Kendy USA Actiflora Plus Prebiotic Probiotic

Kendy USA Actiflora Plus Prebiotic Probiotic

The company that produces Kendy USA Actiflora, it also produces many other dietary supplements to improve health with the help of home-made ingredients and it encourages healthy lifestyle. Prebiotic plus Probiotic and supravit effervescent vitamins are the main dietary products, which contains good quality ingredients from west part of Europe. Kendy USA is partner-shipped with top food companies such as Quest International, Hoffman la Reche and Ajinomoto , it guarantees high quality products having good taste, performance and nutritional value.


  • Supports your immune and digestive system
  • Prebiotic + Probiotic supplement
  • Greatly helps the reproduction of friendly bacteria
  • Natural and safe for vegetarian
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