I will say it is very soft and comfortable. No problem if your dog peed on it, you can dry-clean and it will look new and perfect , yet, it will be comfortable and you will love it forever.


  1. 400 thread count
  2. Comes with Dobby window pane cotton top
  3. Very comfortable and supportive
  4. 2.5 inches of gusset for loft
  5. 4-way stretch skirt to adjust in 21” mattress
  6. Machine dry-cleaning
  7. Spot cleaning with mild soap
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