Home Designer Landscape and Decks vs Punch! Home & Landscape Software

Home Designer Landscape and Decks vs Punch! Home & Landscape Software

Home Designer Landscape and Decks 2014

Home Designer Landscape and Decks 2014The Home Designer Landscape and Decks 2014 is very powerful software for all your outdoor living space designing needs as per Landscape Design Software Reviews by its users. You can quickly give an essential appearance and feel to your backyard, deck, patio, pool and other outdoor places. The software helps you a lot in creating attractive landscapes, terrain features, gardens and decks. The software comes with great features of landscaping, which will help a lot in creation of gardens, pathways, hills, valleys, ponds, and others for your beautiful landscape. You have more than 3600 realistic plants to choose from. The plant chooser option of this software helps you locate and learn in-depth plant information. It also comes with an amazing feature, i.e., Plant Growth Slider Tool helping you visualize how your plants will look in future after 5 years or 10 years. The software also comes with great searching feature, using its search feature, you can easily search the objects based on a variety of attributes such as bloom time, water and sun needs, height information, plant type and plant colors. Read more…

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Punch! Home & Landscape Design Premium v17

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Premium v17Now using Punch! & Landscape Design Premium v17, you can design your living environment very easily. Powerful tools of this software offer an easy approach to redesign your kitchen or bath. Using this Punch! Landscaping software, you can easily plan additional rooms to your existing house; you can also plan your dream home with the help of this landscaping design software. The software has a list of tools assisting you a lot in your quick experiment works with all your decoration ideas and plans. Some of the important features are add room additions, furniture groupings, even landscape gardens and many others. You are able to draft and design an outdoor living area by experimenting by importing a photo, adding plants, custom fence and use the “grow” feature to age your landscape over time. Its advance feature will create a roof automatically when you draw the walls, you can view combined 2D/3D before you make any changes, and this will serve the purpose of previewing a plan. The software has a great color scheme to use according to your preferred designing works. In case, you stuck somewhere, the software comes with great tutorial features; you can refer to its tutorials to educate yourself in the process of designing your outdoor living areas. The software has an advanced tool named SmartWand giving you unprecedented ease of replacing materials on any surface, whether it is a single room or a house according to Landscape Design Software Reviews. You can change furniture with its drag and drop materials, and you can experiment with its personalized lighting effects. The software comes with a great lighting feature to use brightness, darkness, shadow, colored shadow and many others. Read more…

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