Intex Air Bed Reviews 2014 – Pillow Rest Raised vs Classic Air Mattress

Intex Air Bed Reviews 2014 – Pillow Rest Raised vs Classic Air Mattress

Intex Pillow Rest Raised Air Mattress

Intex Air Bed ReviewsAccording to Intex air bed reviews 2014, now you can enjoy all the benefits of the Intex Raised Downy airbed plus extra benefits of light weight and mid-rise height with Intex Pillow Rest Raised Air Mattress. The Rest mattress is an inflatable air-bed which is perfect for travellers, out-going persons who need soft bed with a convenient blow-up mattress. The air-bed has a super quality waterproof flocked top in the size of 20.8 gauges and 15-gauge vinyl beams plus 16-gauge sides and bottom. This kind of airbed is perfect for over-crowded houses as well as guest bed on the surface. The Pillow Rest is very easy and fast to be inflated; it doesn’t take much time in inflation, in just 3 minutes the Pillow Rest can be inflated with the help of built-in electric pump. Now you don’t have to face any kind of difficulties such as fussing and other related issues. It provides easy customization with the help of level system; you can use your preference while selecting levels. Intex Pillow Rest Raised Air Mattress can lift 17.5” high from the surface which is taller than other inflatable mattresses. The 40/18.5/75” is a perfect size airbed which provides portability, convenience, and comfort without any doubt. Moreover, this is a perfect mid-rise airbed for travellers who are travelling with their luggage including mattress and other sleeping accessories. Read more…

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Intex Pillow Rest Classic Air Mattress

Intex Pillow Rest Classic Air bed reviewsIntex Pillow Rest Classic Air Mattress is portable, convenient to carry anywhere you go in travelling. This inflatable Twin airbed is perfect for personal use for travellers. The airbed comes with electric pump which can be use at home without any difficulties. You also get built-in pillow so you don’t have to buy separately means you are saving money on the purchase of Intex Pillow Rest Classic Air Mattress as per Air Bed Reviews 2014 by consumers. Most importantly, it has waterproof top which is really very good with vinyl beams and sturdy construction making the airbed long-lasting. The high powered pump is very useful when it comes to fast work, it can inflate the mattress in just three minutes, the airbed can be raised one foot high from the floor which is really flexible for personal use, and you can set heights according to your preferences. The twin size airbed comes with the size of 39 x 75 x 12” which is portable enough to place anywhere in your home, bedroom or carry it in travelling. To get preferred firmness, you need to inflate the airbed time to time. The overall size can change upon inflation so you have to keep this thing in your mind and inflate the airbed as per your preferences. Read more…

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